Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 6: October 2016 -

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I think that Mette-Marit has worn this gown before...

Mette Marit tonight:
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I think that Mette-Marit has worn this gown before...
Yes, and if I am not mistaken, this gown was used in the last year or so.
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lovely dress , she looks great !
Its a lovely bright colour but hair down with a tiara at a State Gala doesn't look good!
Had the skirt gone wide from the top, it might have been nice (not sure but it would have been better) but now the whole outfit has too many 'stages'.
The skirt is from the gown she wore to Carl Philip's wedding. That jacket just doesn't go with it. JMHO
It'd be a nice outfit for those occasions required a hat with gown but not for white tie gala.
Great choice for this relatively low-key event (but still an official return event on a state visit). Best dressed of the 3 royal ladies this evening imho.
People like to say less is more. But at the gala evening of the state visit from Denmark, in Mette-Marit's case, less was definitely less.

That barren white top with just a teensy brooch looked really off. She should have actually worn the necklace that goes with that tiara.
I wish she had worn her original version of the dress (which she wore for the wedding in Sweden), and when Sonja wore the emeralds, why not borrow the pearl tiara? It is so sad that she has so few options, when the NRF vault is stuffed with unworn jewellery for what ever reason they store it.....
Another gown by Peter Dundas for the official photos, previously worn for Prince Christians birthday
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