Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 6: October 2016 - June 2024

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Not always a big fans of lace dress but this one is great! And love the bag, that's cute and fun.
:previous: Mette-Marit looks positively luminous and so happy and proud of her daughter. I really love the lace dress as unlike the majority of such dresses, it doesn't make me think of doily's, tablecloths or worse, curtains! I think the strict criteria under which she was judged has given way to generally give her a pass when she turns up and if she looks wonderful happy and dressed to impress, they are happy.
I usually never liked her day fashion but i almost always liked her evening gowns.
Furthermore this occasion could be considered as an official evening one? As this dress is nice but does not bring her anything more. I dislike the latest very "Little House on the Prairie" style she has adopted in her evening appearances.
To cut the story:nothing special
A nice recycled dress for Mette-Marit at Christian's birthday dinner today, October 15:

** Full view **
Mette-Marit looks beautiful in that shade of ice blue.
It could be better fit, but I think MM actually looks better than her daughter.
such a lovely colour on the Crown Princess really suits her.
This dress is almost identical to the red one she wore for the annual parliament dinner last year. But with the hideous "top portion". Another similar gown is the one with a floral arrangement/daisy motif on top. But this is what she likes. I wish she had access to better accessoires in term of jewellery.
A really lovely colour and the dress on the Crown Princess last night.
Mette-Marit at the annual gala dinner for members of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortingsmiddag) this evening, October 26:

** Pic **
Mette-Marit at the annual gala dinner for members of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortingsmiddag) this evening, October 26:

** Pic **

I can't claim to be a massive fan of this dress at all.
Mette-Marit dress was beautiful. It seems gray, the color suited her perfectly. :flowers:
I agree, she does suit both the colour and the style of the gown. It is a winner and she looked lovely and happy. Now I am really, really happy that she seems to have grown out of her seemingly endless number of LHOTP dresses. Perhaps she had a bonfire or maybe her daughter had a special daughter/mother moment where Mom offered a selection of gowns and IA gently told her she wouldn't be seen dead in her coffin wearing one of those. :D
Crown Princess Mette-Marit looked lovely at the award ceremony of the Nordic Council Prizes at Oslo Opera House this evening, October 31:

** Full view ** gallery **
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Her face…

… is especially radiant tonight.
I love this dress really suits her , she looked radiant
Mette-Marit lovely in red at a banquet at Skaugum in collaboration with Redd Barna – Save the Children Norway on November 23:

** instagram gallery **
She always looks great as long as she doesn't choose a fussy outfit.
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