Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Daytime Fashion Part 6: August 2012 - June 2013

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On September 26, breakfast meeting hosted by Women Deliver, New York.
Full view

SPRING 2012 READY-TO-WEAR Burberry Prorsum jumper top
Runway picture

I actually think she looks good, the jumper top colors work well, the skirt is a nice shade and matches the top. The only miss is the shoes. the necklace doesn't look out of place and I love her hair and make up.
I don't care for the latest look. Besides, I find it truly inappropriate for her position.
If she worked for a fashion mag, this outfit would be just fine. But being a Crown Princess and representing your country and showing up at a public event like that... a big NO, in my opinion.
The shoes simply ruin the look for me.
The dress is cute. The shoes are not. I don't think it's inappropriate.
She shoes are awful. But I like the colours of the outfit very much.
i dont get the royals and this type of shoes/ankle boots, whatever, they are so awful and ridiculous with that dress, they dont match AT ALL!!!
ankle boots do fit jeans or tigh pants, not dresses, why MM had to follow Victoria's ugly shoes last year...
Unfortunately the link doesn't work from the breakfast meeting in New York so I can't see the shoes. Love the outfit on the model.

As for her dress at another occation in New York, dark velvet with seethrough sleeves, is alright. Rather gloomy but could have been alright if it hadn't been for the SANDALS! Who wears sandals in October in New York? Well, royalty yes, but it is so ignorant of the rules of style.
Daria_S said:
Yellow and white are a nice combination. The fabric of the dress is too shiny though.

The fabric looks sumptuous.
I love that yellow dress !
Those brown shoes don't work for the look. The coat and dress are fine by me.
Very nice outfit.I love the coat.
Shoes are nice but the color doesn't go well with the other colors
This was her outfit to a luncheon during a state visit? The skirt and shoes look okay, but that top...
I'm sorry, but Mette Marit's outfit at the lunch is just awful, and totally inappropriate for a lunch at a state visit.
Thats a lovely top but way too casual for the lunch IMO. The overall look with coat on looked nice.
It is nice but I agree too casual for such and event the wife of the Finnish PM is very stylish though. And those shoes are my pet hate.
The Day 2 outfit is quite nice, although I find the blouse a bit casual.
Day one navy coat, very nice cut with the horibble tights and brown pumps?? And then a maroon clutch too??
Day 2 looks ok with the jacket, black tights again, but the blouse is too tight and casual for a state visit. Almost insulting, imo.
I liked the blouse when she wore it the first time, but for a state visit it is really inappropriate, looks far too casual.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit at the Fyrstikkalleen school in Oslo on the occasion of Dignity Day today, October 17 - a stylish look with the jacket, without the jacket it looks a bit pale and boring:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Shoes ** Wthout the jacket **
I don't like this look for an official appearance. It's too casual and while the pieces are nice
individually they don't work together IMO. And what's up with that stunning pendent on a red string?
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