Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Daytime Fashion Part 6: August 2012 - June 2013

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Mette-Marit at a church service at the Norwegian Seamen's Church of New York on September 23,wearing a nice look in black and white:

** Full view ** Side view **

And wearing black at the 2012 CGI Opening Session at the Sheraton Hotel that same day:

** Pic **
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The black and white outfit for the church looked nice. The lace top looks pretty and its not a bold lace top which stands out, its quite simple.
The black and white outfit is lovely, same goes for the shoes and her hairstyle.
The black and white outfit is lovely. I also love the purple purse.
I like the jacket and the accessories, the dress not so much.
WOW, it's to her credit that she can fit into it 2 kids late.
It was great to see her and her son attend the CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) meetings.
Great she still fits in her pre-wedding dresses, but I'm afraid I never particularly likes this dress: it's too shiny for me.
Otherwise, I've found most of Mette-Marit's sartorial choices during this trip quite nice and elegant.
The jacket is elegant but I never liked that dress.
That is one shiny dress (but the color is very flattering on Mette-Marit). I do like the jacket. Kudos to her for staying in such great shape and fitting into a dress that she wore prior to having two children.
I think those are two different dresses.
More than that was way too thin those days :ermm:
When she wore it at the engagement everyone commented it was way to big for her and a very fumpy choice for such a young woman, so its not so strange she still fits it, I think she has shortened it a bit now.
I am not being mean but I really doubt she can still fit that engagement dress maybe with alterations but the photo at the time of engagement surely says it all.. IMO of course
I have to break ranks here, I think the dress looks quite good with the blazer over it. It takes away a little of the glitteryness of the dress. The only thing I really don't like are the necklaces.
Very beautiful blouse and shoes. :flowers:
fairy tale said:
On September 26, breakfast meeting hosted by Women Deliver, New York.
Full view

The only thing I dislike would be her choice of footwear. Everything else is all right.
There is something quite amiss about Crown Princess Mette-Marit's outfit. The make-up made her look over-baked.
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