Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Daytime Fashion Part 6: August 2012 - June 2013

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Anyone would look wan in those colors. She could have used some lipstick.
Am I missing something with the Nike's ...???
OMG what's going on with the Nikes here ??? Hilarious! ?
Mette-Marit at the Empowering Youth Conference on May 16th:


Mette-Marit looks like she's going for a walk in the park rather than a conference, her trousers are fine but IMO she should've worn a blouse with it and replaced the trainers with high heels/wedges.

I like the colour of MM's coat, but I don't particularly like her hat (apart from the colour). She looks nice in the Norwegian national dress.
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Very pretty and love her hair up she looks great.
She looks lovely as usual in her professionnal visits abroad.It's a shame that she doesn't put similar efforts in Norway.
What a lovely outfit. I would not dare lace for a business day, but she did with full sucess!
Some times she surprises us witg so elegant dresses.
Unfortumately not always.
These are the most flattering images I saw. the others beg for a more slimming look.
first day in Malaysia for the Women Deliver Conference and meeting with Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, May 27
full view 1 - full view 2 - upper part

LOVE the lace dress with the blue jean looking coat. The dress is beautiful!

Mette-Marit at the Empowering Youth Conference on May 16th:


Norwegian National Day on May 17th:

Balcony Appearance, Side View, Traditional Clothing, Close-Up

I love the color of her coat! It's elegant!
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Its one thing to wear a formal jacket over a lace dress but what is that??? an ugly beige shiny thing that looks like a cagoule???

I like this jacket. It is not a standard and boring jacket. Mette-Marit does have her unique style, taste. But I think it is not bad...
And I like that she recycles her clothes.
This is one of the ugliest jackets I have ever seen, and to wear it over a Valentino dress, is something I have hard to understand.

Agreed! It looks ridiculous with the dress.
The jacket isn't ugly ,but looks ridiculous paired with a dress.
The dress looks lovely
I love the lace dress and bkue blazer ensamble. It looked very pretty. Today's jacketis quite ugly, but the dress is not bad.
I think that sometimes she wants to be fashionable and wear different things but she just can't achieve that, she just mix the wrong pieces together like the other day whe she wear black tighs with that lace dress... I think lace is not just for her...and this jacket is not for this dress and it doesn't look good on her because is too short...she wants to innovate but she just can't achieve that!:ROFLMAO:
Agreed! It looks ridiculous with the dress.
Ohh Mette-Marit, another poor example to bring tears into my eyes.

The jacket itself is fine, looks modern and youthful, but... its a murder to wear it with such delicate lace dress...:ermm:
The pink and grey is a horror IMO just really awful. I like the black top and shirt but the red jacket looks like it is too small.
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