Crown Princess Maxima's Daytime Fashion Part 3: July - December 2009

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Love both outfits but the earrings with the yellow-green dress is just awful!!! (((yuck)))
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this is imo a good shade of yellow, it can be difficult to wear it esp. if you are blond.

But once again as this picture shows she would look better if her dresses (and skirts) were a bit longer, she would be elongated and it would cover a bit more of her knees.
The coat is very lovely & looks very nice.
The yellow dress is pretty but it could be another color.
I think the outfit is really nice, I'd say "a sunny dress".
At the same time, the colours are simple and rich and Princess Maxima perfectly!
2 outfits worn today, one to meet with Micelle Obama and the other to the 9/11 memorial

September 11, 2009

Sleevless yellow dress, beige cape/sweater. Dress is lovely so is the hair

Yellow dress ** Close up

At the memorial, Maxima ina trench coat worn over a black outfit

Trench coat ** Hair ** Outfit
I like both outfit, the first one is very fresh for CP, nice color of dress but I don't like the earrings.
The second is more classical but also nice.
I like the trench coat and matching accessories.
Both outfits are classy and the best daytime outfits of this trip so far. The only detail I really don't like is the tacky plastic "jewellery". Maxima has such great pieces in her jewel box why she opted especially for this event for cheap looking fun fair earrings & bracelet remains her mystery.
I don't like this dress. No matter with or without applications.
Edouard Vermeulen = Natan issued a press statement today, declaring that the complete New York wardrobe of Princess Maxima was designed by him.
This strikes me as a most unusual and highly indiscreet move, made for the sole purpose of self-promotion.
If Maxima wanted this to be common knowledge, the fact could be featured in the statements from the Royal House about this tour. As it doesn't, I find Vermeulen's need to publicize the fact a bit vulgar.
:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: Mr. Vermeulen took great pride in poorly tailored outfits he offered Crown Princess Maxima ..? He'd better read some comments about one of his creations in HuffingtonPost. I find his actions (i.e., the statement about the wardrobe designed for Crown Princess Maxima) totally ill-bred. He should consider himself fortunate to have members of the European reigining houses among his clients. Mr. Vermeulen should never use his royal clients to promote his products. We do not see Armani or Valentino issuing any statements of such nature.
Mr. Vermeulen should never use his royal clients to promote his products.
Unfortunately, Vermeulen has done so frequently before in interviews, but never in such a blatant (and offensive, IMO) way as he did now.
I have never understood what makes his designs so popular with different Royals, and I actually hope that this PR move and lack of discretion might lead to a disrupture between him and his clients.
There are just so many designers to choose from who do a better job, in terms of style and elegance as well as in terms of originality and craftsmanship.
The first outfit is dowdy and weird - too flimsy for a coat, too coat-like for a dress, again too short, and I don't like her wearing a ponytail. Don't care for the orange accessories either, the earrings are ugly.
The second outfit is simply ridiculous with fake antique uniform braiding, the dull color and the Dutch Flag bands.
It's a good thing that Maxima made up for these strange choices at night.
I like the first outfit, although, I don't care for the earrings. I don't like the second outfit, though. The stripe detail at the waist and sleeves looks kind of strange, IMO, although, I do think that she looks better in it during this wearing.
I like the first outfit. The red heels and bag make a striking contrast to her dark suit.
Yet another 'Dutch Flag' outfit... IMHO one was more than enough.
It's not exactly a very subtle way to promote one's country abroad.
The black is nice the shoes are horrible with it. the jacket is a strange colour to be wearing white pants with..... I am not sure what is going on there. I love the Prada sunnies too cool.
Well, it may not be subtle, but I like it. certainly more than the other 'flag outfit'. I love the simple but strong neckline and the pants are nice.

Going back a bit, other favourites of mine from this vist so far have been the dress she wore to meet the Obamas, I loved the colour and the way it fitted her so well.

The trench coat Maxima wore was one of her more flattering ones, IMO, and I'm glad she added colour with her accessories.
Shades are by Tom Ford.
The outfit is nice. This isnt like the other outfit throwing the Dutch flag in your face.
I like the jacket with the white pants, it looks really nice.
Nice hair IMO
yes you are right and i check the internet and they cost around us $350, really I like them a lot, Mary has the same glasses too.
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