Crown Princess Maxima Recycles Her Clothes: May 2005 - March 2007

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Recycling this golden outfit.. first wearing it on Queensday 2005 and the second time she handing out 'de Appeltjes van Oranje'

Recycling this jacket during her pregnancy from Alexia


Wearing this jacket twice.. first in Haarlem and the secon time in Japan..



Recycling this purple the Museumsquare the opening of the Amsterdam China Festival.. second time during their state visit to Marocco

Recycling this red jacket and hat.. and the skirt..



First wearing this white jacket during her state visit to Marocco 2005 and than recycling it in Brazil


Recycling this orange outfit in Argentina.. first time she was wearing it was on Mr Pieter's birthday in 2004

Maxima recycling this really lovely lilac oufit.. first worn in 2002 and than again in 2005

Using this pink coat for the second time in Thailand during the celebrations. First time she wears it to Turkey November 2005. sources ANP PPE

Silver glittering dress. First time worn to Chili in 2003 and again used in Thailand.

Recycling this beautifull red gown for the third time in Thailand. First time on Prinsjesdag 2002, second time during state visit from Mexican president in 2003.

I love the silver dress, it's very slinky and complemented Maxima's figure perfectly!

The red dress is gorgeous as well.
Recycling the flowerly jacket and yellow skirt when leaving Thailand.
The jacket was worn before in Brazil last year and the skirt when handing out the 'appeltjes van oranje' in 2003. sources ANP PPE

The white jacket which Maxima is wearing on the yellow skirt is used again some times as well. In 2005 she used it when visiting a polo match in Argentina and in Marocco.
Recycling this gorgeous purple gown from the Pre wedding dinner of Felipe and Letizia in 2004. Second time during a visit from the president of Ukranina last week.

Using this jacket for the second time during state visit of Luxemburg in April 2006. First time used when visiting marocco in November 2005

maxima88 said:
Maxima was wearing this at least three times, first time on Queens day 2003, then to a trip to New York in 2003. I think she was also wearing it when she arrives on the airport for the wedding in Spain in 2004.

Again wearing it during they holy mass of 50 years julilee of roman catholic church in rotterdam in February 2006. source PPE
Recycling a white jacket and beige skirt in Mongolia. The jacket was worn first on the solo trip to Argentina in December 2005. She wears the skirt last month while handing out the 'Appeltjes van oranje'. sources ANP PPE

I love that red gala dress she has! She can recycle that one all she wants ;)
Recycling the two outfits from the wedding of Prince Pieter Christiaan and Princess Aimee in October 2005.

Wearing the red coat again from entering 'de raad van state' in 2004. again at the oration of the Prince Claus chair at the social study in The Hague with Professor Rema Hammami
source anp, ppe
marezdote said:
Here is a pic originally posted by misshelen of her in the dress at the engagement ball.

This pic was not taken at Martha Louise's engagement ball,but the ball at the Royal Palace,Amsterdam on the eve of their wedding,so on 01-02-02:)
Recycling the orange tweed oufit in Mongolia today. Earlier worn in 2004 to open a new base for the Pampa. source ANP
Red dress first worn in the Dutch Antilles in 2002 and in Estonia the same year

photos from beneluxpress
Recycling the outfit she wore to the Argentina v Netherlands World Cup match back in July at the photo session in Apledoorn with the Japanese Crown Princely Family last week

Sources: Polfoto, PPE
Recycling this brown coat - don't know the dates

Sources: crop of PPE, Seeger Press
Recycling this brown patterned coat - first time at the christening of Felicia van Vollenhoven, second time at the opening of a race a few months ago

Recycling this black and white checkered coat

Recycling this multicoloured skirt

Recycling this white top with the thin brown belt

Sources: Screencap from Blau Bloed made by The Watcher posted in Princess Catharina-Amalia News & Pictures Part IV, Seeger Press, Getty Images, Peter Smulders)
Princess Maxima recycling the dress she wore for the Queensday 2006:



I like it much more with the black coat. :rolleyes:
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Maxima recycling the beige jacket and neckless from the state visit to Belgium in June.
Wearing it monday 5 September again to the opening of the new academic year at the faculty business administration of the University in Groningen. (sources PPE)

1. 31-3-2006 visits Argentina brunopress
2. 12-09-2006 in the Pathe Theater in The Hague ppe

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