Crown Princess Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 1: January 2004 - May 2009

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ZZZ said:



ppe, isifa

she wore is too with a exhibition about children violent:

source: propics
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she wore the pink jacket too with the national day 2002! soucre: gettyimages!
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I don´t know if it is from the storm but i can´t open any of the foto's posted today. Sorry.
Previoues times the jacket has been worn - click here
worn for the fourth time on 13-12-2006 - picture

worn 08-02-2007, it looks like a new coat - picture
worn 09-12-2006 , very pretty - picture
printed grey coat - picture

coat worn in osla - picture
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Such a wonderful coat. Thanks for posting Dazzling! Mathilde and Martha-Louise both wore beautiful coats in Oslo.
ZZZ said:
originally posted by martine, worn at Baptism of Princess Alexia November 19, 2005
polfoto, isifa

worn for the third time
March 24, 2007, The EU Celebrates the 50th Anniversary Of The Treaty Of Rome - picture
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she seems to be wearing alot of Armani these days. Very elegent, classic & fits well.
dazzling said:
she seems to be wearing alot of Armani these days. Very elegent, classic & fits well.

Yes... armani's style is fantastic
Lack of jewelry is not because of lack of finances

The Duchess of Brabant is often very under-bejewelled in comparison with other royal ladies.

But that has nothing to do with a lack of finances as she apparently purchases the one designer outfit after the other.


In comparison to Princess Mathilde, Queen Beatrix never wears designer outfits.
Since decades she looks into photo-books of couture collections and then makes her choice for this and for that. Then her couturier, Theresia Vreugdenhil, requests the designs (blueprints) at these couture houses, pays licences and royalities, and then makes these outfits for the Queen. This means that Queen Beatrix indirectly does wear designer outfits but it has 'no label'. I do not know why the Queen (already as Princess) has made and does make this choice. It seems 'not done' but the younger generation obviously has another opinion.
Look at this dutch site for all the outfit's that mathilde has recycled...
On the left side of the website are there 'categorieën'
You can click on the links with: 'broeken, cape, galajurken, gehele outfit'
And you see a lot of outfits that mathilde has recycled.

recycling clothes mathilde
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