Crown Princess Mary's Hats, Headwear and Hairstyles: March 2004 - November 2008

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I think Mary looks alot better with hats which have bigger brims. The one without looks like a little flower pot on her head (still pretty though).:)
like the picture , the colour and the style of the hat really suits her !
So many hats and she looks beautiful in all of them, (except perhaps the fur?)
must say I wasnt to keen on the purple hat she wore the other day.
( cant remeber when she wore it??)
sm1939 said:
must say I wasnt to keen on the purple hat she wore the other day.
( cant remeber when she wore it??)
I think she wore it when her official portrait was presented!
I think that Mary's hair looks better just below the shoulders, not too long or it looks a little flat.
I love Mary's hair and the styles she's able to create. Its so healthy. My only problem is that its just so dark (which I love), that it makes it hard to see the definition of the curls and twists that make up the styles in the back.
What colour would you say her hair is? I'm getting my hair coloured and I would love to have her colour.
I love this summer hat:
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mims111 said:
Nice pictures of nicer hat :)

Gimme, gimme, gimme! ;)

OK, I've stopped drooling now :eek: It's just ..... she has so many truely gorgeous hats. Mmmmmmm.
I enjoyed looking all the hats,there are some wonderful hats!!!
Thanks for all those great potos I thought Mary looked amazing and I do like her contemporary take on the traditional.
I think she looks her best when she wears her hair half up and half down. I especially love her hair style from the engagement day. But this is just my opinion.
i thought her engagement day hairstyle was lovely too, racheld. some of her updos do make her look older, but i think most of them are elegant and appropriate - she can't always wear her hair down.
RachelD said:
... I especially love her hair style from the engagement day. But this is just my opinion.

I love that one too. I wish she would wear it that way more often.
Ive always liked Marys hairstyles. The only one I had a problem with is when she and Fred where on a state visit to germany and she had it pulled back tightly and it didnt do anygood to her face shape. But sometimes the dark hair, which I also love, covers up the details. Buts its still all good.

I like the way she had her hair for this official visit....does anyone have a better picture of this hair-do? I can't find any close-ups, and then there is always someone or something behind her head and you can't really make out her hair...I seem to like half up half down hair-do's huh? Actually, this one seems more like it was pulled back with a ribbon or hair band. Very retro!

Royal Hairstyles

HRH Princess Mary's Hairstyles:In that Smashing.

Mary seems to be in love with this hat. She just tacks on a new flower each time and calls it a day :rolleyes: !
(Credit: Polfoto)
(Credit: Getty Images)
(Credit: UK Press)
(Credit: Scanpix)
(Credit: Hola!)
(Credit: Polfoto)

I think Mary needs to retire this hat for a couple months :flowers: .
I love the hat with the red flower on it, it's very striking. Mary can really carry off hats. They definately suit her!
One of my favourite hats worn by Mary :flowers:

photo: stefan lindblom/ starstock posted by purple_platinum
That is a great hat. She really suits hats with big brims rather than the ones that look like little flowerpots!:lol:
I love some of her hats. She looks great and has a head to hats:smartass:
I love her hats, and I agree, magnik, that she has a head that really suits hats.
Cp Marys hat collection is great. great styles, colorful and young. they match her cloths/outfit perfectly
I really like these two hats. Especially the first one!



Pictures from GettyImages.
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