Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 14: June 2014 - January 2015

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I love this gown. It has such clean, uncluttered style. I am also interested to see (and love) a return to a wider belt as skinny belts only show if the wearer is as straight as a board.

Skinny belts seem to get lost when worn by women with curves and make the wearer look like a sack tied in the middle so this return to a classic look is really welcome.

The material of the gown is hard to pick as the photo of them arriving showed a flowing print but the dinner close up seemed to show a floral lace with large flowers over a dark lining. I found the metallic edging around the neck, arms and belt intriguing as it gives the gown a much needed unique lift which ensures it is not "just another lace dress".
I love this dress on Mary. It's just perfect for the occasion; not too fussy and simple enough to not over-do. Love the golden braid details. The shawl is such a touch of class to remember her hosts...

Fabulous photos, MaggieD!! Love the back view which one rarely sees. It gives a whole new dimension of the dress and whole look.
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Thanks for the adding pictures, MaggieD.

Mary looks beautiful to the dinner in Nuuk, but not only that, healthy and happy too, and it also means much to me when decribing someone as beautiful... that the beauty also radiates from inside.
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I agree MaggieDenmark and Roskilde, Mary glowed at the official dinner in Nuuk. I love the photos of her sitting behind the candles, as I feel that they add to her glowing appearance. She is very stylish, and even manages to look elegant in clunky outdoor wear.

I read that the shawl was given to her during her first visit to Greenland as a gift.

I agree, it doesn't match the outfit but it was a nice gesture.

The dress is nice but I am not crazy about it. I find the skirt part a bit too stiff but I guess that's because of the lace.

Ah OK, thanks for the information. :flowers: I agree with you, that is a nice gesture from Mary. I didn't realize that the shawl had connections to Greenland. In that case, I'll give it a pass.
Love this look she has kept her wardrobe low key but stylish on this visit and this gown is so perfect love the earrings.
I love this dress. Mary just shines in it!
17 August: Crown Princess Mary wore a summery yellow dress whilst she presented the Hans Christian Anderson Award at the Odense Concert Hall in Odense, Denmark. I quite like it, although there's something off about the fitting on the top half, IMO:

Full view ~ Close up
I like it on both- mainly the color, but you're right the top half isn't very flattering.
I love the color, but I think the dress is a bit high waisted on Mary. It looked much better this time without the hat and gloves. The dress isn't dressy enough for that.
I love that it's pleated. Looks very graceful when she's sitting down.
It does look good while sitting but somehow doesn't look finished to me. I guess it is the waistline, and the top doesn't fit too well.
The dress is pretty and the color is great on her, yet if she had a small belt the same color it would look more finished, more put together. And perhaps a small brooch also. This way that she is wearing it, looks like a last minute thought, grab something from the closet and go....She is looking very pretty these days.
It's a lovely dress but I don't find it dressy for an award ceremony.
Beautiful. I love Mary's hair like this, simply adore it,though I do think it makes her look older. But who cares when you look this good?
Love the taffeta coat and she always looks great with this hairdo, low chignon.the color of the coat looks different in the. Various pictures, ranging from blackish navy to royal blue,any I'd?
Mary looks wonderful. I love that shade of blue and the jewels around the neckline give it that extra sparkle. Her hair style is fabulous as well. I have no complaints.
Nor do I, HereitaryP! Mary looks beautiful, as usual.
Gorgeous! I wouldn't change anything. The is royal dressing at its best.
I love this look the colour is very flattering and the neckline detail really changes it from a plain to special she looks great
Adore the color of the taffeta coat, the collar is exquisite. Love the hairstyle, Mary looks wonderful!
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