Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 12: April 2013 - December 2013

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I love the shade of the dress, but dislike the top part.
I love Mary's dress, she looks very elegant. However, one feature of it that I would leave out is the belt, it doesn't really go with the top bit IMO.
A beautiful, regal dress, suitable for the occassion. Would love to see a rear view.
I love the dress! Mary looked just beautiful. For me it's the best dress of the evening, and one of my favourite dresses worn by Mary.
Mary always gets it right. She needs to coach her friend. Mette Marit, a thing or two.
she is the winner! she always get it right1 looks fantastic and i love the dress1
Absolutely beautiful, she never disappoints:wub:

I just love these blingy-bling events! I will spend my entire evening checking out all the gowns.
Stunning she looks so feminine. The fit of the gown is spectacular.
very nice dress, very elegant. But what a terrible color for her, it wahses her out.
CP Mary looks gorgeous & the Best on Today Dinner ,, she looks very elegant , the Dress very Chic Nice ,, I like everything in this dress , the details & the color & it's suits & fit Mary very very well ,, just like her today looks very much , sooo regal !!
Beautiful design and I love the lace top, but with her coloring Mary can pull off a stronger color.
Mary looks amazing! Regal and elegant. Love the neckline and the details on the top. One of the best of the night.
I like it, her grooming is as always impeccable. The dress it cut to fit perfectly. Maybe a little more blush and lipstick was needed, Im not sure....
Oh i loved the dinner dress on Mary - it was just lovely on her. One of her best looks this year and one of my favourites of her in recent years
It's very pretty but not amazing I love the top but the skirt is not something I'm in love with ... but she does look lovely on the clours so I will pretend I'm not overly disappointed.
Mary's stunning dress is made by a Danish tailor, Birgit Hallstein. She has created dresses to Mary before. IIRC also her wedding dress :)

Pictures of Marys dress found on Facebook

thank you for the info.
its great that Mary supports Danish fashion too, and on one of the biggest days (royal wise):flowers:
Wow, Mary looks fab tonight!!! :wub: Love love love her in red. And her hair looks lovely.
Lovely dress, Mary looks good in red.
wauw mary is such a beautiful woman and she shines in red gowns. look at her big red earrings.. hair, earrings and dress match perfect!
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Mary's stunning dress is made by a Danish tailor, Birgit Hallstein. She has created dresses to Mary before. IIRC also her wedding dress :)

Whose wedding dress?
Mary took my breath away in Both of her gowns.. the pale pink and the red!! The pink was absolute perfection; regal and elegant. (I do so wish that she had another tiara).

The red might be a repeat, but what a beautiful one! Loved her hair and spectacular earrings.
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