Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 11: October 2012 - April 2013

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I was told that in person the gold outfit was beautiful, soft and very feminine. Apparently did not photo well with all the lights and flashes. Shame.
Oh, I like that dress on Mary. She looks beautiful!
I totally love that colour on her and though I am not a lace dress fan I love this on her you're right rubies she looks beautiful.

Crown Princess Mary at an evening reception on day 1 of her journey to Mozambique, November 9, 2012, looking good in a blue lace dress:

** Full view ** Full view 2 ** Upper part **

That's a very pretty dress. Love the lace and the shade of blue looks great on Mary.
Normally I like combination of blue and brown, but the shades she picked don't go well together. Also don't like the purse, it looks cheap.
I wish she would have chosen beige or ivory to combine with the dress, not this brown. It would have given the whole look a more femine, deliate touch.
The dress is really pretty. Do not know if I would have chosen a brown purse and shoes with this blue dress but apart from that I really like it.
Really like the dress - but dont like the accessories. But it may have been a "casual" evening event in which case the shoes could be forgiven.
I agree with a lot of you guys the shoes etc are throwing me off. The dress is nice.
I really dislike the beige accessories with that beautiful blue dress; they just totally throw the look off.
Mary accessorised well I think. I particularly like the tan hide clutch. The cut of the dress is flattering and although I'm no fan of blue myself, the colour suits her very well.
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Very pretty dress. The color looks great on her and the fit is just beautiful. Love the pretty cap sleeves.
Also not thrilled with the shoes, could have chosen a simpler lower heel. Dont hate the beige w/blue.
Love the color and style of the dress, but I am not liking the shoes or large tan clutch.
Mary at the Nutcracker - the blue coat is fab!

Agree about the coat, very pretty and elegant, and I love the colour. Not sure about the pants / boots combination, pants look a bit too long and chunky and the bottom with boots. The combination of pants / boots and coat makes Mary's legs look shorter.
Love the color of the coat with the all black! Very pretty.
Love the coat. A very beautiful shade of blue. Agree about the pants though.
Love the coat with the all black. Not sure about the pants/boots look.
I absolutely love that coat! A very beautiful colour.
I loved The coat too , very elegant coat ,, she looks simple elegant ,, I liked prince Frederick looks , he looks so Nice too
I'd love a coat like that in my closet. Absolutely lovely on Mary.
I know this is boring but I love this coat also. What a great shade of blue~
Like it. She looks very pretty.
I love this dress. Didn't she wear this with a mustard colored cardigan recently?
It's a nice day dress, too busy with the print. Nice cut, but definitelly not a gala dress. She seems underdressed for the ocassion (if that's a real gala we are talking about).
Don't like the shoes.

On the program it says "The Crown Prince Couple take part in the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s gala dinner at Hong Kong Parkview. The Crown Prince delivers a speech."
but im thinking it was more a dinner than a "gala";)
Lovely dress, lovely heels and great hair and make up.
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