Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 7: June - September 2009

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Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion
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I just saw short trousers like these in Topshop recently and thought, "ugghh, I hope that look doesn't catch on". They are just not flattering, especially on an adult woman. Mary is tall and thin enough to wear these, but they really don't suit her. I like the cardigan and blouse, but I don't care for the belt with this blouse (although, I know why she did it-to give the look some shape).

I love her sunglasses, though. They look gorgeous on her.
Dont like this outfit. Trousers are horrible imo and I dont like the belt, too.
I hate those trousers but Princess Mary is very beautiful and from the waist up she looks gorgeous.
I really hope that this fashion goes away quickly, whereas someone with a such a beautiful slim figure as Mary can get away with it, how long will it be before all shapes and sizes copy her and IMO it will start to get very ugly. :eek:
I love the blouse
I loved todays' outfit on Mary. She looked so happy and fresh faced. :flowers:
I don't think the trousers are too bad and the blouse and cardigan are nice. :)
Such horr!ible pants! And the combination is even more awful! How did the ladylike blouse and the little cardigan match those awful pants? Seriously?

And the blouse is so awful, too. To me it is like this little towel that we put on the babies when eating creams and stuff, so that they do not get to have stains on their clothes!!!!!!!! But anyway I can no remember the name of ''that'' little towel right now!

Nice outfit, I like this trousers but not with this blouse and cardigan.
Anyway CP looks good:)
Liked the top half but like others I did not like these pants. I don't think they are a flattering look for anyone even Mary who is so slim.
I really like Princess Mary's outfit that she wore yesterda. I like her blouse, cardigan, pants and her belt and I also like her sunglasses. Her pants looks interesting and different. At first, I thought she was wearing a skirt but I realized it was pants.
I don't think the outfit is terrible. Just not to my taste. The colors look good on her. If she only wore one style of pants we would all say something about that too. She can wear a style in fashion, but she never over does it.
I dislike the outfit,specially the trousers:nonono:
Just to bring forward from the last thread, this was the outfit being discussed

The pants arent that bad. I think they wouldve looked better with a more fitted top so the look wont be all baggy. The belt was a wrong choice so was the sweater.
Mary has dyed again her hair in a tone more brunette??? since when?
Well that is why I sometimes call Princess Mary a fashion victim! This type of troussers she will only wear them because they are in fashion, these are not the type of troussers she will wear next year...That is why I sometimes fell that Princess Mary thinks too mucht about her apperal and her fashion sense, beeing a Princess and a member of the royal family is mucht more important than that, sometimes I think Princess Mary doesn't think the same!:nonono:
Mary loves fashion but who cares. she does an amazing job and she's one of the best ambassador for Denmark. It's not because you love fashion that it means you don't care about the rest. I guess people in Denmark loves her and are proud to be represented by her. She's a young, beautiful and elegant lady.
I am looking for a picture when she was wearing the dress during the Olympic games, but I can't find it...
I don´t like the dress, but with the grey jacket it looks nicer than without it.
I like her shoes a lot :flowers:
Not the best choice ever.Not the worst either.It's just a boring dress.
This dress is great but not with that jacket.... Do you know who is the designer of that dress???
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