Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 - June 2015

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The color on this dress is beautiful.
Mary looks very lovely with her wonderful smile as well.

the blouse yesterday is pretty too. very spring like.
I love that she used it in her twin's official photo too

Both outfits are lovely, and agree Mary does have a wonderful smile. The colour of the dress is pretty and suits Mary so well.
I have always thought she looks good in whatever she wears, I may not always like everything she wears, but she always wears her clothes well.

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Love the watermelon colored dress. Its one of my favorite colora and IMO looks good on all skin tones. Mary as you said Eden is always put together. Hair shiny makeup appropriate jewelry thought out. Love it!!
She looked fab yesterday. It's a very rich pink color on that dress! She is good in these strong colors.

This is beautiful. Love the jewelry. I also love great trousers so much better than skinny pant
I like trousers over skinny pants too but can't say these are my favorite.

I actually prefer her in skinny pants, but she honestly wears these trousers very well ;)

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The outfit is so beautiful, elegant, and refined. Mary looks great.

once again. perfect for the event.
the purple and black combination go well together.
good representation
A lovely outfit but the back view of the jacket is not pretty, I don't like the extra hanging fabric of the jacket at the back.
Mary's purple dress she wore to the Anzac Day commemorations is lovely, that shade of purple looks great on her. However, I don't think the jacket goes well with the dress, there's nothing wrong with purple and black as a colour combination, I just don't think the style/design of the jacket is "right" with the dress. Her hat is not really my cup of tea but it works well with the outfit.
Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 -

I really like the purple dress, but the jacket doesn't go with it imo.

I really don't care for that hat style.
I think she looks very elegant and casual enough to be comfortable. I have to admit that "skinny pants" are one of my worst pet hates. You have to be very, very, slim to wear them without ugly bulges otherwise known as hips, butt and thighs, and we won't even mention "muffin tops". Skinny jeans are the absolute worst and so, should Mary decide to keep that part of her wardrobe private, I for one will be happiness filled.

I could be ageist, but I think these pants are very elegant and the top is a beautiful compliment and her hair, perfect for the ensemble and occasion. Hearing a nine year old brushing her (stunningly gorgeous) hair and chatting on about Barbie and Ken, Hello Kitty and, oh yeah, "thigh gap" rendered me speechless, and with Mary having a daughter just one year younger, it makes me hope she is a terrific role model for both her daughters and her own contemporaries.
I agree Marg and this might get erased but even skinny models get the dreaded camel toe in skinny pants. Yuck.
The ensemble is lovely. The flowery dress adds a nice feminine accent to the monochrome look. However, I do not like hairstyle for the pillbox hat.
Fashion wasn't the focus of this particular event, but I do think Mary looked lovely and elegant (as she often does).
Another winning look for Mary! I think her hair looks lovely with the pillbox hat.
Mary looks very elegant. This outfit is very beautiful.
A very appropriate look for Mary. It's elegant, and very understated, which suits this event quite perfectly.

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So pretty. Missed Mary. Love the earrings and brooch.
Mary yesterday presented the "The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship" to two Australians to study in Denmark yesterday:

In a simple outfit, black three quarters pants and a dark gray blouse with some half cape details on the right shoulder. Not the most eye-catching outfit IMO.
Mary herself looks very lovely and beautiful. Hair look healthy.
https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd...._=1440417493_abfadd8550f015172746039bed63962f (Her white pearl earrings)
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What a great outfit! Modern and professional and feminine and classy. Home run!
I think it looks great and fits her well
I love the neckline

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