Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 - June 2015

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Sorry, I think she looks like a wine waiter. The trousers are hideous. More tailored would have completely changed the outfit to something quite elegant. IMHO, of course.

I agree. I don't like skinny pants, but these look as those they don't fit:flowers: Just a smidge more tailored and this would have been perfect. I love her jacket and the jeweled neckline.

Another nice outfit in black and white for Mary on day 2 in Germany, today, May 20, simple but elegant:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Add me to the list of admirers of this outfit! Simple and lovely.
Both days very appropriate for the engagements but nothing special IMO
The snake shoes and belt ruin it for me. The earrings almost make up for it
Agree a very nice simple dress.
I love the dress. So elegant, beautiful, and a lovely color.
Great outfit and it's good to see it again.
Mary's hairstyle was simple and nice for the events.
I love this creamy dress. So elegant with the braided belt and pearl earrings. I can see Mary doing many different looks with it!!
I love it too - maybe her best look on this visit.
I really like that cream joseph dress - very simple and clean cut!

i also really liked the tory burch jacket, it adds a bit of colour without being too much.

nice choices!
Love the beige dress, the color suits her well. Like the little neckline slit and spilt skirt and back closure follows through. This is a repeat?
I really like the dress, her hair. Very well put together.
I'm not really a fan of the outfit Mary wore during her first day in Germany. The necklace kind of spoils the top, and the outfit in general doesn't seem as elegant as her usual choices.

I like Mary's outfit on the second day, though the belt and shoes aren't really for me, but then again I'm not a fan of the snakeskin effect in general.

Mary's outfit she wore on her third day is probably my favourite. It's beautiful and her hair really adds to the elegance of the look.
Love the cream dress! Very flattering ...
Lover the colour of the top trousers appear baggy to me
Today, Mary visited Ruds Vedby School where she as patron of the Psychiatry Foundation visited the Psychiatry Foundation's Reach Out Bus and attends an information session with a 6th class on mental health and well-being:

Looking lovely. In light gray tweed trousers, a white blouse, blue wedges - and at arrival a black short blazer jacket:

* Top view * Top view * Full view *Full view
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Its a nice simple look and easy to be worn to any event.
I like the match of different shades of grey.
Very practical and comfortable look.

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