Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 21: August 2013 - January 2014

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Another winning look! Love the print of her blouse. The shoes and bag are spot on. The only negative is her skirt looks a tad tight..
Personally I think the handbag looks a little heavy for the outfit. A smaller bag or even a clutch would have looked better.

A swirl ring to match the swirl in her hair ;)
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Clever.. but I'm not crazy about the snake motif! Gosh, but she is beautiful..
The printed top is nice but the sleeves for some reason make Mary's arms look a bit bigger, it could be the length of the sleeves that seems to cut the arms. The skirt seems slightly tight to me and it's too white for the top IMO.

Mary's top is by Dolce & Gabbana
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Nice look. I so enjoy Mary on state visits. She is always so put together, its fun to watch!
This dress is not attractive I don't know why just not liking it.
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I liked Mary's outfit on Day 1, it has a fresh feel to it. Her skirt, shoes and bag are nice as well, although I'm less keen on her hair style, it's OK (to be fair to Mary, it does look like wind was blowing).

I also liked Day 2's outfit, the pattern is quite pretty - and her hair style also gets the thumbs up. However, I wasn't too keen on the shawl, IMO the look is better without.
Uggh, I don't like that pattern at all.
Not crazy about day 2 dress it is very matronly IMO and I really do not like the pattern on it the shoes are odd with it as well IMO
I like the pattern but not keen on the style - funny gathering and frumpy skirt length.
Not my favorite dress on day 2 but her hair is so lovely, and I do like the white shawl.
I like the pattern, but not the gathering at the waist. It makes the hem look uneven. Her hair is pretty and I love her jewelry.
Day 1 I loved the blouse but thought that the skirt was too tight. Day 2 I am torn, its not bad but it gives me the nightie vibe.
Day 2, not a great choice at all. Too frumpy and old looking. Not flattering and the colors are dull. This is one of those dresses you put in the back of the closet and never see it again.
The dress that Mary chose for the second day of the trip reminds me of a bath robe. A miss in my book.
The white shawl is lovely and saves the dress. Love the hair and earrings.
The dress is recylced the look is nice nothing special though love the bag
I've always liked the prim and feminine dress.
Prim and feminine describes this dress nicely. Love the Chanel bag with it..
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