Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 21: August 2013 - January 2014

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Mary in a great recycled dress at the Christmas reception of the Mary Foundation yesterday afternoon, December 4:

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That dress is beautiful. Great color and style.

Mary to the opening of the Niels Bohr conference, Copenhagen.
Wearing a black outfit with beige scarf and with her ​​10-year-old engagement shoes, I think.

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The black suit is fantastic. Very elegant and sophisticated.
Love, Love the garnet dress on Mary. The draping on the front is so flattering as is the beautiful color.
December 12, 2013 - Mary in a red pant suit matched with a white top, camel heels and a camel coat.

The suit is lovely with the white top but ruined with the camel pumps and the camel coat which looks a bit too big.

Full view ** Close up ** Coat on
She looks great I agree I love those strong colours on her.
cool her jacket is back from 2001 ;)

i think she lovely in the danish colors, red and white, im sure it was not a coincidence, she matches the danish swim girls
and i like mary with so long hair as she has now
I love the brown pumps, as it's much softer than black.
I think Mary looks fabulous in her red suit! Love her hair and make-up, as well. I'm not crazy about the camel coat as I think it looks bulky and a little big on her...
Love Mary's red suit, it suits her and she looks elegant. I also like her coat, it looks cosy! The only thing I'm not so keen on is her shoes, I think black ones would've looked better.
I don't like the coat but the red outfit is fantastic. Very elegant and lovely.
Dont like the coat either, the lapels are too big, too big all over. Red suit is great, love her make up, her skin is beautiful
Frederik is looking wonderful too! Scruff and sartorial splendor all in one. Yums.
That's a lovely outfit from Mary, she looks elegant. Black and white go nicely together.
lovely dress but for a children's nativity play? It looks like a cocktail dress so I would have thought not suitable (waits to be shot down).
ITA, but her friend behind her, is pretty dressed up too. Don't like the thick black tights with the lace dress and stilettos
Simple and elegant, she looks lovely.
Mary looks elegant. I really like the coat.
Love the dress...but not very festive. I would rather see sheer tights than the heavy ones. I really like the coat too.
I'm not particularly fond of all the lace, but it looks alright. I love the coat, however.
The black lace dress is nice and simple, I also find it a nice outfit for such an event. The beige coat was a lovely match.
:previous: I find myself out of step with most on this one.

1. I loath the black lace dress with heavy black tights. Lace needs sheers and those tights wouldn't go amiss with winter boots and looked downright wierd with her pert and pointy pumps.

2. Who wears a lace cocktail style dress to a kids Nativity concert! :bang:
I like the coat, but agree that a cocktail dress and pointy heels wasn't the right attire for a Nativity play/concert. I think a sweater and skirt or the type of dress that goes well with boots would have been a nicer look.
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well these ocassions everyone is pretty well dress... it's chritmas, they are royals...attending an they should be very well dressed, I think the dress suits for the ocassion.
lovely dress but for a children's nativity play? It looks like a cocktail dress so I would have thought not suitable (waits to be shot down).

Everyone is well dressed, even the kids! Period around Christmas, is nice to be better dressed than the whole year.
Mary looks so lovely. The color is good on her too.
Didn't she wear that last year. I know these kind of clothes get a lot of repeats and Im all for that, but I would like to see a year in between. I love this brooch, she doesn't wear it often which makes it so special. She does look beautiful.
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