Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 18: August 2012 - October 2012

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Love the top with jeans! Looks much better. Off-topic, but Christian rocks his yellow sneakers.
iceflower said:

For the birthday party of Prince Nikolai a couple of days ago Mary has recycled the white top she has recently worn together with a white skirt, it also works with jeans:

** Full view 1 ** Full view 2 ** August 28 **

She looks fabulous!
This is the sort of casual outfit Charlene can't seem to pull off.
I love the whole look, especially the hat; very 'Downton Abbey'.
Very nice little blue hat and hairstyle.

Do like the white blouse w/pants vs. a skirt. However, she's not wearing flats.
Her hair is a little too orange for me. Christian is a real love and gorgeous date.
Dion't like the dress hat coat combo maybe looks better in the flesh so to speak ... rweally don't like the hat.
LOve this whole outfit, the dress is gorgeous colours and the hat is a lovely touch and different. Her hair looks pretty styled this way.
I am not liking this look on Mary. It just isn't up to her usual standards. One of my pet peeves is the coat being shorter than the dress... I do like her hair style, however. :)
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I like dress plus coat and hat plus hairstyle very much separately, but not together :ermm:
The overall look is quite nice, I like the fact the dress is slightly longer than the dress. The dress print isn't pretty at all IMO and I also find the tight cuffs a bit too old.
I like the coat and the hat but not the print of the dress.
Not my favorite. I get what she's trying to do with the look, but the neutral coat breaks up the color flow so the hat looks odd instead of well-coordinated with the dress, which is actually is. It would've been nicer if, say, the coat had been the hat's color and the hat had been neutral, or if she'd been able to go coatless.
i like the pieces of this look, the dress is pretty, the coat matched the beige in the dress as well as the hat does match some blue print in the dress, however even though the colors matches, i dont find it good all together, something's off with the whole look itself.
Stunning...and elegant in it's simplicity. Love the detailing around the neckline.
Beautiful! She always looks great.
Very lovely. Mary looks very fresh and elegant. I love the minimalistic approach too.
That's a very lovely and elegant dress. She looks great.
Yes its a Hugo Boss dress.
Its simple and flattering, the belt adds a little touch to it.
Just as you have all said stunning simple elegant.

Crown Princess Mary at the annual board meeting of her foundation yesterday, September 12, there's no full view pic yet, but from what can be seen, she looked very lovely and elegant in white:

** Upper part **
Mary always looks great in white IMO and thats a nice shade of white. I like how the button closes on the side. I wonder if this is a pants suit or a skirt or dress.
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