Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 18: August 2012 - October 2012

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Love the look, it's very elegant! Can't wait to see more pictures
The combination of black and purple is great and she looks very elegant with that hat.
Mary pulling off another very regal outfit, perfection. The dress is great and I love the combo of black & velvet.
Amazing outfit, but gloves with sleeves like that will always be an issue for me.
Absolutely stunning from head to toe. Elegant and regal as a CP should look. Mary has the most perfect posture I have seen.
This is when Mary is at her best during formal engagements. Love the combo of black and purple. Great to see the two strand pearl chocker that was engagement present.
Absolutely gorgeous! The black and purple look stunning together, and she looks polished from head to toe.
Perfect from head to toe in each detail. Love it!
Wow! She looks very regal and sophisticated. I love the lavender shoes and hat. Great contrast with the black dress.
That hat is gorgeous, i have always loved it. A beautiful outfit.
It never ceases to amaze me how CP Mary manages to get it right on formal occasions. Her ensemble today is as near as perfect as it gets. The addition of soft purple in hat, gloves and shoes to accentuate her slim, 3/4 sleeved, black dress was a master stroke. So often we find black paired with white or red which is essentially harsh but the purple adds a soft warmth to the outfit making it really pleasing to the eye.

Of course, the use of an actual Hat to "finish" the ensemble cannot be under estimated and this style has always looked good on Mary and she carries it off with considerable panache. But then I don't think I have seen her wear a hat that didn't look good on her.
Princess Mary looks so pretty and elegant , liked the whole outfit , dress and shoes and hat and gloves , perfect choice for CP Mary , Thank you for posting .
Princess Mary was elegant and appropriate as usual! The outfit was really lovely, the black dress was simple but chic with the accessories. I like the hat.
I like everything except the shape of the hat, a bit masculine, it looks a bit like a fedora to me.
This is when Mary is at her best during formal engagements. Love the combo of black and purple. Great to see the two strand pearl chocker that was engagement present.
You said it perfectly
I agree with you all. She looks appropriate and perfect and I love how the lilac accessories add feminity and beauty to her and the look. Plus I love that she is not wearing platform shoes.
I like the dress and i like the hat its a nice shade of purple and the hat sorta reminds me of the white and beige one she wore a few months ago.
When it comes to pure elegance, Mary does sure know how to get it right.
Everything about this look is great. I really like the dark plain dress with the lilac hat, shoes and gloves.
I echo the pure perfection accolades. The hat, her perfect hairdo for the hat, pearls, with a twist having both black and white, 3/4 length sleeves, nice slim belt, skirt length that is perfect for her and of course the lavender hat, gloves and shoes as a subtle contrast.
Her posture and elegance give dignity to her role.
Don't know how she could walk on the cobblestones in those slim high heels!!

For the birthday party of Prince Nikolai a couple of days ago Mary has recycled the white top she has recently worn together with a white skirt, it also works with jeans:

** Full view 1 ** Full view 2 ** August 28 **
This top works much better with jeans, imo. This is a great casual look.
I like this look on Mary, the top works much better with her jeans and the casual look. Christian looks ever so cute as well!
I like much better with the jean than with the skirt. She look great.
I like the jeans outfit. Very nice.
Love the look the top is much better here IMO
Mary looks ever so much better this time around! The top is feminine and pretty with the jeans and flats.
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