Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 15: January 2012 - March 2012

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As much a I love the cpss and her style, she did have a bad hair day, and the suit is slightly snug on her, even though she does look fantastic IMO, she obviously was super skinny in 2006, for it to have fit her better. Oh well, this is one time in a hundred she went off the mark...:D
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I guess the overwhelming consensus is that Mary should have worn an up do for the occasion. Mathilde's was to die for!

To be honest I was a little surprised by Mary's choice of hair style. It is more the purview of Catherine. Although, unlike Catherine to be honest, Mary's hairstyle allowed us to see both her face and her earrings!
When Mary cut her hair a few years ago, I loved it, but was happy when it grew back out. I love Long hair and she looks lovely with long hair and it's more the way she had it when she first got married. I like her hair down and up with this outfit so I am not partil to either hairstyle.
A simple yet very smart black outfit. The trousers are maybe a bit too flared at the bottom. However, she does look absolutely lovely.
I love the flare on these pants and for once I don't mind that it is all black! Elegant, simple, chic, the brooch is very pretty and her hair looks styled nicely.
All black but pretty, the brooch is a nice touch to the overall look.
Mary has A+ to me this week, I have loved everything! Those shoes are great with the handbag and gloves!!!
Spectacular Crown Princess Mary

The white outfit, the black with grey outfit are amazing on her!

When I think that she gave birth to four children in less than six years and on the brink of 40 looks incredible. She is intelligent, active, beautiful, has a wonderful smile, is very stylish and seldom puts a foot wrong.

How fortunate Denmark is to have her -- and she has in my mind at least, become the quintessential crown princess of Europe. She and the Duchess of Cambridge will be the ones to watch over the years -- and I predict they will continue to attract the most attention from dedicated royal watchers.
Nice. Simple yet elegant. She does that so well.
Nice daytime look from Mary - especially like the detail/brooch on the jacket
I love her brooch and grey accessories, especially the clutch.
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I love this look on Mary. It is simple, but still classy and stylish. The brooch and the grey accessories add a nice touch and contrast.
Finally a great outfit! After the outing in the tacky white evening suit, this black suit has a good fitting and the rest of the outfit works well together.

Please more classic elegance like this and less wanting to be trendy like the other day.
She looks tacky considering the money at her disposal. Half black/white shoes with black stockings while wearing a black and white "country gentry" suit? Please. And doing the unforgivable by combining it with a navy hat which style has nothing to do with the rest of the outfit?

I just like the slacks and green blouse, but not the coat. Not only because of all that fur trim, but the sleeves are too short.
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Crown Princess Mary at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair 2012 today, February 3rd:

A great look with a green blouse and black trousers, I don't like it that much in
combination with the coat, but without it it looks really good:

** Full view with coat ** Upper part with coat ** Full view ** Upper part **

Mary's top is by By Malene Birger
I really like her outfit, the green top is such a lovely color and I do like it matched with the wide pants. The outfit is ruined with the coat, simply doesn't match. Nice to see Mary's hair in a ponytail, I must say I was getting bored of it always open.
Well It's a fashion even everything is permited...the jacket doens't fit the blouse in the upper neck...hovewer Princess Mary looks fashion with that jacket...
What an appaling outfit nothing should be together here and what is her problem when it comes to pants they just never seem to look fitted IMO. The green blouse is for the office and the colours together are very matronlyIMO.
I think Mary look great! I love that shade of green is lovely and the pants are your basic trouser. Plus, I love the ponytail. She looks good IMO.
It looks too big for her, like the green though.
What an appaling outfit nothing should be together here and what is her problem when it comes to pants they just never seem to look fitted IMO. The green blouse is for the office and the colours together are very matronlyIMO.

The pants cut look like they're suppose to be loose, not fitted to me especially with the wide leg.
I love the green blouse. It really makes the whole outfit with the pop of color. But it loses something with the coat.
I just like the whole thing. Mary is still running strong with me this week!!
Great ensamble, especially love the fur accent, and green/charcoal combination. The only think I would have edited would be the small gold chain, it interferes with the sash of the blouse imo.
I don't like that the sleeves of the coat are shorter than the sleeves of the top.
And I think the necklace is unnecessary when the top has that extra fabric.
Otherwise a great outfit.
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