Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 14: November 2011 - January 2012

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Those are definitely not my most favorite style of jeans. I do like the upper portion of the outfit, though.
The outfit is a complete mess but hey, she is on holiday and for once doesnt seem to care. Good for her.
the jacket looks tight in the weist but with longer sleeves, she is relax and confortable and on a brake, goofd for her, i dress like this when i go shopping! it is very confortable! just that i must say when she is wth this nice dresses, gala and cocktail and high hills she looks thinner and when she is like that she doesnt look so thin or with a perfect body i wonder what she uses underneath this gala dresesses ?
Typical Aussie-holiday wear :whistling:
She looks comfy and very relaxed.
Definitely down home holiday style. Good on her, she doesn't seem to care one whit about the press, she's too busy decompressing! :lol:
When you're on vacation, you're on vacation! Not a bad outfit, she looks comfy.
I was so happy to see her this relaxed. Apparently, she doesn't care much about her clothing, choosing only comfortable clothes.

They have managed to avoid the press quite well this time, so she probably wasn't expecting to meet a photographer. I hope this didn't ruin it for her. I hope she can still relax and put on this not so flattering pair of jeans if she feels like it.
The upper part looks fine; the "crazy" sneakers look childish. :unsure::unsure:
what a difference between her casual look and the other "care" look...nothing match here....although the snikers are lovely, the blouse is fine and the jacket is all right nothing goes together...strange...:ROFLMAO:
the sneakers are hilarious lol. The upper part of the outfit looks quite elegant and than the short jeans and these shoes .... simply great!
IDK, I think the sneakers are cute in a Hello Kitty type of way. Adds a nice splash of color. :D
What a lovely coat for Mary a big Yes, i love this coat so elegant and casual
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I love the button detail and edge of the fringe on the coat! Looks COLD!
I really like Mary's coat, its quite pretty for a casual coat.
Cute coat. I like the color and the fringe.
GREAT coat! Love the fringe and double collar. Looks like she could have used a hat.
Beautiful coat and color, and I like the epaulet-type closures. She does look chilly, doesn't she?
Nice coat and her hair looks great!
I like the colour and she looks cold! I guess the guy in the sied is her bodyguard?
Lovely coat, Prada is always lovely, casual but so elegant...I guess she is wearing a pair of skinny jeans and black leather boots outside the jeans:flowers:
I love the olive-green coat Mary is wearing.
Yes, it looks like a nice and practical coat. :)
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