Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 14: November 2011 - January 2012

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Mary at the opening of the exhibition "Regent of 40 Years - Queen Margrethe 1972-2012" at
Frederiskborg castle in Hillerød today, January 11, wearing a nice combination with a pencil
skirt (or part of a black dress) and a recycled jacket.

** Full view ** Upper part **
It looks like a pencil can catch a glimpse of a turtleneck underneath her coat.

Yes, I've seen that as well and also guess it's been a skirt. But as I have such a dress myself
with both a small turtle neck and a pencil skirt part, I preferred to leave it open :)
Like the color of the coat. She's just about the only princess that can wear taupe/gray and look really good in it. Her escort for the event looked very nice too (Christian).
I like those two-toned shoes as well, but I think she could have worn lighter hosiery. The outfit is lovely; I'm glad it combined beige with black, and not beige alone. That would have been too washed out.
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when I first saw the top only I was dissapointed, but after seeing the skirt and gorgeous shoes I really love this look on Mary!
Yuk I am certain the outfit is recycled and I really don't like the shoes with it. Again I say YUK.
I like the outfit but not with those shoes.
Awkward outfit.
Bad skirt, wrong jacket, out-of-place shoes.
All bad.
She looks beautiful but she has been recycling a lot!
Wrong jacket with the wrong outfit.
I love the top part, jacket, jewellery, hair but that is where it ends. Those shoes are not for me.
I really like the jacket. The bottom part is all right, but I'm really not feeling the shoes.
I think the shoes are separately very nice. But they don't go well under this jacket/coat. The pencil skirt looks good on her. Generally I can say she looks lovely.
I'm liking the whole outfit but something about the shoes that I am not liking. They seem to be the wrong shade of beige or whatever color her jacket is... Perhaps they are just too shiny??
Simple and elegant. Love it! Wish Kate would finally take some notes from Mary "sigh".
I love Mary's outfit but I not liking the shiny shoes and hose. I think this would look better with nude hose instead. I do love the shoes, just not here.
LOVING THE SHOES!!!!:wub::wub::wub:
I would so love to have them.!!! her outfit would have been a total hit had the jacket been the same color as the shoes. But as is, it just looks off.
Come one, this was a maternity jacket and still looks like one. Just adding black hose and spike heels doesn't do it.
Don't care for the shoes, but I love the coat with the skirt. Very nice!
Mary looks amazing. Gotta love her style
Come one, this was a maternity jacket and still looks like one. Just adding black hose and spike heels doesn't do it.
It's not a maternity jacket but a swing jacket, and a nice one at that. The shoes are gorgeous and, along with the clutch, fit the colour palette of the coat perfectly.

I like the way she has used the jacket, clutch and shoes as a subtle and warm colour "lift" against the high necked sweater, pencil skirt and black gloves. The style of the swing jacket juxtaposed with a pencil skirt is both elegant and flattering.
Very nice outfit.The jacket is much more better worn with a pencil skirt rather than the black pants she had worn previously.the clutch and shoes are perfect for the outfit.Earrings and makeup are lovely.
The beige recycled jacket looks hideous, its way too big & looks very baggy but the combination though with the black outfit is nice.
I liked her last outfit, love the jacket paired with the black skirt, elegant and chick. I would love the shoes as well if the tights weren´t so dark.
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