Crown Princess Mary's 40th Birthday: February 5, 2012

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wow, pity we can not see photos of her with the kidsand blowing the candles!!!!!!
Now let's look at the guest. A loooong list of guests!
The Belgian CP Couple was slightly late, they had had problems with their luggage at the airport.
QMII was one of the very few who showed up in a long dress. Her face lit up, when she saw that Christian and Bella was there. (Grandma-mode).
Prince Henrik wore a lilac dinner jacket.
Carina Axelsson was there, minus her Gustav.
So was Alexandra of Berleburg, minus husband.
Prince Nikolaos was there without his wife.
But CP Pavlos and Marie-Chantal were there.

Among the friends were:
Peter Warnøe, wiithout wife.
Gitte and Christian Dalum.
Otte and Helle Reedtz-Thott. - Their present was a painting.
Malene Birger with her Irish sweetheart John, who wore a kilt. (***)
Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, who was seated next to Mary, and his wife, Susanne Pehrsson.
Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk.
A lot of Ahlefeldts: Jean, Ditlev, Caroline and Micheal.
Ellen Hillingsøe, as usual alone. She wore a dress by Malene Birger.
Caroline Fleming.
Marie-Louise Høm, kid sister of Caroline Heering, and her husband Marc Høm.
Lars Thomassen and his wife Christine Obel.
Malou and Jørgen Skeel.
Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg with her husband, Peter Aandahl.
Frederik and Christel Lüttichau, wearing a coat from Amani and a dress from Prada.
Pernille and Bent Wedell.
Helle Joof with her sweetheart Henrik Jepsen.
Peter and Caroline Heering. Caroline Heering is sporting a new curly (and blonder?) hairstyle. (****)
Elisabeth and Christian Buchwald.
Holger Foss and his wife Rose Gad.
Anja Alajdi and her husband Steen Christensen. Anja wore a dress by Diana von Furstenberg and shoes from Malene Birger.
Mary's hair had been done by her hairdresser, Søren Hedegaard and he was joined at the dinner by his spouse, Preben Christensen.

I think that Haakon & Mette-Marit also attended..............
Odd that her Father & Step Mother were not present
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Thanks for translating all this, Muhler, especially the interview. I was hoping she'd do one for her birthday!

You are welcome, Camelot23ca :)

Here are a couple of things more from the interview, which I believe provides us with an additional insight into Mary's personality.

Q: Are there sides of the Danish mentallity you have had problems relating to?
Mary: "That someone holds back because you shouldn't be better than anyone else. I think you should cultivate the gift you have had to the utmost. You ought to be grateful for the abillities you have and people around you ought to support that. So I have a bit of problems with that kind of restraint".

Mary is from a background where children were competitive: "And it's a good feeling. To do your utmost and be praised for having good skills, whether that is in mathematics, sports or something third. If you always do your best you can't question anything. If you on the other hand is always told that avearge is okay, you get nowhere.
But we are getting there and the new generation is not holding back. Denmark as a country is well on the way to become more competitive on the global market".

The twins and the children mean a lot: "We feel so fortunate that we have had four healthy, vigorously/spirited (*), lovely and happy children. First a boy, then a girl and then the twins. That was... wow! We're going to have twins. I know we have good help but a mother who has to breastfeed twins and who have two older children, that, all things considering, was really hard.
At the same time it's one of the loveliest periods of your life, because you are closed inside a tiny bubble with your small and innocent children. They are just like God delivered them".

But there are limits. The mansion has been used for "grand parties as well as popcorn" events: "It's a house that has to be lived in and we are a young family. It should be so that our children feel like inviting mates home with them. It shouldn't be so stiff they can't do anything, but of course not so that they can just run wild in the Knights Hall/Great Hall".

M&F have nannies and help, but are still hands on parents: "We get a good help and we are not doing the laundry ourselves. We have a big house, a staff an administration and some funds to run. But first and foremost there is the family which must thrive. To experience that entire flock of siblings together. You just sit quietly and observe. The love that flows between them, that's what wealth is.
When you have four children sleeping at night gets an entirely different meaning". (*)

The combination of children and fellow passengers on a long flight home from Australia is also something Mary has observed: "When I went forward though the plane with the twins and Christian, I could tell people thinking: Please don't let her sit next to me. It'll never go well"!

It did, because M&F have installed fixed routines into their children: "Fortunately we have very calm children".

Q: What thoughts has the Crown Princess on the fact that you one day will become Queen of Denmark?
Mary: "If you look at that thought completely isolated it's a big mouthful. For me it's like you should focus on where you are here and now. It's perhaps more of a principle of how you want to live your life. You never know what the future will bring and right here and now I don't know where we are on our journey at that time".

Losing her mother was a significant event in her life: "Adversity gives you a good ballast for the rest of your life. loosing my mother, for example gave me a depth and a stronger faith I didn't have before. In mourning time is your only and best friend and in time you reach a form for understanding and acceptance for what has happened".

Mary becomes visibly moved: "Of course it's dreadful when you stand in the middle of the darkness, but when you come out of the darkness, you bring with you sides which enables you to go somewhere else I think it's that journey all people make through life".

Q: If you are to sum up your life today. what would be the headline?
Mary: "It's pretty good if you can summarize your life in a headline. On the family front I feel very, very blessed. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, whom I love as high as you can love someone else. Together we have four healthy, vigorously and happy children. See! That already makes long a headline, an entire chapter in it's own right".

(*) As in normal, healthy, active and very lively children.

(**) Got news for you, Mary. This is the easy bit. Wait until they get into their teens! M&F may not have to sit on the porch with a shotgun, but there will be a number of where-have-you-been-at-this-hour?!? Late at night as well.
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Thanks for this Muhler, it is great to read. I imagine Fred has had a passing thought or two as to how he will act as a Father to difficult teenagers, remembering how it was for him.
If I can go back to the high kick of the ball. The first time I saw this photo I thought if Mary doesn't watch out,- the Danish soccer team will be after her with an action-kick like that.
Did anyone ever see any pictures of Mary's 40th birthday party, and what they served all 420 guests for dinner
Did anyone ever see any pictures of Mary's 40th birthday party, and what they served all 420 guests for dinner

I cannot imagine they would allow photos by the press at a private party. Nor would they release any. The arrivals is as much as we are going to see i'm sure.:flowers:
OK, I know this is a bit OT, but can you explain to a Yank what an Aussie Rules kick is and why it's funny using a soccer ball? I'm way out in left field (no pun intended) with this one! :D

no probs!

okay here is a soccer kick note: no hands allowed

and here is an aussie rules goal kick note: its a unique ball (oval shape) that requires a special kick where the ball is dropped/bounced from hands onto the top of the kicking foot as the player kicks upwards. The foot continues through (the distinctive straight high leg position) and the hands fall to the side to steady the kick.

Pretty much all kids learn to kick a footy girls and boys at a young age particularly if you are from an afl footy mad state such as Tassie where Mary is from and especially if you had brothers.
Im guessing Mary has cricket and netball skills as well and she would be a pretty good swimmer too.
The fact that she chose to kick the soccer ball that way is quite funny because its a high ball kick that doesnt go far and for Ziggy it would probably prefer it soccer style low to the ground and more distance.
A very deep analysis in writing I know....:lol:
Its lovely for us Aussies to see little shows of her Aussieness even though she is now a Danish Princess which of course makes a lot of Australians incredibly proud. :)
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She apparently dated an AFL player (Brent Annells) before she met maybe she had a bit of one on one coaching... :)
Another member has very kindly :flowers: given me access to the interview with Mary in Berlingske Tidende, shortly before her 40th birthday.

It's a very interesting and very frank interview.

Excerpts from an interview in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
Interviewer: Karen Margrethe Schelin....

- Those in the know, know how to find the complete interview.

I can see Muhler kindly translated much of the large interview Mary gave on the occasion of her 40th birthday. A great and very frankly interview, where you learn a lot more about Mary as a person, mother, wife and crown princess. Her thoughts, her strengths, but also her vulnerability which she frankly talks about.

I have found the entire interview, it's of course all in Danish, but maybe some of you will appreciate the link anyway:

Kronprinsesse af Danmark - Nationalt |
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