Crown Princess Mary is Expecting Twins in January 2011

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Apr 18, 2010
Eastern Jutland
According to the newspaper Politiken the court informs that Mary is expecting twins:

The births are expected to take place in January 2011.

- Still waiting for further confirmation, Politiken must be considered reliable in this particular case.
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It's true! The Palace has announced it today!

Amalienborg, the sixth August 2010

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess have the great pleasure
to announce that the Crown Princes are expecting twins.

The birth is expected to take place at Rigshospitalet during the month of January 2011th

Lene Balleby

WOW! Now that's a surprise. I had the thought that she was pregnant when I look at the photo (Mary in the black & white dress) the summer palace that she looked preggers but since I've been wrong in the past I kept my mouth shut. YAY more royal babies...and twins to boot! CONGRATULATIONS TO CP Mary & Frederick Prince Christian and Princess Isabella!

Now I want to take a look at recent photos to see if we can detect a bump. She'd be around 3 month or so right now.
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Fabulous news!!!!!! Congratulations to Mary and Frederik.
Wow... I`m not surprised that Princess Mary is pregnant, cause I have always thought they would have another baby, but twins? That IS a big surprise :p I wish Mary an easy pregnancy. Congratulations to the royal family :flowers:
It's probably a surprse for them too LOL. Great news!
That is absolutely amazing news! So so excited! I am only after commenting in the other thread that I thought Mary might be pregnant! But I never imagined it would be twins!
Uau, twins. Congratulations to the family.

Funny, my first thougt when i read "twins" was artificial insemination. That's because here in Portugal there's a lot of twins pregnancies on women whice use that kind of treatment, specially women up 35.

I´m not saying that´s the case of the crown prince couple. Like i said it was just a thougt.
Wonderful news. Hope she has a healthy and smooth pregnancy.
I wonder if the twins will be identical of fraternal, boys, girls, both...
Congratulations to the whole family :flowers:
I'm not suprised with pregnancy but the twins..
:baby: :baby:
And the first comment from uncle Joachim

A reporter from BT met him at Copenhagen townhall and this is what Joachim had to say: "Wonderful news. Absolutely wonderful".

He adds: "You become really happy for such good news and you become even happier for double-good news".

It was Frederik who told Joachim about it at Gråsten Slot.

"He was more than ordinarily happy (*) when he told it. It's great that he can give the good news to those closest to him. Now the whole family is somersaulting with joy. I see the same joy in his eyes, as I experienced myself, when I became a father".

He ends by telling that he looks forward to seeing how the twins will look like.

(*) Expression, meaning really overjoyed.
Congratulations to Frederik and Mary :flowers:.
Wonderfull news. Allthough I am more surprise that she is expecting twins.
Twins ? That's such a surprise !!

Congrats to the Danish royal family !!!
Awesome. Congratulations. Does anybody know if twins run in the family?
Twins, i've always wanted them to have twins.
This is wonderful news.
I can't wait for Jan 2011.
And we have the first odds:

Two princesses: 2.80

Two princes: 2.90 (Their guess is for two girls).

One each: 3.10

You can even bet on the weekday.

- My guess is that she will give birth no sooner than mid January. The court have a tendency, I think, to put the due date a bit later to avoid speculations.
So I'd say sometime between very late in December and mid January. - How about New Years Eve? :p
Congratulations to Frederik and Mary! This is wonderful news! I wonder if she's had any morning sickness? She looks wonderful and glowing!!;);)
This is fantastic news! Twins no less.

What is the press saying in Denmark?

I wonder how this will affect Mary's duties as CP. Did she have fairly easy pregnancies with Christian and Isabella?
Wasn't she slightly ill with Christian, some problems?
This is fantastic news!

What is the press saying in Denmark?

Not much. Apart from BT who managed to corner Prince Joachim, they really haven't got much more than the official announcement.
I guess they are busy rewriting their pregnancy stories. Twins, I think, came as a surprise.

But as Mary is expected to attend the navy review on Tuesday afternoon, it's a safe bet to say that there will be even more photographers than expected.

ADDED: The media have started to ask for comments from everyone who knows anything about the DRF.
In this case the historian Steffen Heiberg, who do know what he is talking about.
The poor man gave a fairly predictable answer: "They will be of interest to the press. - Especially if they are identical". What else was he to say?
However, he mentioned that Count Christian of Rosenborg, who is cousin (fætter) to Queen Margrethe has had twins. So there are twins close to the ruling line of the DRF.
Wow, thats a surprise. On some occasions they seem to struggle with the 2 kids they already have, very soon its going to be 4! I've never seen Mary as the most maternal person on earth so hats off to her decision to enlarge the brood. Yes, they have lots of staff, nannies etc but still 4 kids alone are a full time job.

Congrats to the family, for royal kids its great to have as many siblings as possible who share the "being different". And good luck for the pregnancy, can get difficult especially towards the end.

The logic of events of the past years now means that in a few weeks time the Spanish Court will announce that Letizia is pregant with twins too ...:p
That's quite true, Letizia should be next.
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