Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 7: November 2006 - March 2007

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I really love Mary´s new haircut!
She´s fantastic!!!
Mary's hair cut is similar to Marie-chantal's.
i neither like it nor hate it.i don't think she looks very differenet maybe a little younger.
I prefered Mary's old haircut!
When i saw her new look it came to my mind Victoria Beckham.
Princess Mary looks good whatever her hair style is, like this one.
Her new hairstyle is OK, its nice, but I prefer her long hair more.
Wow! Love the hair!
I mean, i think its wonderful that she took the chance on a new hairdo...She's had the same do since before she married almost. Isnt it nice to see a new look on her? Very refreshing!
AND! She's started looking reallt pregnant...her face is fuller..she looks lovely.
Oh her new hairstyle is gorgeous!
I simply love it! IMO it looks much better then the old one!:flowers:
I am just not sure about this I really love bobs could be that it is just so much shorter it will take some getting used to however good for Mary for being brave enough to go with such a retro style. It is having quite a resurgence at present.
I love her hair - it makes her look younger and fresher, lighter - if there's such a description of a hairstyle!

She's really in the pink of health and glowing with happiness and love. I really envy her figure during pregnancy - i was looking like a over size beach whale by the end of my 2nd tri!!!!! ahaha
I think that new hair cut is not very modern at all, but she looks great!!
I like her new hair - but it does make her look older. She looks very happy.
Younguer!, She looks so old, I'm sorry, but bad choice, It seems that she was in her 40's.
I don't mind her new hair. I agree I do think it makes her look older.

I think I prefer it longer. She looks nice as always. :)
That's what my hair is supposed to look like- if I curled the ends!

I like this style though- very pretty, very classic. I'm looking forward to seeing what Mary does with her hair. And hopefully she is still able to pull it up into those fancy updo's she wears.

*Edit: I'm not sure now- looking at the pictures again, this cut doesn't show off Mary's fabulous bone structure as well. If I had her high cheekbones, and her big eyes, I'd be showing them off!
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Bravo! I love the short hair. It is stylish and clean looking. I can't wait to see it with a tiara. I wish Alexandra would cut hers short again! Maybe Maxima too... Mary looks fantastic and her clothes are perfect as usual. Of all the royal women expecting babies right now, Mary should be very happy that she has been blessed with such good genes!
She is too young for this hair style, the longer cut was much prettier. :sad:
I think it's not flattering, but I give her credit for trying something new!
Caswallan said:
I don't mind her new hair. I agree I do think it makes her look older.

I think I prefer it longer. She looks nice as always. :)

I agree!! It looks fresh, nice, everything.. but I hope she won´t do that forever... She can do that in 5 years in my opinion...
I'm in 2 minds about the new hair cut. In some photos it looks really pretty but in others it seems to emphasis her chin and looks a bit frumpy. I have to say though that no matter the cut her hair looks so glossy and healthy.:flowers:
Since I do hair professionally, my opinion on her new style is that is wrong for her face/bone structure. I think she was going for a sleek, sophisticated, low maintenance look, which it is, but it makes her face look much fuller and it could be much more flattering to her if it was cut differently.
As the average person on the street looking at a new hair style on her,I would say it's nice. Pretty. sophisticated. A nice change from the norm, but nothing to write home about.:flowers:
Who knows, maybe she cut it to keep her son from grabbing and pulling at it when she is at home with him. When my daughter was at his age, she was always getting her little hands tangled in my hair, or she was pulling it or grabbing it. I got tired of always wearing it up in a clip to keep it away from her, so I cut it about this length.
Mary is a very pretty woman, as a young woman she has the concern of looking, for instance, a hairdo which fits her well, yes it will be normal if she will be a working woman, young succesfull laywer and so on, to look at all sophisticated arguments to improve her look and make it very fashion.

Not for a Crown princess of whom the style is not totaly definite. She is yet too hesitating for her appearence.

I find this hairdo quite good for an movie actress, model, or other working girls fashion, but not for Mary - even if it's fit her- because she can't change her hairdoo all the six months and she is too young to wear her hair so shorts. The Queen Paoloa is doing a short hairdoo only since she is 50th! and she is a very tasty woman!
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I think she looks ok , I my self like her hair longer, but sometimes its nice to have a change ! so good on her.
The haircut is identitcal to Princess Alexandra's haircut a few years ago. IIRC, they share the same hairstylist. Anyway, this haircut is long overdue and quite flattering. She can no longer hide behind long, flat hair. Nice change!
I love the hair .. She needed change, she had had the other hair for so long, so .. :) She has a cute little tummy, that is very visible in some pictures, but it still not as big as Letizia's.

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Well, it's nice to see her out and about. In regards to her's nice, but I do agree that it does make her look a little older. Also, she has a long oval shaped face so the length of the bob makes her face look fuller and longer at the same time. In some pictures she really looks like one of her sisters, I don't know her name...the tall one, I guess. But all in all, nice change and maybe if her hair was pulled back, not so in her face, the bob would look more put together.
Mary's new cut is a good change, but I agree, the style is not my favorite look on her.

When i saw her new look it came to my mind Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckaham's hair style is completely different than Mary's. Victoria's cut is very short in the back, and long in the front. Her style is very edgy and modern.
I think the hairstyle is very classy and professional, but (I could be wrong:ermm: ?) there is rather little you can do with it.
No different ways to style it, no updoes, and IMO it doesn't go well with hats and tiaras :)rolleyes: ).
So we might get tired of it quite quickly.
Also I think with the hair ending right at her rather pointy chin, it does enhance a not so nice feature of her face.
As for the idea she might have cut it to prevent her little one from grabbing the hair, I don't subscribe to that. Since you could put your hair in a low maintenance ponytail or pile it up to prevent your baby from pulling, however when it is at this lenght, a ponytail looks a bit funny and you will forever have hair in your face.
I like Mary's haircut, and I applaud her bravery. It's fun getting a new hairstyle if you're a non-Royal, but I think if you're being photographed constantly a new hairstyle could be very scary. Half the people are going to love it and the other half will hate it. I personally think her hair would look a little better if it were a shade or two lighter and after it grows out a little in a few weeks. If I had a small child and were pregnant, I'd definitely cut my hair - princess or not!
Mary could wear a potato sack and have her hair a total wreck and she would still be totally ravishing ;) but the new 'do is very sleek and stylish. She looks wonderful!:flowers:
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