Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 7: November 2006 - March 2007

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It is very hard to learn. Presently, I am learning Danish, and let me tell you, I have never been so frustrated in my life. That being said, after hearing Mary speak Danish recently she sure has come along way.
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ldt20 said:
I think Princess Mary is not fashion obsessed at all. We have to keep in mind that she is a princess and therefore a very well known public figure and also a patron of many organizations, so she has to give a very good impression everywhere she goes.

Whenever we see glimpses of Mary's private life, she is usually wearing jeans and casual clothes just like the rest of us.

I could not agree more. When she's out in the public acting in her capacity as Crown Princess, Mary is dressed up out of respect for her role, which is very commendable. When she's photographed doing things with her family or friends in a non-official capacity, she's dressed in casual clothes like everyone else. I agree that she's not fashion-obsessed... I don't understand why people criticize her for this. Maxima is very dressed up in her official capacity too, but doesn't get the same kind of criticism. Neither of the princesses are fashion-obsessed, in my opinion, but only dressing up in their official capacities in order to show respect for their role, the royal family and the people they represent in their respective countries.
Just watched the two video clips:
And I am so impressed with her danish!! Admittedly, most times that ive heard her speak, ive cringed a bit. Her accent was always so thick and she always seemed to stuggle when she spoke. I was suprised that after so many years she didnt seem to be improving.
Alas! Today i didnt cringe! She was at ease and spoke wonderfully. It was just the first time ive seen her speak danish so natually and smoothly! Yes, theres an accent but who cares?
Anyway, cudos to Mary!!!:flowers:
I too was very impressed with Mary's accent. (I didn't understand a word she said:wacko: ) but she sounded Danish and she looked really happy.
She seems to be doing well! I guess it does take a while!
Is her dress a dark purple? Well, that's besides the issue...
She looks so pretty and healthy. I always love to see her out and about!
I don't like Mary's outfit today. She is always so trendy, but the top she is wearing today is way too bulky and old-fashioned. Her hairdo is even worse, she looks very homely.
Hopefully, next time she will pick a better one!
Personally I think Mary looked wonderful today. Homely yes but very motherly and she reminds me of someone and it just wont come to me at the moment.
I like her outfit very much, also her hairstyle. Very pretty! I don't know why, but she reminds me of Snowwhite somehow, here.
Oh my ...

The hairband doesn't suit her at all . She looks so old with it ! :wacko:
her coat is pretty but im not sure with that dress underneth it. i liked the hair-band too.she looked very relaxed today
Mary is my favourite royal princess but I have to agreed with you Anita, today she looks older...She looks very nice, very tender and motherly...but today´s outfit don´t ssettle on her!
I didn't like the hair today, but loooved the outfit. She wasn't palying it safe, but she nailed it IMO ..
Her_Majesty said:
More Pictures (ANP)

ANP Beeldbank

She looked really pretty! I like her hair!

This photo is not the most flattering, but I do like the coat.

Today's event went well apparently, and it's nice to see Mary continues to work hard.
I have that exact same color headband. Now I can (sort of) dress like her.
does anyone know when Mary's next event is when she is required to wear a hat? it seems weve not seen her in one for ages
This outfit is not flattering on her, and the print is not for a young woman.
Nice photos but Mary is withouth this special glow which she usually has...

On this photo she reminds me Sybilla of Luxembourg
ANP Beeldbank
or CP Victoria...

Thanks Her_Majesty:)
Ick, I really don't like this look at all. The hair looks a little schoolgirl-ish the way its styled but yet the entire look all together makes her look older than she is. There are definitely some unflattering pics as well that came out of this appearance(that's certainly not her fault though). The dress underneath looks blue but it's probably purple based on the fact that she's wearing purple earrings. Definite fashion miss! But who hasn't had a few fashion misses, she's entitled to a few as are all.
I like the pattern on her coat. I can't believe she is seven months along in her pregnancy and we can barely see a bump! Nevertheless she looks great.
I like the coat and the headband, I'm not so sure about the skirt/dress she had on underneath??? If she had on a skirt/dress and same color as the headband or shoes I would have totally loved the outfit.
Not so sure about the headband myself but other than that she looks good. Glad to finally see the baby bump.

BeatrixFan said:
Personally I think Mary looked wonderful today. Homely yes but very motherly and she reminds me of someone and it just wont come to me at the moment.

Are you thinking of Nora? Kevin Arnolds mum in The Wonder Years? I think she kinda looks like her in the pic, only a brunette instead of blonde
does anyone know when Mary's next event is when she is required to wear a hat? it seems weve not seen her in one for ages

Mary's next engagement will be The Danish Kidney Association’s Research Fund on March 9, 2007. The event will be held at the Hotel Josty, Copenhagen. For more information visit the Danish Royal Calender topic here. Or, if you like, visit the official website for the Crown Prince couple [URL=""]here[/URL]

Furthermore, I doubt this event will require her to wear a proper hat, but you never know.

I like her hairdo - is very retro! don't really like the skirt under the top - kinda drags her down but overall she looks perfect as she always does!
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