Crown Princess Mary as Patron of The Danish Heart Association: 2005 - 2023

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #04, 2017.
Written by Marianne Singer.

As you know by now Mary recently visited Rigshospitalet as patron of the Heart- and Heart Children's Foundation to present a grant.

Here she was received by nine year old Alma, who apart from having a heart condition also suffer from William's Syndrome (which I don't know what is).
Right after having been presented with a bouquet of red roses, Mary dropped one of them and gave it to Alma, who was all smile
Mary said about Alma: She's so neat and sweet and so kind". Alma underwent a heart-surgery when she was 2½ months old.
Later Mary posed with Alma's parents and two brothers. Alma's mother said: "Alma has been looking so much forward to today. She's been talking about it for the past two weeks".
Mary met other children with heart conditions and presented the grant.

But she also visited he maternity ward at Rigshospitalet, to see the new heart-scanner in action. The aim being to offer a scan to all newborn in order to deal with heart conditions as soon as possible. That is known as Copenhagen Baby Heart Project.
Here she also met Morten Hedegaard, who was in charge when she gave birth to her four children and he was the only doctor who got a hug by Mary.
Mary said about the project afterwards: "Copenhagen Baby Heart is a unique project, which will have a very big significance.
I have today seen a scanning of the heart of a newborn. It was a life-affirming experience to see the little heart work and hear the little heart-beats".

But she was certainly interviewed by the children suffering from heart conditions:
Q: What is your (informal) favorite color?
M: "I love so many different colors. I like blue and lilac".

Q: How is Your (formal) mother-in-law?
M: "My mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, is really, really well".

Q: What kind of music do you like?
M: "I actually have a very versatile taste in music. I like everything from Foo Fighters to Lukas Graham and classical".

Q: What's your sisters called?
M: "They are called Jane and Patricia".

You can find the article here: BB04, 2017
And from last week here: BB03, 2017

As you know work has an annoying tendency to get in the way of important things...
I should however caution you before seeing the article with PH playing bridge! - Sensitive viewers may find the photos disturbing.

The coverage of the Icelandic state visit will be in the next issue of BB.
Poor children. - And poor parents...
At age 10 and 13 they have both been through heart surgery.

It puts the daily grievances we have in perspective.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #41, 2018.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Mary were among those who celebrated the Heart Association at the esteemed Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen recently. Here she presented two grants for each five million DKK (some 850.000 $) to two researchers.

In her accompanying speech, Mary said: "Today we celebrate that we have become better at saving both small and big hearts. Today we pay tribute to the research which results and a new treatment.
No one wish for their children to be born with a heart-defect. But when it happens we must do our best for the children to live in safe surroundings together with those dear to them."

Mary met two children who suffers from heart-problems and had a chat with them.
Christian who was born in 2007 with serious heart-defects and as such had to undergo surgery the very next day.
He went through more surgery when he was seven months old and five years old. But it got even more serious when he at age eight contracted a flu. Despite intensive care for five weeks his heart was so weakened that he had to undergo a heart transplant and that took place in 2016.

Elise was born with a serious heart-defect. It was discovered when she caught pneumonia at 18 months old. At age seven she went through a heart surgery and had a patch sewn to her heart.
The two children got a long ovation from those present, so it was a good day for them.
As the patron of the Heart Association, H.K.H. The Crown Princess today is an orientation on the development of the heart area and the Heart Association and the Children's Heart Fund's current work.
This happened at the Heart Association's headquarters in Copenhagen, where Her Royal Highness was presented to the emergency services, the offer of cardiovascular courses and the association's efforts in the children's area. In addition, the Crown Princess was introduced to the children's book project "Something on the Heart", which is to help heart children and their families put into words the challenges that fill them.

During her visit, the Crown Princess also received an orientation on an ongoing research project on patient support. Subsequently, employees talked about the association's national efforts to newly diagnosed heart patients, where volunteers provide help and support.
Crown Princess Mary as Patron of The Danish Heart Association attended the inauguration of a public defibrillator at the entrance to Amaliehaven near Amalienborg:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** kongehuset: Hjertestarter ved Amaliehaven ** instagram **

That’s a lovely picture of Mary!
Radiantly beautiful and sweet standing there in the first Spring sun, with a kind heart herself. Thanks to the Heart Association and all the Heart Runners for the great initiative and Mary for a wise choice of location.
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That’s a lovely picture of Mary!
Radiantly beautiful and sweet standing there in the first Spring sun, with a kind heart herself. Thanks to the Heart Association and all the Heart Runners for the great initiative and Mary for a wise choice of location.

I think this is a great and many countries should to follow, wonder if it will be more around the country?
She looks radiant and a dead ringer for Josephine in that first photo!!
Had to read about it.

It's basically about the Heart Association's national fundraiser back in 2019, where enough money was collected to set up 400 public defibrillators all over the country.
One of them was to be set up near Amalienborg, at the Amalia Garden, that is located between Amalienborg and the quay.
(There is at least one defibrillator at Amalienborg. It's not unknown for the guardsmen there to help people who collapse, among other things due to heart attacks.)

There are defibrillators all over the country and most are registered and as such they can easily be found via an app on the phone, should you happen to be near someone who has a heart attack.

There will be another national fundraiser for the Heart Association in May this year, and the surplus of the money collected will go to even more public defibrillators.
:previous: This is a wonderful idea and to see an idea come to fruition in such a way is amazing. If all these defibrilators are registered and their location can be ascertained using a phone, the possibilities of saving lives rises quite dramatically.

Bravo to the person who had to idea and an even greater applause to those who turned thinking into action to raise funds to make the idea become a reality. Well done Mary, your work with the Danish Heart Foundation is a winner.
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