Crown Princess Mary as Patron of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (2005-2013)

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Usually I think Mary dresses very well but I found this outfit to be off. The skirt is very bold so I think plain heels would have been better. The boots cut her off and distract the skirt. Her jacket, make-up, and the simple ponytail (let's not make it a Victoria ;) ) were very nice. It's nice to see her go back slowly into solo official duties. Thanks to everyone who posted these fabulous pictures!:)
she looks lovely and im glad she return to royals duty since her baby son got birth but i would like see her more duty no matter for her what she wanted it
I'm glad that she's doing the Children's part of the CIFF as well. It brings the focus out beyond just the women's fashion.

I agree with people on her boots, though. I'm not too keen on those long brown boots breaking up the skirt. On the other hand, Copenhagen's been pretty cold these past days.
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Mary Mary

Mary: Lose the boots -- they don't match, and are not suited to that beautiful flowing skirt. Next time try dark suede plain pumps. Those boots take away from that gorgeous, and I mean, gorgeous skirt.

Even though I'm being critical about the footwear selection, Mary's fashion choice does inspire me to go find some lovely patterned chiffon and make a skirt just like that one!
The Crown Princess looks lovely, so fresh and young. Her skin is luminous. Motherhood certainly agrees with her.
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Mary looked really beautiful. :flowers: I like what she's wearing!
The colour is really nice on her!
I really like the colour of this dress on Mary. The sleeves are a bit weird though...:ermm:
Mary looks gorgeous! That suite, the earings looched good on her!!!Mary looks very fresh and relaxed! The family vacations made her more beautifull...if it´s possible!!!
I'm not usually one for "busy" patterned dresses, but I like this one. On her that is!:rolleyes:
She seems to have gotten a tiny bit of color in her skin from her holiday. Looks much healthier than her usual pasty white. And her hair is a tad bit lighter than her usual dark, almost black hair.
Over all, her apperance is very nice as usual. just enhanced a little.:)
love the dress
i sincerely hope the pantaloons in the back on the blond standing on the swing are not the newest thing. :ROFLMAO:
Mary's earrings are the same that she wore for one of the photo opportunities at Grasten Palace. Mary looks gorgeous from the neck up. Her dress is a beautiful color but a little too busy for my taste for an official event.
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What an absolutely beautiful dress Mary is wearing! The colour is very becoming and radiant on Mary with her dark hair and fair complexion, and the pattern is just so summery!

Does anyone know who the designer of this dress it?
Mary does look very nice, it's good to see her with a bit of color to her. The bit of color just really makes her seem more vibrant and cheerful, less cold and unapproachable. Oh, and the dress is to die for. Very eclectic, yet professional.
very beautiful dress , im not a green person but this one , oh my god ...the princess looked chic and nice :)
She seems to be able to pull off almost any look she likes.
Wow..Princess Mary was very stylish!..the dress is amazing..soo colorful and very fashionable:wub:
Wow!! Mary looks great! I love the dress on her, the shade of green really compliments her hair and skin. :) :flowers:
Thanks for the pictures! :flowers:
Mary looks lovely, the shade of green is really nice against her skin, and it makes her hair colour stand out. An overall very nice look
Several more pictures of Mary at CIFF
(from Mario/UPPA)


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