Crown Princess Mary and The Mary Foundation : 2007 - 2024

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Mary hosts a Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation

"Cooperation and partnerships are one of the pillars of the work of the Mary Fund. Only with the help of our partners can we create well-being among children, fight domestic violence, and help people out of loneliness.
Therefore, every year we spend Christmas as an opportunity to gather all the good powers we work together to say thank you for the year that has passed. Again this year it became many good and nice conversations over a little wine and apple slices."
Mary is home :wub:

Today, HRH The Crown Princess & The Mary Foundations attends JP/Politiken's Hus Media Competition Awards in Politikens Hus, Copenhagen

The theme of the Media Competition has been 'Death is something we talk about'.
The competition for students in 6-10th grades is a collaboration between the Mary Foundation, Children, Youth & Grief, Østifterne
and the newspapers Politiken, Ekstra Bladet and Jyllands-Posten.

A very important topic.

" you have now contributed to breaking the taboo of death in the most finest way. And you have set the bar high for all the rest of us ".

Today, the crown princess spoke for the eight classes that have won the categories in the media contest 2019 with the subject of "death is surely something we are talking about" at the house of JP / politics.

She looks wonderful, how great that she is back in Denmark.
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Yes, lovely photos, I especially like the last one great to see Mary back if only for a couple of events, she needs to be with their beautiful children but I miss seeing her when she is not around.
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She looks wonderful, how great that she is back in Denmark.

Yes, lovely photos, I especially like the last one great to see Mary back if only for a couple of events, she needs to be with their beautiful children but I miss seeing her when she is not around.

Indeed. Even how much it delight me the royal children get this international education and the family a special experience together and even how much I genuine think she (and Frederik) deserves to take this little break so this education could succesed, I indeed do miss to see her around too.
But she beams, I think this little break do the family well.

Here's a video taken during today's event:

Thanks Iceflower:flowers: Here is what Mary said:

Journalists: Crown Princess Mary, how is it to be with the children in Switzerland here in January?

Mary: “In Switzerland things are going good, thank you for asking. The children are thriving and when we made this choice we thought it would be a great gift for our children and after this month I can sign that it is a huge gift, they are thriving.”

Journalists: Do you thrives in Switzerland?

Mary: “Yes I do. It's a different pace, but it's a good break for us all to enjoy a little less planned everyday life, but the kids are so motivated to learn and become better at English, it feels like a great gift to them and to us as a family.”

Journalists: How is it to be back at work in Denmark?

Mary: “Oh it has been a great pleasure, today to see how deeply, our young people, can go into very difficult topics and to break down the taboo about death, and at the same time see they can turn around and celebrate life just as they did in the hall today.”
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A very important topic.
Mary looks great as well
A message from Mary
"Help each other out of solitude.
These days, we all sense how much family, friends, and other social relationships mean to us. And what it does to us when that part of our lives is missing. .
For some people, this time is particularly difficult. If you live alone, for example, the feeling of loneliness can become very violent. And for people who already feel lonely, this period can exacerbate the feeling of loneliness.
Ultimately, severe loneliness can have serious consequences both mentally and physically.
Therefore, as long as it stands, we must make a special effort to help each other out of solitude - even if it is at a distance.
In the coming time, we will try to inspire how we can all help each other out of loneliness. We will also give good advice to those who feel lonely."
As you know the Mary Foundation hand out back-pack containing various items to children of mothers who seek refuge at womens shelters.

The shelters are experiencing a considerable increase in women seeking help these days due to Corona.
Because the de facto quarantine of most of the society means that couples where there is a history of domestic abuse are now forced to spend time together almost 24/7 and combined with the underlying general tension in society as a result of the virus, that has led to a considerable rise in domestic abuse - with a number of the women seeking help at the shelters.
That number is expected to rise in the coming days, so 55 additional accommodations for mothers with children are being set up.

Since 2008 more than 25.000 children have received a backpack from the Mary Foundation. (Some probably several times, I imagine. And that includes Greenland as well where domestic issues are widespread.)
Very important, an issue that is sometimes overlooked in time of crisis. Well done
Indirect follow-up.

In Greenland, where alcoholism and as such domestic abuse, and even worse child-abuse, is a very serious problem, the government has decided to prohibit alcohol in some towns and hamlets to prevent even more abuse.

The backpacks from the Mary Foundation are also distributed in Greenland, albeit in a modified version suited to Greenland.
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Mary has via the Mary Foundation send out a message:

I think it will eventually be in English, but here is an excerpt:

"These past four weeks have been some of the most different and tumultuous times I have experienced. I think most of us feel that way. Our familiar world and day to day lives have suddenly become completely different.
Now it' Easter, and that too will be completely different, that it use to be.
Some of the things that affects me the most, and which I can tell affect many others as well, is missing friends, family, colleagues and others who normally play a role in our day to day lives. That can be even more obvious for us right now in the Days of Easter, where we usually get together with our nearest.
We sense perhaps a little of the want, that so many people in our society live with on a daily basis. Loneliness is indeed the day to day reality for quite a few Danes."

Mary goes on to sum up what the Mary Foundation has been doing in the respect over the past two years.

She ends by saying:

"If we are going to get through this crisis together and alleviate the consequences on the other side, it will take something from all of us.
Already now I see a lot of good initiatives from organizations and individuals, who do what they can to reach out to those who suffer most social deprivation right now. I'm truly delighted about that and I hope we will continue to stand together, even if we are not allowed to be physically close to each other.
Perhaps the extended break during Easter can be an occasion to make an extra call to someone who is alone, or to send a friendly greeting in other ways. A little gesture sending a signal saying that - you are not alone - can make a big difference."

Happy Easter
HRH Crown Princess Mary

Thanks Muhler.
Great words from Crown Princess Mary. It is indeed a very different time we live in right now! And for some people, the older and the socially vulnerable, it is a very hard time.

But what a lovely Easter photo of the Royal Family collecting Easter eggs! Must have been taken around year 2013?åske 2013 001_0.JPG?itok=2gxj1hOZ

It is always informative and inspiring to read the Crown Princess's newsletters - based on the social work the Mary Foundation does for the Danes, but also always with personal input and opinions. Just a pity they (and also this lovely picture of the Royal Family) are never shared on the DRF’s Facebook and Instagram, which are two big channels.

The Crown Princess does much work within the Mary Foundation which not many know of.
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It's lovely that the CP family have been sending regular messages such as this during the COVID-19 pandemic. ?
"Today's most important issue was that the consequences of the Corona crisis actually hit straight into many of the challenges we face in the Mary Foundation.
There is a risk that more people will feel lonely, domestic violence escalating, and isolation and physical distance will go beyond the well-being of children and young people."

Very important topic.
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:previous: What a lovely selfie of a cute and natural Mary direct from the home working office. ? And a great update at the Mary Foundation’s focus right now. So good to see these selfies and updates from Frederik and Mary during these time with only home work.

Mary’s selfie has gone viral on the social media as Frederik’s selfie got too.
People really like these personal updates from them!

I do not understand why they never post Mary’s personal updates on the DRF’s official social media. It’s such a shame! As the work she do in the Mary Foundation don’t matter like the rest of her work.
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On Frederik VIII Palace, Amalienborg CP Mary recording today for a new Mary Foundation film

"Today we are shooting for a movie about something that hits the core of our work. That everyone has the right to belong and feel as part of something greater than themselves.
That message and work have only become even more relevant during the Corona crisis.
Stay tuned when we release the movie in a few weeks."

I can see it is the film company Mayday who is responsible for making the film.

It is the same film company that has created quite a few films for the Mary Foundation over the years.

For example the film the Mary Foundation made in 2017 called "How long can you hold your breath?” The film focused on young people and loneliness which is one of the major areas of the Mary Foundation.

BTW a very strong little film!

You can read more and watch the film here:
Today, Crown Princess Mary should have run with thousands of Danish children at the Mary Foundation's annual Free of Bullying Children's Relay.

But unfortunately, it is different this year.
“This year we run together - separately!”

Strong children's communities prevent bullying, and that message should come out, although this year we had to cancel Free of Bullying Children's Relay in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Crown Princess Mary in a nice video published today telling about the above:

* As usual the great work in the Mary Foundation is not shared on any of the DRF’s platforms. A pity.
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