Crown Princess Mary and The Mary Foundation : 2007 - 2024

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"You can change the world": The Mary Foundation's 10th anniversary-Hard to believe its 10 years since it was established.

The Mary Foundation's 10th anniversary is also marked with an interview with Mary in the magazine Ud & Se. (A free magazine published by Danish Railroads, to be read by their passengers).
In the interview Mary talks about the Mary Foundation, with particular emphasis on loneliness, but also about herself. She reflects on her life now, her work and what she sometimes miss about Australia.
- I haven't got time to go into depth about the interview until later this week, so I'll focus on the captions to the many photos illustrating the article.

You can view and read the entire magazine here: Ud & Se 2017 - interview with Mary

One thing Mary sometimes miss about Australia is the language.
"The language. To hear it. Australian is so full of imagery and great fun. It's not so solemn. The way Australians talk is actually pretty funny. They can stand there saying something that is full of humor and sarcasm. If a person has had a rough morning, you can for instance say: She had a face like a dropped pie". - Laughing loudly.

She doesn't miss Australia on a day to day basis, but when she is in Australia:
"Then I suddenly miss scents and sights. That what I used to do. Or a particular place. But when I'm in Denmark I don't miss those things".

- If others should like to write a summary or an excerpt, please do. ?

Now to the photos:
03: Mary descending from the stairs at the main entrance.
04: 1) Mary arriving to LegoLand in order to take part in the annual packing of bag packs issued to women with children in crisis centers in DK and Greenland.
2) Mary meeting a number of Greenland experts, in connection with Mary Foundation.
3) Anti-bullying relay.
4) At the weekly meeting in the Mary Foundation.
05: Preparing for the 10th anniversary of the Mary Foundation.
06: In her office. From her desk she has a view to a lot of photos of her husband and children.
08: Anti-bullying relay.
09: Top left: packing bag packs at Lego.
Top right: Mary reading aloud from a letter she got from a mother, thanking her for the bag-pack.
Bottom: Group photo a Lego.
Top: Mary at a dinner for lonely adults.
Bottom left: A hand-written name-card.
Bottom right: Speaking with one of the lonely adults who meet at a place in Copenhagen.
10: At the kitchen of Værket, the place where lonely adults meet.
12: Mary walking through the collonade, connecting two of the mansions at Amalienborg.
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Thanks Muhler, it is very much appreciated the time you give.
:previous: My pleasure. ?

Excerpts from the interview in Ud & Se, October 2017.
Interviewer: Rune Skyum-Nielsen.

I will mainly focus on what Mary said about her self and her reflections on her life.

Note: Words in italic were said in English.

Right after the engagement and her new life as royal:
"When the engagement became official it was still so wild and new that I couldn't fathom it. I was so focused on doing it right and when you do that you also become insecure about yourself. Then you perhaps don't dare show that you can be a bit silly/goofy or... you know.
Because you don't dare step outside the box you end up showing a little more contro... or a more serious side of yourself".

Q: A more inhibited version?
M: "Yes, it doesn't become the whole picture. Today I'm more free to show who I am, but there is of course always a limitation, because you also have to preserve something about your person".

Q: Protect yourself?
M: "Yes. That you should also keep something to yourself. It's a big change to come to a new country, it takes time to find your place, to find yourself in the whole thing".

Q: So it's been an adjustment-case with the great focus on You?
M: "God, Yes. Or... perhaps not God, but Gud (DK for God), yes".

M: "I'm not the type of person, where you get the whole story when you meet me. I'm no open book. There are some things you have to speculate about".

Mary explains that since childhood she has always felt for those who stood alone, were outsiders and alone, perhaps because she has always felt a sense of belonging.

In regards to the Mary Foundation, Mary describes herself as a "working chairman of the board" - who is involved in the details.
Q: Can the Foundation also be seen as Your attempt to update the way to run a royal house? It's after all an old institution.
M: "Here I will suffice to say that I'm very pleased that I've been allowed to find my own way as Crown Princess. But just like other families I don't outline the family on my own. All family members outline the DRF".

The interviewer observes about Mary's Danish that she speaks "rigsdansk" (equivalent to BBC newsreader English, certainly beforehand.) That she has no dialect. (I agree. Her children speak with a very clear Copenhagener sound, while Frederik is much more neutral. QMII's Danish is somewhat posh. Yet, no one would for many moments mistake Mary for someone coming from Jutland of Funen.)
Sometimes she puts the order of the words in the English manner. But over the hours the interview lasts he finds that very little she says can be misunderstood.

The interviewer observes that Mary has a tendency to sit very upright.
And that she has an excellent ability to make otherwise vulnerable and perhaps introvert people feel at ease and open up.

Mary is Australian, but she is also very much influenced by Scotland.
Her parents were arch-Australians who adapted to their new country, yet her father speaks with a heavy Scottish accent. "At New Year, which is the biggest of all parties in Scotland, we all stood together in a certain way with crossed arms and sang Auld Lang Syne (*), when it was midnight. So yes, I've experienced that duality in my life".

Mary's work is very varied, to that she says: "You can say that I have a very versatile job. Beforehand when there was a state visit it would take more effort from than it does today".
Q: Because?
M: "Because I... Because I know the ropes better. It's not because I'm less prepared now but it takes less of my energy. I don't have to put a question mark on every single item on the agenda. Not like I did beforehand".

Q: Can Your friends comprehend the huge change You have been through?
M: "Yes, because after all they still meet Mary. It's just in different surroundings now. I believe we as humans are good at adapting. But of course it is far out to contemplate when you start from where I grew up till today where I sit here and speak with You. But because things happen one step at a time it becomes understandable".

(*) Should Auld Lang Syne is also used here in DK. Mostly beforehand and within the workers movements, the unions and the Social Democratic party. Very often in connection with funerals.
People cross arms like in the Scottish tradition, while they sing about old friendships. And if it is to be done completely in line with the traditions the tune is played on a saw and the lyrics are always in dialect. It's also sung in a more slow speed than the original.
Today, our Crown Princess Mary visits North Jutland where she has 2 events today:

In the morning Crown Princess Mary attends the inaguration of Nøvling School which has been refurbished and has taken into account that the device fits the Mary Foundation's Free For Bullying which the school has implemented.

Here the 3 very first and lovely pictures from today :flowers:
Beautiful Autumn weather!

Later today, Mary will participates in the Danish school leaders' annual meeting, where she will give a presentation about The Mary Foundation's Free of Bullying.

Always so smiling

4 pictures

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen indviede Nøvling Skole | Kongehuset
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A new article from BT that has gained many likes on social media and is a good example of why Crown Princess Mary is so popular here in Denmark:

BT article: Danish pupils sent a letter to Mary: And then they got a huge surprise!

"Dear Mary. We think you're a cool Crown Princess. Do you want to come and open our school?"

A couple of Danish school pupils wrote a letter to Crown Princess Mary last month if she would come to open their school... and she responded immediately: That she very much would like to.

Nicklas Tang Sørensen go in 5th grade at Nøvling School in Aalborg, where he is also a member of the student council. The school has been through a major renovation, and when the day of the initiation of the new premises approached, it was time to decide who should cut the string.

Everyone was allowed to come up with suggestions, and although it seemed a little unrealistic to get Crown Princess Mary to Nøvling, the Student Council decided to write to the Royal House in September.

"Your Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary. The Student Council at Nøvling School would like to invite you to invite our new school. We want that because you are a cool Crown Princess and your attention is focused on the fact that children are having it good at school," they wrote.

And Crown Princess Mary could not stand for that invitation:
"It was such fine request, and I think it was lovely to participate in the initiation of a school that really focuses on the children and focuses on well-being and the community," says Crown Princess to DR P4 Nordjylland.

An absolute wild experience for Nicklas Tang Sørensen and the others pupils.
"It was totally surreal that she suddenly stood there listening to what we were said. It was absolutely magic," he says.

To give a few examples of the comments to the article:

"Our lovely crown princess rays like a sun simply! ☀️ �� A pleasure to see her perform her many duties throughout Denmark - with the biggest infectious smiles and christmas lights in her eyes....... every time !!"

"Honestly, it's hard to see how Crown Princess Mary could become more qualified and worthy of being our queen than she already is?
Her royal highness crown princess Mary is amazing and it is her connection to the people and her down-to-earth attitude that makes me love and respect her as the wonderful person she is.
Denmark is a much better place with her as our crown princess and his royal highness The Crown Prince has been lucky with her excommunicated!
I see a promising future ahead with these two amazing people at the head of the Danish royal house!


More pictures from opening the new school:
Gallery with 20 pictures

Later, Mary participated in the Danish school leaders' annual meeting, where she gave a presentation about The Mary Foundation's Free of Bullying:

"If there is one thing I particularly wish that I could put in the kids school bag from the first day, that's the key to the community. With that most doors opens. Also the door of learning," said H.R.H. Crown Princess, among others things in her speech at the school management association's annual meeting.


Between the two events in the Aalborg area Crown Princess Mary and the Mary Foundation had a private lunch at Mortens Kro:

Larger gallery:
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Crown Princess Mary arrives for the Mary Foundation and the Red Children's Great Conference in Copenhagen on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Free Celebration Program

The Mary Foundation & Save the Children joint project 'Free from Bullying' 10th anniversary conference 'Bullying Anno 2017 - knowledge and tools'. :flowers:
What a passionate and effective Crown Princess we have here in Denmark!

Mary said in her speech that over 50% of Denmark's kindergartens and 40% of all Danish in-schooling use The Mary Foundation’s Free From Bullying programme.
Thanks Polyesco.

This photo of Mary today is one of the best I have seen of Mary. It's spot on. Her sweetness, calmness and warmth shines through ❤️

Steen Brogaard has always been a good photographer.

This year the Mary Foundation supports the association Neighbourhood Mothers (Bydelsmoeders) with 250,000 kroner (around 33600 Euro). Mary had visited the association in November, see here.

"I recently visited Bydelsmoeders and I was deeply impressed by the women's history of change. Some of the women have lived a very isolated life, but in the meetings with the Bydels mothers they experience the door of society slowly opening up."

See more here:

** Mary Fonden støtter Bydelsmødre ** translation **
Thanks, Polyesco & Iceflower :flowers:

I know more and more women go to see soccer, but I'm still surprised Mary left her males back home or wherever they were.
I had half expected to see at least one of them.
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