Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion, Part 8: September 2011 - January 2012

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 8 of the thread for Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion!

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** Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion, Part 7: March 2011 - September 2011 **

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Princess Máxima at the annual International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings on September 23,
2011 in Washington, DC, wearing a dress with a kind of animal print, the upper and the bottom part differ
as to the colours.

I like the cut but not that print.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
A ghastly two-tone animal print with so-called 'ethnic' jewelry to match worn to a world bank meeting?
The return of animal prints is most regrettable in general, especially ugly in a two-tone version, and totally inappropriate for this occasion.
Is this a dress? If so, the two-tone looks horrible. I could imagine that the bottom part (or if it was a skirt) would look nice with a simple black top.
Yes, it's a dress. It was also on the exhibition at Palace het Loo
It makes your eyes hurt. Makes you dizzy! Horrible!
The print is ugly!The two toned makes it worse!
The style of the dress is lovely but the two-tone print is not nice at all. Not even Maxima, who looks good in bold attire, can redeem it!

Máxima during the AFI Global Policy Forum in Mexico on September 30, 2011,
wearing the lovely dress again she has worn before at an awards ceremony
on her birthday in May.

** Upper part ** Close up ** May 17, 2011 **
It's a nice dress but this shade doesn't flatter her figure IMO. ;)
Lovley color,but the belt does not match.

Princess Máxima at the opening of the new trading floor of the Amsterdam stock exchange, October 3rd, 2011

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
She opens a new floor at the Amsterdam Exchange and dresses up as the Gong? :lol:
Not too smart, really.
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I agree regarding make up either that or the photo is poor quailty. Am not sure the shoes are great with this outfit.
She opens a new floor at the Amsterdam Exchange and dresses up as the Gong? :lol:
Not too smart, really.

Ha ha,thats an excellent discription :ROFLMAO:
I like the jacket and her shoes a lot, I am not such a big admirer of ballon skirts even though fashion magazines often want to make us believe it´s trendy ;-)
I guess her make-up looks bad because of the light,I´m sure she would never go to a public event with such a white shadow around her eyes!
I would call it a 'Christmas outfit' and I have never been particularly keen on those. :lol: My, it's really bad!
haha,great hat suggestion *lol*
Don´t know why this look is rated that badly,I think the outfit is quite nice apart from that skirt (ohmy!) the material of the jacket looks golden and the cut is very classic-feminine.The shoes remind me of an old Sonya Rykiel design but I don´t know what brand Maxima is wearing...

Somehow shiny materials always look better in real life than on the pictures...I´ve seen many expensive silk dresses that looked so cheap and crappy on photographs because automatic flash doesn´t give good light for certain materials.
I don't like the fabric of the outfit but I love the shoes.
Maybe a more business looking suit would've been better for this event.
Businesslike tuxedos always look great but it would be tiring if she only wore "safe" dress choices IMO.I like women who are not afraid to experiment with their style and try out new things...of course some fashion experiments go wrong, but it´s better than endless boredom!
I don´t know if Maxima changed her stylist but there have been some strange silhouettes lately-this golden wrap dress and the balloon skirt were very ill-advised and don´t do her justice...
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