Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion, Part 10: May 2012 - November 2012

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A real A+plus! Maxima looks wonderful today.
The hat is ridiculous! I dislike the sleeves on the dress. I would have liked it if the dress was sleeveless.
She looks nice. Though a brighter color would have been better
Maxima looks very nice. her husband however, could have gone without the hideous blue vest.
I rather like this one! It has some unique feature, yes, but it worked very well on Maxima.
I guess I'm the only dissenter to say that I really disliked this outfit overall.
I really love the wedding outfit and I love the shoes really pretty all of it... thank heaven.
I love this outfit. Kind of a champagne color, really beautiful. The hat and shoes and jewellry are perfect..........and Yeah, the hair is up!!!
The outfit is okay on her a little messy but that is Maxima IMO I don't like the earrings.
Beside the hair, she looks beautiful :) Great outfit and summer color :flowers:
I like the color of the coat, but that's about it. The fabric is a bit too shiny for my taste. Don't care too much for her earrings either.
Color is nice but not the fabric.
An okay look, nothing to write home about. I don't like the earrings or the hair.
:clap: Great look on Maxima :)
Lovely dress, make up and hairstyle :flowers::flowers: Wonderful
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Pretty dress! Interesting design; I think she looks nice!
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She looks lovely but I hate the shoes. Extra kudos for the tamed hair.
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I like the dress, it suits her very well, and love the colour, too.
Maxima always looks great when wearing such strong colours.
Very nice look on Maxima! Red is her color!
Red is definitely a great color for Maxima, and I think she looks lovely. My only dislike is the ruffle in the middle. It seems out of place.
Are the shoes the same ones she used in Sweden for Estelle's christening? She still has difficulties walking on them, it seems. For the rest, one of her better appearances of this year.
Good look for Maxima, sleek hair, nice print and color. The style suits her figure very well.
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The red looks amazing on her makes her look very trim and the hair is so neat she looks great... long may it last. IMO
I actually like the red dress. I just wish she hadn't overloaded the outfit with red! Red shoes, red purse! It's too much.
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