Crown Princely Couple's 'Dannebrog' Tour of Jutland: August 22-26, 2011

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Frederik is wearing the full dress uniform of the navy while standing on the bridge, holding one of the twins. Don't know which.

It´s Princess Josephine :flowers::flowers::flowers:
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Probably. I think Mary in particular is genuinely enjoying to be back on the job, away from nappies, crying children and feeding.

Not to mention that M&F are great when working as a team.

I don't see it as getting away, after all they brought the kids in nappies and crying children and children that require (breast)feeding with them!! Bit of both worlds, back to work but the babies get to tag along...
Hope we get some photos from the reception on board the Dannebrog as well.
Thank you all for the beautiful photos. The history of the Jews in DK during the war was really interesting Muhler. Just loving the photos of the twins and their gorgeous parents.
So many photo's. I didn't know where to start! They look like they are having a lovely time, babies are precious and M and F look very happy and content.
Hope we get some photos from the reception on board the Dannebrog as well.

I doubt we will get pictures from the reception, pictures on the yacht seem to be very private even in the past. It seems no journalists are able to get on, please someone correct me if I am wrong but even when the Queen hold a reception we don't get pictures. Pity as I am sure they would be great pictures.

Cant wait for the rest of the tour, hope at each stop we will get a glimpse of the twins.

No that's right dazz. Whenever there is a private reception on the Danneborg during a tour, the only pictures we've gotten were of F&M or the Queen and Prince Henrik on the deck of the yacht waving to the crowds late in the evening (usually when they are about to set sail for Copenhagen).

Love the pictures from day one, Mary looks great - back to the old Mary. Hope we see more of the twins as the tour continues.
Is there no pictures of them leaving the habour of Skagen last night?
How nice to get home from work to see all this great photos.
Thanks all for posting the links also to Muhler and our other Danish friends for the extra details.
Mary looks lovely, Frederik in uniform and as an extra bonus we get to see the twins, they have changed so much in three weeks.
I love the way the Danish Royal Family do these tours on the Dannebrog, I think it is rather special for them and the people.
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Oh well am satisfied with the pictures so far. I am sure they intend to show off the twins to the crowds where ever they dock. The photos so far have been great. Both look happy and relaxed and delighted to be on tour.
the pics are super cute: twin adorable, fred totally dishing in his navy univorm (@Muhler: here we go witht the swooning... ;:lol::whistling::ROFLMAO:), Mary classy and beautiful, the couple in love, the children smiling... picture perfect!
New photogallery from yesterday

PPE Agency Crown

These photos are so precious!! Mary & Frederik are so happy and in love : ))
How nice for some members of the crew having the chance to play and cuddle with a couple of babies. A bit of excitement from their normal day. Great pics of the twins. They should be crawling now or nearly crawling?
Can someone direct me to a post or thread about the "history" of the tour that the DRF takes each year at this time on the yacht? I attempted a search last night and wasn't able to find anything, but I'm sure I wasn't looking in the correct place. (Muhler, maybe you can help?)
Can someone direct me to a post or thread about the "history" of the tour that the DRF takes each year at this time on the yacht? I attempted a search last night and wasn't able to find anything, but I'm sure I wasn't looking in the correct place. (Muhler, maybe you can help?)

You mean the tours with the current regent couple and M&F?

Or the whole show from the beginning?
Really enjoying the pictures for the tour!

I love the oh-so-serious expressions on the twins' faces, and the smiles of their parents. Great to see that Frederik and Mary are able to mix business with pleasure.
The twins both look so laid back in temperament. They are just adorable.
Princess Josephine resembles Prince Henrik to me while Prince Vincent looks like Princess Mary.
All I can say is awwwwwwwww!:) Love the last pic! Beautiful family!

I just want to fly over and steal them both. :ROFLMAO:
So I am not the only one with that naughty thought then? Glad to hear it... not that we would actually do such a thing, LOL!:lol:
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TV2 news at 19.00 contained a pretty long segment about M&F today as well: Royal surfer og smuk prinsesse - TV 2 Nyhederne

It appears M&F split up today.
Mary visited an asylum centre and was presented to a song and a painting.

At the same time Frederik visited the beach at Klitmøller, which boast of having some of the best waves for surfers in Northern Europe, well, in DK at least.
Frederik explained that he had indeed tried to surf. On Tasmania with his brother-in-law. And that he once managed to catch a wave. That seems to have been a cool experience!
Frederik was presented with a gift certificate for a surfing lesson.

And one more from the regional news:
This is while waiting for M&F to walk down the gangway and being recieved by the local pings. As you can tell the locals turned out in force.
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You mean the tours with the current regent couple and M&F?

Or the whole show from the beginning?

I was wondering when these tours started and why. Do they visit the same locations each year?
I was wondering when these tours started and why. Do they visit the same locations each year?

I see.

Okay. It basically started with the first King of Denmark some 1.200 years ago, perhaps earlier. Medieval kings were constantly on the move, and the whole state administration went with them. So touring the country was a matter of necessity.
Until the introduction of Absolutism in the 1660's all Danish kings were elected, or more correctly acknowledged. That meant they as one of the first things on the agenda, had to travel through the realm to meet all the local councils of free men. I.e. yeomen, peasantry, burghers, local nobility, clergy and merchants. In return they swore allegiance to their king and got to know him.
The second item on the agenda was to have his firstborn son acknowledged as the legal heir to the throne. That also meant travelling through the kingdom.

Some time in the late 1400's Copenhagen became the de facto capital of Denmark and the administration remained in Copenhagen. The kings however where still travelling most of the year, but not constantly as before.

Then came Absolutism in the 1660's and as the king automatically became monarch upon the death of his predecessor, it was no longer necessary to travel so much.

In 1849 Denmark became a democracy and the king's role became more symbolic and the visits became, as today, more of a social call to the various parts of the country. In a time where people still didn't travel that much and perhaps only visited the capital once in their lives, if at all. Such visits served to strengthen the bonds between king and people, especially due to the national trauma of the two Schleswigan Wars in the mid 1800's. The king's visits were soothing, it reminded people of the fact that eventhough Denmark had become a small insignificant country, it was nevertheless still free and independent.
As Denmark throughout it's history has been a maritime nation it was appropriate and very practical for the king to sail to the various destinations in the land and at the same time bring a residence with him.

The first "royal yacht" or more correctly royal flagship, specifically designed to accomodate the DRF, was the at the time hyper modern steam-screw frigate, Jylland. (*)
However some years later (can't remember when) a purpose build royal yacht was constructed. Capable of accomodating the DRF, staff and at the same time with room enough to entertain guests.
Named Danneborg after the flag (**) she was a paddle steamer. (***)

By the late 1920's she was considered hopelessly oldfashioned and a replacement was comissioned. The current yacht Dannebrog and she had water under her keel for the first time in 1931.
She was formally classified as an auxillary ship and that is still her Nato classification. She was constructed so that she could function as a hospital ship but she is of course completely unsuited for that today.
Around 1980 she went through a major renovation adding additional decades to the venerable old lady's lifespan. Where ever she sails, she always attract attention because she is a beautiful and regal ship.

So to answer your question very shortly: The tradition with the current summer cruises started some years after 1849.

The sailing schedule is planned in a way so that every coastal town, which Dannebrog can enter is visited every ten or fifteen years. So M&F are not expected to visit Skagen and Hanstholm in connection with a summercruise again until sometime after 2021.
And every few years Dannebrog will go on a cruise to Greenland or the Faroese Islands.

(*) The frigate Jylland (Jutland):
She's absolutely worth a visit. (Large file but worth waiting for)!

(**) The Danish flag is named Dannebrog and it has been DK's official flag since 1219.
Until 1848 at the beginning of the First Schleswigan War it was only the king, his army and Danish warships and merchant ships which were allowed to fly Dannebrog.
But the patrotic wave that went through the land in connection with the war meant that everyone began using the flag enthusiatically and that led to what is probably one of the most strickt and detailed flag laws in the world. A law that is still valid and very much enforced, not by the authorities but by people around you. Eventhough we are reluctant to admit it, we are very proud of our flag.
The flag law dicates that:
Dannebrog must not fly before the sun is up or before 06.00 during the summer.
The flag must not fly after the sun is down or 18.00 during the summer. If Dannebrog is flying in the dark, you are flying in honor of the Devil.
No flag must fly higher or at level with Dannebrog. Dannebrog must always fly from the highest mast. With the exception of foreign embassies, which are considered foreign soil.
A discarded flag must always be folded neatly and burned on a clean fire.
There are even rules for the height of a flagpole in relation to the building it's standing next to.
Valdemar's Day on the 15th June is the official flagday in DK.

A flagpole should never be naked, and certainly not in front of an inhabited house. As such most who have a flagpole in their garden, including myself, fly a pennant when Dannebrog is not flying, or after having lovered the flag for the day.
You can be absolutely and very certain to be told if you are so clumsy that you let any part Dannebrog touch the ground! Unfolding Dannebrog on the ground is also very much a big no no!

(***) The old Dannebrog can be seen in the B/W photo at the bottom of this page: Kongeskibet DANNEBROG
What a pity she wasn't preserved. - But then, there can only one Dannebrog.
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