Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde - Current Events part 13

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Great photos of a lovely family! Thank you Johann! The autumn colors they are wearing tone beautifully with the green background of Laeken park and the result is stunning photos.
What a beautiful family! I love Mathilde's clothing, and the children are adorable. Now that I think of it, Prince Philippe looks wonderful too.
Emmanuel and co. capture tomorrows “Het Laatste Nieuws”headline.
The article mentions that the kids are wearing similar clothes (ooops that was hardly to overlook). And whilst Elisabeth and Gabriel are already pros, Emmanuel still has to adapt himself to the photographers – he preferred to stay on mom’s arm.
Sidenote: HLN is the most popular newspaper in Flanders. One cannot say that they are Philippe’s best buddies, but obviously some nice Laeken pics still sell.(hln via pressdisplay)

Lovely, lovely lovely
I am proud of my Royal family, how cute and good looking they are
These make my day
Wonderful pictures! Just love this family.
Little Elisabeth is a carbon copy of both Paola as well as Mathilde's father!
Her brother Gabriel is the spitting image of his gorgeous mother.
And the youngest? Cant put my finger on it, he doesn't look like anyone as far as I can tell.

One thing though, and I've said this before: these kids look happy, but kindof anemic and pale all the same, can't help but think that each time I spot a new foto session of these kids..
princess olga said:
One thing though, and I've said this before: these kids look happy, but kindof anemic and pale all the same, can't help but think that each time I spot a new foto session of these kids..

They could just be naturally pale. I know people who are.
Thank you for posting the photos - the children are gorgeous.
Lovely photo's! Just a couple to celebrate Emmanuels birthday. I like their way of doing so very much, congrats to the princes!
Some less watermarked pics (nieuwsblad, reuters via yahoo, picturepress)
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Such a wonderful family ! The kids are so adorable :wub:
A unwatermarked photo of Princess Elisabeth from Reuters
Princess Mathilde focussed on microfinance again today (Oct. 6th). She participated in a conference about Immigrants´ entrepreneurship and microfinance in Belgium at the Solvay library in Brussels. Microfinance is a way to support those who don’t have access to traditional bank credits and is practised in Europe as well. The conference zooms in on the entrepreneurship of immigrants as an instrument for better integration. Furthermore the participants suggest intensifying the supply of microcredits to stimulate the demand. (source: ppe, a few more can be found here)

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Aahh -- I've been waiting for these photos today! Thank you, Johann. Lovely photos and interesting earrings! I am so glad she and Maxima are continuing their support of microfinance. I recently spoke with a friend of mine who is in banking and he said his bank has a very active program in microfinance, which I was happy to hear.
Thank you for pics johann and fanletizia!
Mathilde looks so nice, I love her outfit, especially her high heels! :)
Thanks indeed. Mathilde looks great, as usually. And I just love the shoes & earrings. But I epecially like her dedication to the microcredits, it must have taken her some efforts to get familiar with the topic as she doesn't come from a financial background (carreer-wise).
There are new pictures of Mathilde en Philipe voting today at and on the site Just type Mathilde and search. She has a handbag with a picture of Elisabeth on it.
Princess Mathilde visits the Jewish college "Athénée Ganenou” in Ukkel today (Oct. 11th). The “Athénée Ganenou” has a joint venture project witch the Catholic college “Saint-Pierre” in Jette. This cooperation aims for a better understanding of each others culture and appreciates religious distinctions as enrichment. IMO A great project for more tolerance (and great leather trousers for Mathilde too!)
Mathilde attends a meeting and some workshops to mark the 10th anniversary of this project. This years meeting gives attention to the Jewish Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles). (Belga/getty)

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Johann, thank you for these great photos. Those leather pants look great on such long and lean legs! More importantly, though, I think this is such a great project for PM to highlight -- any kind of increased understanding between faiths I applaud.
And finally some impressions by isopix via casdaimagen (special thanks to Ianna:flowers:)

She looks great, very few princesses could wear leather pants and still look so elegant. Thanks for all the photos.
Do I recall her wearinga red leather skirt recently? She looks incredible in leather pants! It takes real class and elegance to make them look so good!
Alisa said:
the Duchess of Brabant visits the André Scheers House which provides information and psychosocial support for severely burned victims and their family.This program is integrated into the Universatairy hospital of Ghent. By means of multidisciplinary round tables, the Princess will be explained the course of care and follow-up. The Princess also has an informal contact with badly burned persons which called upon the House Andre Scheers.

Pics from

Are there any photos of this event ? Not being able to read French makes it harder
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