Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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Marie - Chantal opened a new boutique in Bicester Village
At last,someone's business is doing well!Although I never expected another boutique in London,I thought her next step would be in the US again.
We've also read about a shop in Paris some years ago, and about a furniture line (for children), but no news since. Anyway speaking of new things, I love the watch on the MarieChantal website.
There is an article and photo of Marie Chantal opening her new shop on Bicester Village on the site.
Thanks a lot,Tatiana0.MC looks fabulous in the pics!!
This is the 9th store,good for her!
At last,someone's business is doing well!
According to the Hello! link kindly posted by sgl Marie Chantal now has nine stores. She's becoming a veritable kiddie-clothes tycoon.
I had never seen these pics before,so thank you for sharing them here!MC looks fabulous with her pearls,she has such an aristocratic beauty!On the contrary,her sister,Alexandra,looks so scary in the last pic,as if she suffers from anorexia or something.Anyway,I always thought that MC is the prettiest of the 3 sisters.
Thank you for the pics. I particularly like the first one with MC in front of a dresser with all this very old fashioned china. Her style has become so much more modern and assertive after some years (not always for the best, to my taste, but interesting and personal).
By the way this china is the famous "Flora Danica" which the couple received as wedding presents, in remembrance of QAM Danish roots. Their wedding cake was decorated with this same pattern of delicate flowers (my source is the book "Weddings of style" by Kalliope Karella). One piece of Flora Danica could still be seen in the kitchen of the family's London home, in the Fall 2008 Hello photoshoot for the presentation of Aristidis Stavros.
Thank you for the interesting info,Sita!I believe the picture you mentioned was taken in the Connecticut house(country style).Can you confirm this?
I think that the first picture was in Connecticut house, it was in november of 1998
You are correct, Beltraneja. It was part of a layout in an American magazine (but I can't remember which one). There were also some very sweet photos of the family with cows and one of Marie-Chantal and Maria-Olympia cooking in the kitchen.

MC looks so much like her mother in this photo:
The suit even looks like something that her mother would wear. She looks very elegant in this photo.
I agree with you, I think that this picture was the 50th wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II...
Hello, I agree with SGL and Beltraneja, although I do not have the articles or magazines that were with the pictures at the time. Lovely photoshoots : I must say I often look at them when my own little ones get on my nerves... Calming effect.
Great link Franck22, can someone translate from spanish ? I seem to understand that Rosario and Kyril of Bulgaria are separated ??? Lovely pictures of MC, are there more in the actual magazine ? One seems to be from a country house, could it be the cottage that the princes own (I mean CP Pavlos and CP MC) ? Nice to see MC with wellington boots !
Indeed a very nice interview. MC repeats what she has already said in various magazines...

Yes, Sita, Rosario and Kyril of Bulgaria are separated.

In this interview, Rosario praises MC by saying that "she could be distant but she is a very good friend. She comes from a family with money, she could have been dedicated not to do anything and she is engaged to her family and work that fulfills her"
(if I understand correctly...)
Also MC praises highly her husband, saying that she loves him because he is kind and tender as a husband and father. She also tells how they met and how fulfilled she feels with her marriage, children and work.
Thank you for the above interview :flowers: I understood a lot of things and many of them were knew to me.The pictures seem brand new.Is this their cottage in Sussex,where the family spends the weekends?
What a great surprise! It´s their cottage. I bought some items from the website and it´s appeared in the catalogue. Tomorrow I will buy the magazine.
Indeed a very nice interview. MC repeats what she has already said in various magazines...)
It's probably the one interview which has been licenced to a variety of publications, or a group of publications which share some content amongst themselves.
I bought the magazine and it´s an amazing interview. The photos are fantastic. It´s in their farm house in west sussex. I think that ít will be published in other magazines.
Can someone provide me with the name and/or picture of the book with MC and Pavlos on the cover?

I thought I saw it in this thread, but I can't find it. I want to see if I can find it on ebay.

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