Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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Eya, the book looks sweet. I notice a discrepancy.
The photo you post of the front cover says MANNERS BEGIN AT BREAKFAST.
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This is an interview to sponsor the campaign of a well-known clothing brand, they are the image of the Campaign, even she announces her next book. She comes to say that when she presents her book she will be away from home for a long time because she has to sponsor it.
I do not agree with her. She says that she does not allow mobiles at the table, and that is not true, we have seen many times photos shared by her children with mobiles at the table:whistling::whistling:. Last Christmas, her son Achileas shared,in section stories of instagram , a video where you could see to the Prince Pavlos, Marie Chantal and their children with Robert Miller and his wife dinnering, Aristides had the mobile and was recording , the Prince Pavlos was writing in his mobile:mad:, and Cosntantine Alexios and Odysseas as well:mad:, and all this while the waiters were serving :nonono::nonono::wacko:.
I think Marie chantal's children's instagram accounts, Contradict some claims of her book;)
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Yes, I have this video. I didn't see Aristides or Constantine Alexios on their phones, but Pavlos definitely was on his and it looked like maybe Odysseas and Marie Chantal were, too.

I thought she moved to New York?
Marie Chantal is the 12th Place to the most richest women in Britain according the list of Sunday Times


I thought she moved to New York?

To me, there are a number of questions about the criteria on which this list was put together. For example:

> Is the £2.15bn that Marie-Chantal is meant to be worth cover monies she has made herself and already inherited from her father, or or does it include the full Miller fortune, of which she will receive a share?

> Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is an Indian entrepreneur who has developed an amazing business in the biochemicals and enzymes space. She lives in Bangalore, and her business is based there. Not sure why she is on a UK list.
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Marie Chantal, does not live in London, her residence is in New York, she does not pay taxes in Great Britain. Second, Robert Miller's fortune is in Honk Kong, a tax haven, journalists estimate the value of Miller's company, the company is not Miller's, in fact, he detached himself from his stake in 1996, the company is of the shareholders, he is a shareholder of the company that he founded, of which not even is known what his profit is per year. He has an investment fund and journalists value or presume the value that it could have, but he sold part of that fund in 2011, but they have never said why he sold it, there are also debts in the investment funds. In conclusion, Miller's fortune is totally unknown, because his tax residence is in Hong Kong, it is not in Great Britain. Third, Robert Miller has three daughters, Marie Chantal is not an only daughter, her father is alive, by this procedure Pia, and Alexandra should be on the list. Marie Chantal lives in New York, and therefore pays tax in the United States, not in Great Britain, she has a children's clothing store in London, it would be more logical to value her fortune by her negotions.
This could be the fortune of Marie Chantal, if her father would death and he would disinherit his two daughters, Pia and Alexandra and to his grandchildren.

It is ridiculous.
Relationship status

Are any of the kids in relationships? (besides Aristidis and Odysseas obv.)
Marie Chantal talking to Vanity Fair Spain about her 25th Wedding Anniversary

"Marie-Chantal tells us how she lived her wedding: "My mother-in-law confessed to me that her heart melted when she saw me""

And posted on her Instagram:

" 25 years ago I married this Gem! Loved every second of my life with you ������ love my flowers by Rob van helden who did our wedding as well ������'
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It is obvious that it is an article intended to sell her cosmetic product. The article says that in her genealogical tree she has branches in New York, Diane Von Frustenburg and of course Queen Margaret of Denmark, which for the medium seems to be less important than Diane ... I wonder, in which branch is she Diana Von Frustenburg ?.
She has links to Diane von Furstenberg from the first marriage of her aunt Alexandra but she isn’t related to her by blood. Diane is the paternal grandmother of her cousins Talita and Tassilo.
This is what I say, Diane is not in her family tree, she is in her cousin's family tree.
Maria Olympia cover on Hello Fashion UK

"Introducing the Raffles social season with Her Royal Highness Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark.

Having grown up between London and New York, Maria-Olympia is now busy making her mark on the fashion world. With a unique sense of style and disarming openness, she will charm you with her signature husky voice: “Just call me Olympia.“
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:previous:This is what I always criticize about MC and MO. In interviews they always show contempt for the title of royalty (equivalent: this is useless), but then when it comes to selling or promoting their products in the media, "Princess, please".
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal have given an interview to French magazine Point de Vue and are gracing this week's cover of the magazine:

** instagram gallery **
"I am not going to take on an official role". You don't say!!!! lol

You are the new head of the royal house. How do you imagine this role?

- I inherited this role from my father, not associated with any responsibility at the state level, just at the family level. My role will be to maintain the example of the family. We will continue to be united and keep strong ties with our country.

What position would you like to have in Greek society?

The same to this day. I will never change my attitude. People will see me as I am: the family man, but I'm still Paul to everyone. I am not going to take on an official role, nor is my son Konstantinos-Alexios. All I can suggest to him is to follow his grandfather's example, to be a good man, as I hope to be.
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I don't think anyone anticipated a change and for the Crown Prince to suddenly become more of a presence in Greece.
His brother Nicholas and sister in law Tatiana are doing a fine job there and have just blended in.
In conclusion, he and his family will continue to move in the circles of the International Jet-set, London, Swiss ski resorts... And sometimes they will go to real events.... In summer, in Greece.... I think he is sincere, it is his life, but I admit that this causes me sadness, I would like to hear Prince Pavlos say that he inherits from his father the historical legacy of his family....
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