Crown Prince Haakon's Current Events Part 2: November 2013 - February 2019

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Crown Prince Haakon visited Gründerskolen at the University of Oslo today
His Royal Highness Crown Prince this week successfully completed the Armed Forces parachute course and is now approved as a military tactical parachute jumps.

"It's Armed Forces Special Command (FSK) who completed the course in which the Crown Prince was a student. During a simple ceremony in Camp Rena Thursday evening, the Crown Prince was the visible proof that he is approved as a military tactical parachute jumps.

Crown Prince Haakon attended one of FSKs ordinary parachute courses along with other soldiers. The course was conducted at Rena, and during these days there have been a number of physical tests and training jumps day- and nighttime. The Crown Prince has passed all standard requirements and is now certified as military tactical skydiver with assault triggered round screen." - Gjennomførte Forsvarets fallskjermkurs
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So Haakon has now earned the static line jump-wings.

Wonder if he will go for the free-fall jump-wings?
Today, CP Haakon attended the 10th anniversary of Business for Peace conference and the Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony in Oslo, May 3, 2016.
He gave the opening speech for the conference. - Næringslivet som problemløser
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He was included in quite some selfies ;)
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And yesterday, June 10, he granted representatives of Northumbria University Newcastle audience. It seems he got an honorary degree from the University.

More on the Honorary Degree

"Crown Prince Haakon was presented with the Doctor of Civil Law degree at the Royal Palace in Oslo by Professor Andrew Wathey CBE, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Northumbria University, and Chris Sayers, Chair of the Board of Governors for Northumbria. As well as recognising the Prince's contribution to military and civilian life in Norway, the award reflects Northumbria's strong links with Norway, and with Newcastle. It also means Crown Prince Haakon follows his mother Queen Sonja who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law by Northumbria in 1996."
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CP Haakon has been in Rio and followed some of the Olympic events and met some athletes. But he also did a visit to the new Seamen's Church in Rio. It is named after Princess Ragnhild and opened in 2014. - Støttet norske utøvere i Rio
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2 more photos

Today, CP Haakon attended His Majesty The King's regatta in Oslo, August 23, 2016.
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