Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden and Lady Louise Mountbatten - 1923

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Lady Louise Mountbatten once said: 'I will never marry a king or a widower', but in the end she did both. On 3 November in 1923 she married the widowed crown prince Gustav-Adolf of Sweden, who would later be King Gustav VI Adolf. He was first married to Louise's cousin, Princess Margaret of Connaught, who died in 1920.


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And two more photos:


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Lady Louise Mountbatten, the bride, is dwarfed by the imposing height and figure of the groom. Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf must have been a big man.
For a lady "passed her prime" she made a beautiful bride and they were truly happy together. Princess, later Queen Ingrid was not very friendly to her step mother but Prince Bertil was Queen Louise's favourite.
Have anyone seen any description of the dress, veil and tiara(?) lady Louise was wearing at her wedding? Was the tiara a Mountbatten heirloom, as it looks as if the Hon. Edwina Ashley was wearing something that looks very similar at her wedding to lord Louis Mountbatten a year before, you can find photos of the wedding here: Royal Musings: July 2012 if you scroll down to July 18, 1922. I have to say that I prefer lady Louise's wedding dress of the three royal/noble brides' of 1922-1923, the third was of course lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, The Windsor Diary – Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Marries Albert, Duke of York « , although the fashion of the early 20ies didn't do any favours really when it came to stylish wedding dresses.

Well, I found an description of lady Louise's dress on a Swedish site, it was not white, but made of a silver-shimmering sari cloth given to her by her uncle and sewn in Paris, and it had a lover's knot at the hip with orange flowers: A pity that there are no colour photo's of the dress.
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Off topic: I love your avatar, it is Prince Phillip's mother, isn't it? She was so very beautiful when she was young.
Pdas1201's avatar does indeed feature Princess Alice of Battenberg, Prince Philip's mother.
Here is a larger version of the picture - one of my favourites of Alice.
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