Crown Prince Frederik's Patronages and Charities: 2003 - 2023

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Shame we did not get pictures from this dinner.:bang: But at least it was included in the calendar. Often these dinners and meetings are not mentioned

article about this patronage
Kronprins Frederiks nye hjertesag: Silicon Valley skal tættere på danske virksomheder -

Not a word about this event anywhere: No photos on DRF facebook, nothing on instagram, no photos in the photo gallery, nothing in 'nyheder' (news) at

How difficult can it be...?
:previous: Exactly!
I give them one point for at least mentioning it on the calendar :p
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One of the donors is the Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik foundation.
Monday, October 31st Frederik will participate as a patron of the Foreign Policy Association's 70th anniversary reception
Danish Chamber of Commerce, Slotsholmsgade 1, Copenhagen, kl. 18:00.

The Foreign Policy Society is a non-profit organization with the aim to promote knowledge and raise interest in foreign policy issues in Denmark.
70-års jubilæum - DUS - Det Udenrigspolitiske Selskab
Det Udenrigspolitiske Selskab
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Thanks Polyesco og Muhler :flowers:

At least the DRF's court could have posted something on their official Facebook site or Instagram - but no. But it's far from all F&M's official events they publish, maybe because they have so many that the DRF's accounts would be flooded with the CP-couple's almost daily events every week.

Tonight, CP Frederik and CP Mary will attend the Nordic Council prize award ceremony in the DR Concert Hall. You can follow it live on

(3 hours from now...)
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well the DRF has finally placed two pictures from the Foreign Policy reception on their website
Det Udenrigspolitiske Selskabs 70-års jubilæum | Kongehuset

"The Foreign Policy Society's 70th anniversary
HRH Crown Prince attended as patron of the Foreign Policy Association's 70th anniversary October 31, 2016.
President of the Foreign Policy Society Lykke Friis, Carl Bildt and former Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen gave speeches."
Frederik today
"HRH Crown Prince, as patron, presents scholarships for Anders Lassen Foundation. Kastellet, Copenhagen, kl. 13:00.

Anders Lassen Foundation, administered by Special Forces, aims to reward special military operations and support Danish injured soldiers. Anders Lassen was a Danish soldier who did volunteer service at the British frogman corps, Special Boat Service, during WW2."
H.K.H. Kronprinsen overrækker som protektor legater for Anders Lassen Fonden | Kongehuset

pictures of Frederik and this year's recipients

Thank you, Polyesco. :flowers:

Major General Michael Lollesgaard has certainly deserved a recognition for his work in Mali. Being commander of one of the forgotten wars against the Islamists and despite wholly inadequate support, - politically, militarily and logistically this international force has kept the Islamists at bay and even driven them back into the desert.
It is very much a special forces war, fought in a remote almost forbidden country and in an area the size of Texas, with basically only a few hundred special forces supported by a handful of light infantry.
"HRH The Crown Prince participates December 9, 2016 in reception in Naval Officer's Association new headquarters.

Today holds Naval Officer's Association reception to mark that they have moved into the association's new headquarters in The Commanders Mansion at the Citadel, Copenhagen. The Commanders Mansion, which was built in 1725, was originally the official residence of Citadel commander and subsequently spent Defence chief's official residence. Within Naval Officer's Association moved in, underwent Baroque building the renovation 2014-2016.

The Crown Prince participates in the reception as patron ofthe Naval Officer's Association which aims to promote fellowship for its members and to show hospitality to strangers mariners officers.

Naval Officer's Association has since 1942 been housed in Søkvæsthuset, previously among other things, the Navy Under Academy and the residence of vice-admiral. Maritime Administration does Søkvæsthuset took over in 1776 for use as a hospital for the Navy, hence the name."

Reception hos Søofficers-Foreningen | Kongehuset
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Tomorrow Frederik is present at the opening of the exhibition "Japanomania"
H.K.H. Kronprinsen er til stede ved åbning af udstillingen "Japanomania" | Kongehuset

more on the event, and Frederik being patron for the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark
Kronprinsen deltager i fejringen af 150-året

"With the participation of Crown Prince Frederik initiates Culture Mette Bock and the deputy Japanese Foreign Minister Nobuo Kishi celebration of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan...

The Crown Prince is patron of the Danish part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary.

He participates in the opening of the special exhibition "Japanomania in the Nordic countries 1875-1918" together with Culture Minister Mette Bock (LA) and the deputy Japanese Foreign Minister Nobuo Kishi."
more information on the "Japanomania" exhibit
Åbning af udstillingen "Japanomania i Norden 1875-1918" | Kongehuset

Both the Crown Prince of Denmark and the Crown Prince of Japan are honorary presidents for the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark
Assuming the Japanese honorary president for the ?150th Anniversary of the Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations? by His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Japan ? Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

photo from today

video from the DRF facebook page
"In the video is the crown prince with the traditional sake ceremony where you "break" a barrel with the drink sake."
Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

I think this looks a bit silly. I mean, either you dress up in a kimono or you don't.
But suits and kimono's?!? :ermm:

Thanks for all the pictures and updates from Frederik's latest event.
I'm busy these months of work, so there are days where I'm not on TRF as much as I would like, so it's great to be able to log on TRF and be 100% updated :flowers:

Frederik and the men looks nice in those kimonos.
new patronage for Frederik
HRH the Crown Prince will be patron of Danish-Chinese Tourism 2017.
H.K.H. Kronprinsen bliver protektor for dansk-kinesisk turismeår 2017 | Kongehuset

"HRH The Crown Prince has agreed to be patron of the Danish-Chinese Tourism 2017 which aims to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in tourism.

Tourism year consists of a series of events and initiatives in both China and Denmark, and the goal of the tourist year is to increase the number of tourists traveling to Denmark and China. During the year there will also be carried out a number of BTB projects to enhance cooperation between the Danish and Chinese tourism industry.

Denmark is the first country in the EU that included cooperation with China on a joint Danish-Chinese Tourism in 2017."

more information

interview in 2010 Frederik gave emphasizing the cultural exchange between the two countries

in 2014, Frederik appeared on a popular Chinese tv show, among other things biking around Copenhagen
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Tomorrow May 3rd, The Crown Prince is responsible for the distribution of DenmarkBridge Award 2017. Frederik is the patron of the DenmarkBridge Award 2017.
H.K.H. Kronprinsen forestår uddelingen af DenmarkBridge Award 2017 | Kongehuset

"The purpose of DenmarkBridge is to ensure Danish companies and entrepreneurs better access to knowledge, networks and capital in Silicon Valley. In addition, the association must strengthen the bridge between Danish business and the development in Silicon Valley.

The DenmarkBridge Award is awarded an initiative, a company, an innovative project, an organization or the like that has managed to create the success of innovation and technology."

more information
Uddeling af DenmarkBridge Award 2017 | Kongehuset

An overview of Frederik's work specifically in promoting Danish Business from the DRF website
Broen til erhvervslivet | Kongehuset
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Frederik presents the Danish Design Award. He is patron
H.K.H. Kronprinsen forestår overrækkelse af prisen "Danish Design Award" | Kongehuset

"Danish Design Award" is a collaboration between the Danish Design Center and the Design Denmark branch organization. The purpose of the Danish Design Award is to demonstrate the value and effect of design as well as to inspire and stimulate the use of design and design thinking in companies as well as in society. The prize is awarded in 15 categories.

with the winners


:previous: article with better photo
Danish Design Award 2017: Her er vinderne - Danish Design Award

more photos

:previous: And a gallery from the DRF
Danish Design Award 2017 | Kongehuset
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