Crown Prince Frederik's Patronages and Charities: 2003 - 2023

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Hi Polyesco your post no 135; I have not seen that portrait before. Would love to see it in colour.

It seems the portrait of Mary is in black and white. The photos are very good. I would love to know where in the palace they have been hanging for three years, since 2013.
I like the photos, just I do not like Prince Frederick with his hand in his waist, it looks wire for me!
From the DRF website of Frederik attending the exhibit
Åbning af udstilling af Mario Testino | Kongehuset - Forside
with Mario Testino and the French ambassador

better shot of Frederik's photo (its fantastic)

All three photos were nicely done. Frederik and Mary's solo shots look very regal, but them one of them together is my favorite. in profile but the smiles on their faces are very warm
A large version of the new portrait of Frederik and Mary :wub:


VIDEO Se stjernefotografs nye portrætter af Kongehuset | Kultur | DR

A short clip of Testino commenting on the new portrait of Frederik and Mary.

"Mario Testino, who alternates between the more classic royal portraits where there is emphasis on the great room, the old furniture and the symbolic locations and the more immediate moments between the royal couples."

"In particular, he emphasizes the portrait of Frederik and Mary, photographed in a moment when Mary adjusts Frederiks *'herring salad'.
Their smiles feels genuine, and the image may not have the perfect composition, but the atmosphere is just perfect.

- I am always looking for that special moment, where the portrayed reveal a bit of their personality."

*sildesalat is the Danish word used. It means the thingies hanging from Frederik's collar
:previous: Lovely to hear him say this. It indeed was a genuine beautiful moment captured. Very lovely and warm smiles
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #20, 2016.
Written by Marianne Singer.

As you know it was Frederik who opened the exhibition with photos by Mario Testina, with the photos of M&F being the biggest attraction.

Mario Testina received Frederik and remarked: "He looks even better today".
Actually the press were not supposed to photograph Frederik near the royal photos, but the photographer changed his mind in the spur of the moment. - (And that was probably a good idea!)
When asked to be photographed in front of the photo of himself in navy gala, Frederik joked: "I won't pose in the same manner".
It was actually the first time Frederik saw the photos in a large scale: "I'm genuinely well pleased".

The photos were made at Amalienborg in 2013.
But also the BRF are a part of the exhibition. They include Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, as well as W&K, but also the Dutch Regent Couple and Mette-Marit and Haakon. There are also photos of Princess Diana.

About M&F Mario Testino said: "I want to communicate what they really are. because the Danish CP-couple are fantastic, they are cool without loosing their seriousness. They have their boundaries but at the same time they know they have their roles. They represent the country, which they will fight for - it almost makes the tears flow. The kind of sense of responsibility they have is impressive".

As for Mette-Marit, Mary and Queen Maxima he says: "They are very responsible, they are hard-working and they are not there for the jewels. They take their roles very serious, some times even mroe serious than their husbands".
:previous: thank you for the summary. Some lovely words by Mario :flowers:
and yes Frederik just gets better every year;)
Today Crown Prince Frederik participates as guest of honor at the official dinner with Global Green Growth Forum (3GF)
"Global Green Growth Forum aims to strengthen cooperation between governments, companies and organizations for sustainable economic growth."
H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltager i officiel middag med Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) | Kongehuset

Frederik is patron and has attended for many years.
"For the fifth time, top leaders from the private sector, governments, and civil society from more than 35 countries meet at the Global Green Growth Forum – 3GF Summit in Denmark. The goal is to create innovative collaborations and tangible green solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges across energy, food loss and waste, climate, and sustainable cities. At this year’s summit, more than 30 public-private partnerships will be developing solutions that contribute to green growth all over the world. "

Tomorrow, he and Mary will host a dinner for the advisory board of the 3GF
:previous: Finally a picture and article of the Dinner last night
Kronprins Frederik til fornemt middagsselskab på Langelinie Pavillonen | BILLED-BLADET

another photo of him arriving , looking very good

another photo of Frederik from Monday's dinner with the Global Green Growth Forum
the woman I believe is also in the advisory board of the 3GF,
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Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

Isn't it considerate of Frederik to keep his hands warm in his pockets so that he doesn't startle his guests by having cold hands when he greets them. :)
TV2 today had a long segment with Frederik, who today attended a fishing trip with Save the Children.

This is for children, usually from homes with social or economic issues, or lonely children, who otherwise wouldn't go on such an outing.

A twelve year old girl was detailed with the task of of instructing Frederik in how to put bait on the hook and throw the line. He probably already knew, but played along anyway.
After that he helped prepare and eat the fish they had caught and answered loads of questions from the children.

I'm sure our news-diggers will find clips and pics later. :)
Thanks, Northern Princess. :flowers:

Pics 3 and 4 show the girl who "instructed" Frederik.

The dark haired girl in yellow was very fascinated with Frederik.
Thanks again. :flowers:

Frederik said it was great to be here. It was almost like being at home with his own children.
Lovely pictures pictures.

That's exactly why Frederik and Mary are so hugely beloved and respected by their people! They meet their people - not by obligation, but obviously because they enjoy it.

Yet one of their unofficial/secret events ... Last month it was Mary who secretly met up in the Nørrebro hall and ate her dinner of paper plates with lonely Danes.


3 pictures from the Danish royal family's Facebook page:

9 pictures from Save the Children:

All the many comments provide again an obvious picture of how popular F&M is in the population.


BT article
Kronprinsen underviser børn: Det gør mig glad

- It's nice to feel that I can help to give a little. Be teaching and helpful. It rubs off on the kids and it makes me happy. It's basically the same way I deal with my own children. There is a joy in being together in nature, to start up a fire and cook food over it - it's like therapy, says Crown Prince Frederik.

At home, he has four children to play with but Saturday Crown Prince Frederik spent a day in the company of children from Save the Children's family experience club in Furesø.

The 66 family experience clubs in Denmark are created to give vulnerable and disadvantaged families the opportunity for socializing and excursions with peers, while also boosting their network.

Crown Prince Frederik showed both skill with a fishing rod and skills in the kitchen when he went fishing Saturday and made campfire food to vulnerable children.
An upcoming event for Frederik with his Made in Denmark Pro-Am tournament patronage. He will be participating in late August

Kronprinsen spiller igen med i Made in Denmark – Made In Denmark

"Crown Prince Frederik come again this year to play an active role in Made in Denmark when he, as the previous two years, playing in Wednesday's Pro-Am. ...
- It means a lot that the Crown Prince again this year playing in the Pro-Am. As patron of the tournament, he can not become a bigger part of the event, so I am looking forward to again this year to follow him around on the back tee Course, says Claus Birk Larsen, Director of Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort."

another article
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Thanks, Polyesco. :)

There is serious money and prestige in such a major golf-tournament in DK, but while there is no shortage of people who will claim credits, it's a little harder to find someone who will help foot the bill until this tournaments has been established internationally.
As such Frederik's presence is very much desired.
:previous: Nice pictures of the gold tournament. In the last picture, Frederik and two other men are holding little toy ducks. The green shirt says ''Kids Aid'' maybe it has something to do with that? Was this tournament also for charity?
:previous: Nice pictures of the gold tournament. In the last picture, Frederik and two other men are holding little toy ducks. The green shirt says ''Kids Aid'' maybe it has something to do with that? Was this tournament also for charity?

In the caption it says one of the men is the ambassador for kidsaid and played golf with Frederik yesterday. They will be selling the ducks for Kids aid during the tournament. "KidsAid gather with the aim of supporting ill children and young people in Denmark!"

a big high five
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a new patronage for CP Frederik
H.K.H. Kronprinsen bliver protektor for DenmarkBridge | Kongehuset - Forside

"HRH The Crown Prince is patron of Denmark Bridge
The Crown Prince has agreed to be patron of the new association Denmark Bridge, which aims to ensure Danish companies and entrepreneurs better access to knowledge, networking and capital in Silicon Valley, USA."

Silicon Valley in California, USA, described as an epicenter for the development of new technologies and growth-oriented business models. The association Denmark Bridge will therefore strengthen the bridge between the Danish business and development in Silicon Valley, so that Denmark can help to shape this development, especially on IT.
Denmark Bridge is part of the government's recent stimulus package and will prepare the ground for strategic networking and knowledge sharing at the highest level and thereby support Danish companies and entrepreneurs' access to knowledge and capital in Silicon Valley.

Denmark Bridge will bring together a number of Danish companies interested in the technology development and the opportunities it offers for companies' business development and growth. Specifically, Denmark Bridge phase out certain types of activities on both sides of the Atlantic, which allows members to rethink business models, along thinking value chains and take advantage of business critical technology with like-minded people on the other side of the Atlantic."
more info on Denmark Bridge
DenmarkBridge – a bridge between Denmark and Silicon Valley

as we know, Frederik did a week long entrepreneurship visit to silicon valley in 2014 ..articles from that visit
Danish Companies Migrate to Silicon Valley | Business Wire
Crown Prince praises the Danish pioneers in Silicon Valley
Crown Prince praises the Danish pioneers in Silicon Valley | Silicon Valley Tech Talk

Tomorrow, Frederik will be participating in high-level dinner with H.E. US Ambassador to Denmark Bridge
DenmarkBridge became one of his patronages earlier this year. He did a week long entrepreneurship visit to Silicon Valley in 2014

:previous: while waiting for some pictures (hopefully) from this event

I noticed that it takes place at the US ambassador's official residence
(correct me if Im wrong) Rydhave, Strandvejen 259, Charlottenlund
Looks nice ;)
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