Crown Prince Frederik's 50th Birthday Celebrations: May 2018

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Thanks, Eya.

Excerpts from that book is being published these days, and I look forward to receiving it with the mail on Wednesday.
I look very much forward to reading it and it so happens that later this month I will have a good deal of time, after a minor surgery, to write summaries.

I look forward, along with your many fans on this site, to reading your summaries, Muhler! Good luck with your surgery and take care:flowers:
Registration for the Royal Run opens today
"On the occasion of The 50th birthday of the Crown Prince, transformed Denmark's five largest cities into one major racing event Monday 21 May 2018. Here the Danes can help celebrate the Crown Prince by joining Aalborg, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Odense, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.
The distance is either 10 km or one mile (1,609 km). The Crown Prince will compete in all five cities."

more information
Royal Run åbner i dag for tilmelding | Kongehuset
"In connection with the launch of Royal Run in May 2017, the Crown Prince stated: "When I'm 50 years old, I'll celebrate the day with a race where all of Denmark can join. I've always loved sports and physical activity, and not least running. It gives you joy, well-being and energy. Run must be a race aimed at the experienced runners, but equally to those who tie the running shoes for the first time and everyone is welcome regardless of age. I hope that a lot of people will join the Royal Run for next years when we have to run together through five of Denmark's beautiful cities ".

and video

articles on the royal run
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More from the new portrait book :flowers:

Crown Princess Mary: Frederik just totally blew me away.

- I was spellbounded. He really blew me away! This beautiful man, who also seemed beautiful inside - positive and humorous, experienced and traveled. He was completely this worldly man, the Tarotwoman talked about, tells Crown Princess Mary about the first meeting with Crown Prince Frederik in the new portrait book on the occasion of his 50th birthday next year.

Mary is actually on her way to a friends party with a friend when some of her friends instead persuade her to take them to the town. Here she meets the Danish Crown Prince and Mary tells that she and Frederik fell startet talking and simply never stopped again.

"It ended with Frederik and I and two others went to a nightclub at King's Cross where we danced and continued the dance and talk.

- I was not home before at three-four. in the morning. Frederik dropped me off in a taxi, and before it disappeared around the corner, he asked for my phone number. I gave it to him and got a little good night kiss on the cheek, says Mary.

Mary quickly finds out that it is not quite easy to fall in love with a future king. Frederik and Mary often have to miss each other, and Mary Donaldson who is deeply in love walks around Sydney and hears Dido's "Lord with me" when she misses him too much.

It succeeds them for over a year to hold their relationship private, but then Mary is no longer allowed to be at peace. She is followed wherever she walks and stands by journalists and photographers who rudder in trash cans trying to find eveything out about her or at least something.

One of the experiences Mary tells about is New Year's Eve 2001, where she flies to Hamburg, is picked up by Frederik's good friend Jeppe Handwerk and his girlfriend, Birgitte. Those three drive by car through Jutland.

"And in some dark place where it just snowed and snowed, we stopped at a resting place, and Frederik suddenly came there. Then I jumped into his car, Mary says.

Crown Prince Frederik in the new book: The meeting with Mary was a meeting with my soulmate.

- To me there was something unexplained attractive about her! First of all, a very humble/calm human being, and so the way Mary moved on, her deep voice, which was incredibly fascinating. And then we talked extremely well together, he says.

"In the beginning, I thought it was a little too good to be true. Perhaps it was just me - first time in Australia, Olympic euphoria on all street corners - and so in the middle of it all, you meet the woman who is just amazing.

"It was not just a crush, but just as much the feeling of having met a soul mate," says the Crown Prince in the book.
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I love these initiatives of the 50 anniversary of Prince Frederik. :flowers:
I hope this book is in English also for I want one when it comes out. IMHO they are just amazing and adorable and work so hard for Denmark and their charities, They are the future of Denmark and with their gorgeous children it is well secured. QM must be so proud of him and what he is doing.
Tarotwoman? Did Mary really go to one prior to meeting Frederick (to inquire about her future husband)?
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:previous: I think it's one of those things where you have a group of girlfriends and you all decide to do something fun, out of the ordinary, like get your palm read or a tarot reading etc. You know, "you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger who will change your life forever . . . . " It's all just fun and not something you take seriously or believe is really going to happen in the real world . . . yeah right!
:previous: I think it's one of those things where you have a group of girlfriends and you all decide to do something fun, out of the ordinary, like get your palm read or a tarot reading etc. You know, "you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger who will change your life forever . . . . " It's all just fun and not something you take seriously or believe is really going to happen in the real world . . . yeah right!

She was at a Sydney market and just bumped in to one who said certain things about her future. I don't think she took it that seriously.

It did turn out, that some of the predictions were correct, but ....;)
perhaps they are vague enough to fit in in most things. I don't know.
Tarotwoman? Did Mary really go to one prior to meeting Frederick (to inquire about her future husband)?

Mary's friend Amber Petty is certainly interested in the Tarot Somebody.

Here's a video of Amber from a few years ago where she tells of having her own "Reading Room", and of giving cards and doing readings for friends living overseas.

(Long video - Tarot discussion is at the very end.)

Record registration for the Royal Run.

"Measured by the number of registrations, a record number of Danes have said yes, to the invitation in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg."
"When the race was presented, the Crown Prince emphasized that the race should be possible to participate in even untrained runners.
"Royal Run must be a race for the experienced runners, but equally to those who tie the running shoes for the first time, and everyone is welcome regardless of age," said the Crown Prince."
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I have just heard in the TV-news that there never have been sold so many tickets before as there already have been sold to Crown Prince Frederik's "Royal Run" next year.

Just in my family both my dad, my brother-in-law, my father-in-law and my brother have so far signed up to a run in one of the cities.

I will be a BIG event, I think ?
an exhibition will be open for Frederik's 50th birthday
Udstilling på slottet: Kronprinsen spejles i historien - Hillerød Posten

"The National History Museum at Frederiksborg Palace opens a special exhibition in May, where the crown prince's half-century as a successor is told through the themes of privacy and official duties."
"A brand new prince portrait is also revealed when the doors of the exhibition open in May."
Three days before his 50th birthday, CP Frederik opens Crown Prince A New Research Center for Public Management, entitled "Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership".

In this regard, the Crown Prince states: "Public management is about the quality of public services and about the interaction with the private sector. Good public leadership creates value for the whole community and is a crucial factor in the success of our welfare model. It is also a prerequisite for companies to succeed. I'm proud that the new center will bear my name and I'm looking forward to actively activating the Center's work. "

Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership | Kongehuset

CP Frederik will celebrate his 50th Birthday on 27th May with a TV Show

"When H.K.H. The Crown Prince become 50 years old, the birthday is marked with the television show "The whole of Denmark celebrates the Crown Prince".

On May 27, 2018, the H.K.H. Crown Prince and Royal Family of Denmark attends at a Radio's birthday show "All Denmark celebrates the Crown Prince". The show will be broadcast live from Royal Arena, Copenhagen, on the DR1 TV channel.

With the show, DR wishes to mark the Crown Prince's birthday, and there will be elements and music. The Danish band Lukas Graham and the Danish singer Oh Land are among the performing artists."

Hele Danmark fejrer Kronprinsen | Kongehuset

A group of children from Skansevej School in Aalborg were today surprised by Crown Prince when they were running their runway to Royal Run.

In two months, Royal Run will take place in the five largest cities in the country on the occasion of the Crown Prince's 50th birthday, and especially in Aalborg there will be focus on children and movement. It was in this context that the group RUNNERS today helped the children get started with their running training.

What a a surprise!!!!

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:previous: How nice, and a perfect fit for Frederik
another article

The Crown Prince to inaugurate new centre at Aarhus BSS

"In 1995, Crown Prince Frederik completed his MSc in Political Science at the department, which is already home to one of the world’s strongest research environments in the field of public administration. In future, The Crown Prince will contribute to safeguarding this position as member of the centre’s governance committee. "We are very happy that the Crown Prince is taking an interest in our new centre, and we are also honoured by his personal commitment, which I am convinced will be a great asset," says Rector Brian Bech Nielsen."

and about the center
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:previous: Fantastic

""It is important for DR that this celebration of the Crown Prince will be a genuine people's party that the people of the whole country can participate in. The Fund's contributions can help to achieve this ambition. With the Kongehuset in focus as a significant institution in Danish society, this festive evening we will draw our common story and at the same time take a look into the new era that comes, says Jan Lagermand Lundme."

another article
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:previous: :eek:
Easy now. Surely walking the dog is plenty of excersize and walking is fast enough. ?:bounce:
No need to overdo it... :ermm:
:previous: Think again about it Muhler! You have time to prepare! ?

As this video CP Frederik shows how to prepare for the Royal Run!

"HRH The Crown Prince's 50th birthday is marked May 21 with the Royal Run runner, and today an app is being launched, which among other things will motivate the Danes to move.

In the app you can dive into the universe "Train with the Crown Prince", where the Crown Prince shares his own experiences of training. Here the Crown Prince participates in videos that are aimed at the Danes who are currently training for Royal Run. The Crown Prince's running experiences are being shared on a race with Thomas Nolan, a professional running instructor and former coach."

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:previous: No running for me, my dear Polyesco. ?
Scientific research has shown that it is positively dangerous for humans to move their feet too fast, while being upright! Something about the blood leaving the head and concentrating in the feet. I read it myself. ? :seestars::coffee:
- Or perhaps I dreamed it, it's not always clear...:ermm:

interview with Frederik (starts at 2:25)
talking about running the royal run in each city, finishing with big race in Copenhagen. Also spoke on how it's no problem getting his own children to run and that they are active within other sports as well.

thank you Muhler for the short summary, hope your training is going well : D
:previous: Fantastic

more about today and the DIF Soldier Project

""The Crown Prince shows great support for our work, and that he is here today, of course, means very much for the project in general, but also for the injured veterans who participate. It gives them recognition as people and us as a project. Having said that, the Crown Prince is also just a very good company in a training session like ours, "says Rune Oland Tanggaard, head of DIF Soldier Project."

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Thanks, Eya & Polyesco. :flowers:

There was a large segment covering this today on TV2 news.
And it was very appreciated by the veterans.

The Royal Run event has been given a very positive coverage by the press and I dare say by the vast majority of people in general. - Even those who always complain can hardly find a cheaper and more inclusive way to celebrate Frederik's birthday.
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