Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events 3: September 2010 - May 2013

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I was surprised too, but he's only in Dubai for a day? (12-13th December)...but maybe CP Mary is due at the end of December so he still has 2-3 weeks.
wow, they must have the dates already organized for him to leave, i am sure!
I was surprised too, but he's only in Dubai for a day? (12-13th December)...but maybe CP Mary is due at the end of December so he still has 2-3 weeks.

According to the statement released Mary is due mid January but the alwasy calculate 2 weeks earlier as some women dont give birth on the exact due date :)

Wrong dated by ppe today, but a nice addition to the pics of the event:

** Pic ** ppe **

Frederik looks really tired but those are good pictures.
Why wouldn't he look tired? He has two fiesty kids, about to have two more at the same time! And a lovely wife to please...He is 42 going on 43...Next in line to alot of responsibility...Sounds exhausting!!!
I'm liking the older Frederick more and more...he seems to be more handsome as he ages...
Billed Bladet is pretty quiet this week in regards to DRF stuff.

However some of the tidbits mentioned is that Mary eight now is busy with the family moving into Amalienborg and that Mary appear to be in charge of the moving and establishing the new home. - That is hardly something that would surprise married men! :lol:

But it's now close to be complete. The magazine more than hints that practically everything will be in place when Frederik returns from Dubai in less than a week from now.

The court confirms that Mary has no official engagements for the rest of December.

BIlled Bladet also informs us that Mary, Frederik and their children this weekend, Sunday afternoon in fact, went to the DR1 Koncerthall to attend a Christmas show with Sigurd Barrett, who is very well known among small children in DK.
THe CP familiy did not use the royal lounce but say on the front row. However, 90 minuttes is a long time for small children and Mary left with Isabella at some point. While Christian, who stayed back with Frederik, began to sit a little impatients.

Frederik will leave for Dubai Sunday and return Tuesday. Here he will attend a diabetes conference hosted by MENA, the Middle East & North Africa.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #49, 2010.
Jeg bøjer mig i støvet for jer - I bow down in the dust to you.
Written by Anna Johannesen.

As you know Frederik was recently in Afghanistan to visit the Danish Combat Group (battallion) who is serving there.
Here he gave a speech and said among other things: "I bow down in the dust to the job you do down here. You are clearly the best special forces (*) which Denmark has and you have been out there, where it hurts. I'm proud of the professionalism and calm with which you carry out your job".
After the speech all the soldiers lined of for a handshake from Frederik and for a photo with him.

It all started with the party being flown in to the HQ at Camp Price. The Party consisted of Frederik, Foreign Minister and head of one of the government parties, Lene Espersen, Minister of Defence, Gitte Lillelund Bech and representative of the Defence Staff, colonel Lars Møller. (**)
After having been recieved they all dined at the mess tent, Cook House and then proceeded to the camp KFUM (YMCA), where speeches were held followed by informal chatting.

The next day the three serving Leopard tanks were inspected. (***) Then a recce platoon returned to the base and Frederik had a long chat with them. (****)
They also visited the trauma centre on the base and inspected some heavy weapons and Frederik had a closer look at a sniper rifle.
The visit ended with the party saying hello to B company the Royal Lifeguards (*****), who recently suffered a fatality.

(*) This is one Frederik's sometimes flowery expressions. There are no special forces currently serving (at least not officially) in Afghanistan. Except for some members of the FET agents who provided protection and the odd specialist.

(**) He is an officer I personally hold in very high regard. Albeit from way back in ex-Jugoslavia.

(***) From the Jutland Dragoon Regiment. At any given time a squaron of tanks is serving in Afghanistan, consiting of three operational tanks, one reserve and some support vehicles.
They however primarily support Afghan, British and US forces, as the Upper Geresh Valley where the Danish forces are serving is not ideal tank country. - Since USA is now also deploying main battle tanks in Afganistan, members of this regiment has been send to USA to tell about their experiences. Which is only natural, especially as I believe Canada has withdrawn their tanks.

Before leaving Afghanistan the party met the commander of the NATO forces there, major general Mills.

(****) From the Guards Hussars. Frederik served as a young lieutenant commanding a recce platoon in that regiment.

(*****) The three regiments I've listed are the only combat regiments left in the Danish army, since the reorganisation. They are all permanently represented in Afghanistan, with units rotating in and out.

(As I'm not sure wheter the moderators wish to keep this a seperate topic I decided not to merge this with the previous post).

ADDED: Another article from the Defence site:
This time Frederik visited the OMLT, team IV. - That's a sort of mentor arrangement, between Afghan and coalition officers. In this case officers and NCOs from the Danish air force.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #49, 2010.
Dysted mod Frederik - Competed against Frederik.
Written by Anna Johannesen.

The Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki was recently made honorary members of the The International Tennis Club of Denmark. And it was Frederik who handed her the visible proof of the honour in the shape of a scarf and an emblem.
Frederik also happens to be honorary member of IC Tennis.

Caroline and Frederik had a little match afterwards and according to the article (and indeed the photo to the article) he was the one who broke some sweat. - She less so....
And here is a clip from Frederik's visit: including his speech.
He is litterally bowing to the soldiers.

Notice the FET agents, they are a little more conspicious than the PET officers. They are also standing much closer to Frederik than PET officers.
It's not unheard of that a base has been infiltrated by Taleban.
But as bases sometimes come under rocket or mortar attacks, the job of the nearest FET agent would be to lie on top of Frederik and shield him with his body. Partly from falling stones but also because it may only be a matter of time before airbursts, i.e. shells that detonate in the air, are also in the arsenal of the Taleban. In that case the FET agent will physically provide extra protection from fragments.
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Thank you, Iceflower :flowers:

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #51, 2010.
Fest trods tårer - Party despite tears.
Written by Ken Richter.

Frederik was recently in Herning (central Jutland), to watch and support the Danish female national handball team. Alas, they came fourth in the European Championships. Frederik, being patron of the championships, handed out medals to the winning teams and also offered sympathy for the Danish ladies.
Unfortunalety due to bad weather and a technical malfunction with the plane, Frederik arrived to late to watch the last match the Danish team played, (for bronze) but at least he could offer sympathy for the dissapointed players. (*)
He said: "They have delivered way above expectations from the start, so it's just lovely to see that a new good team is being formed".
Oh year, the Norwegians won. ;):p:flowers:

(*) As is often so typical of the sports coverage here in the Danish village, the media went way over the top. The national team had made it to the European Championships and they won the first match. In the eyes of the media that means they were already in the finals!
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Crown Prince at the inspection despite terror arrests

Choosing the year's Fund 2010
Wednesday 29th December 2010 pm. 17:30
H.K.H. The Crown Prince is present at the crowning of the Year Fund, 2010 in Danish sport. Crowning will take place in the Politiken Hus, Copenhagen

Danish news site TV2 is reporting that the Crown Prince will still attend this event today despite the arrests of five men in Denmark who police say were planning a terror attack in Copenhagen.

Kronprins til kåring trods terror - TV 2 Sporten
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The head of PET has just denied that there were any indications that Frederik was a target of this planned terror attack, which was apparantly in the closing stages of being carried out.

The paper Jyllands Posten, belongs to the publishing house Politiken. Three major newspapers, Politiken, Jyllands Posten and Ekstra Bladet have offices in a building at Town Hall Square in Copenhagen.
The offices belonging to Jyllands Posten were to be targed by three armed men, with the purpose of killing and/or taking hostage employees of that paper.
The men were armed with a sub machine gun with a silencer, when PET arrested them earlier today.
Another man was arrested elsewhere in Copenhagen.
And the Swedish security police, Säpo, arrested a man in Sweden.


A TV2 reporter asked Frederik a few question in regards to the terror plot, as he entered the building.
He stated that he would not have been there at all if there had been indications pointing towards him being a target and that he was not aware of any plans about cancelling his attendence at this event.

Danish news site TV2 is reporting that the Crown Prince will still attend this event today despite the arrests of five men in Denmark who police say were planning a terror attack in Copenhagen.

Kronprins til kåring trods terror - TV 2 Sporten
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Some pics of the mentioned event:

Crown Prince Frederik handed out the "Talent of the Year " award at the Daily
newspaper Politiken in Copenhagen, December 29, 2010.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #1, 2011.
Jeg er ikke bange - I'm not afraid.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

On the very day potential terrorists were arrested for being on the verge of carrying out an attack at the building of the publishing house Politiken, Frederik arrived to an event at that building.
Three papers have offices in that building, one of them Jyllands Posten, was to have been attacked that day. Another paper is Politiken, and it was here Frederik attended the event Find of the Year. Here a number of talented new athletes had been selected and one of them, Victor Axelsen, was appointed Find of the Year. Frederik handed out a prize and gave a speech: "We are proud of you and your accomplishments this year and you can certainly be proud of yourselves as well. You are already now great rolemodels for all Danish sports enthusiasts. Young as well as old".
Apart from answering a few questions at the door (*), Frederik did not comment at all on the terror plot.

He wore a Helmand wristband, which had been presented when he recently visited the Danish troops in Afghanistan.

(*) By a stupid, repeat stupid, reporter, who insisted on addressing him with informal you. Jeez! Some journalists believe the sun rotate around their behind!

It was PET who prevented the terrorists from carrying out their attrocity. PET also take care of the security of the DRF.
PET = Politiets EfterretningsTjeneste - The Police Intelligence Service.
They constitute about one tenth of the total police force in DK, or about one tenth the total strength of FBI.
It is, I understand, a very efficient organisation. So far it has prevented a number of terrorists incidents in taking place in DK. However at some point someone will slip through the net I guess. A statistic inevitability.
Anyway, the Parliament is willing to grant PET even more resources, so I guess it will grow.
Surprisingly perhaps PET is one of the most closed police organisations in EU. - It's only half jockingly stated that you can easily spot the local PET offices in the local police stations: They are the only offices without a name tag.

Their military counterpart, FET, is even more elusive.
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Crown Prince Frederik attended the EliteForsk conference 2011 at Ny Carlsberg
Glyptotek, Copenhagen, January 27, 2011.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** ppe gallery **
Thank you iceflower for the Pics :flowers:

He looks a bit tired but happy.
Nice to see him again!
Thank you iceflower for the Pics :flowers:

He looks a bit tired but happy.
Nice to see him again!
Of course he is tired! He is the father of newborn twins so he had better look tired or the women of Denmark will be asking probing questions. :D
Love Fred's shoes...almost as pointy as Mary's...maybe they are having a pointy shoe competition? ;)
Maybe Mary gave Fred those socks for Christmas? Because if he was responsible he might have only got them with his monogram, not the interlocking M & F that is on there...If Mary did get Fred those socks, I like the fact that it poses that eternal question, 'What do you get a man who has everything?' Well, you give him what every other man gets for Christmas BUT BETTER!' ;)
Fred was wearing a pair like these a few months ago when he was the EXPO in Shanghai.
Love the socks!!!! They are fantastic! Frederick looks great, bit tired, but good to see him out and about again. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the Eliteforsk? know i have seen and heard about it before, but never thought to ask.
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