Crown Prince Frederik as a Member of the IOC 2009 - 2021

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And some very nice pictures of Frederik from the DRF
H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltog i IOC 2020 CoCom-møde i Schweiz | Kongehuset

His Royal Highness sits as IOC member of the steering committee behind the running of the Games. During his visit, the Crown Prince visited, among other things, several of the places where young people from all over the world come to dabble in everything from ice hockey to curling and skiing.
In addition, the Crown Prince participated in meetings on the settlement of the third winter edition of the Youth Olympic Games
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HRH The Crown Prince attends the Youth Olympics in Switzerland on 9-22. January.

The 2020 Youth Olympics are held in and around the Swiss city of Lausanne. The youth games were held for the first time in 2010 and most recently took place in Buenos Aires in 2018, where the Crown Prince was also present as a member of the Olympic Committee (IOC).

H.K.H. Kronprinsen overværer Ungdoms-OL i Schweiz | Kongehuset

Frederik is part of the coordination committee for these Olympics. And in my opinion this took part in the family's decision for the kids to study abroad in Switzerland for 3 months.
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The Youth Olympics start today and Frederik is visiting the athletes in Switzerland.
"Over the next few weeks, young people between the ages of 14 and 17 from around the world will compete in everything from ice hockey to curling and ski jumping at the 2020 Youth Olympics, held in and around the Swiss city of Lausanne.
The Olympic flame lights up tonight, and throughout the day, H.K.H. The Crown Prince visited several of the participants from the Danish team, which consists of 26 athletes who participate in five sports. As a member of the Olympic Committee, the Crown Prince has been a member of the steering committee responsible for the conduct of the third winter edition of the Youth Olympic Games. In this connection, His Royal Highness has visited the area where the games are held several times. Most recently in September 2019, when the Crown Prince, together with the rest of the steering group, reviewed the various locations and participated in planning meetings. Among other things, the Crown Prince has followed in the preparations of the Youth Olympic Village, where the athletes live while in Switzerland. After the games, it will be transformed into a college for students."

"As a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), H.K.H. Crown Prince today at the annual meeting of the IOC's Sustainability and Legacy Commission. At the meeting, His Royal Highness and the other members, among others, evaluated the last four years of work on green initiatives in the world of sports. Furthermore, the members discussed how the IOC can help sport organizations to become more sustainable going forward.
The meeting took place at the Olympic House in Lausanne, Switzerland, the headquarters of the IOC. The building was officially inaugurated last year and is designed by the Danish engineering firm 3XN. Last year, the new headquarters was named one of the world's most sustainable office buildings."

"An exciting semi-final in ice hockey here for the Youth Winter Olympics in Switzerland. I watched the match in the new action 3x3 hockey, where the teams are composed across nationalities. Outcome of the match: Red team won over brown team and went into the final. Congratulations to them."
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Crown Prince Frederil virtually attends the 137th IOC session from March 10 - 12 and has sent a message today:

** kongehuset: Generalforsamling i IOC **

"This year's General Assembly of the IOC, which I am attending over the next three days, has just begun. Under normal circumstances, I would have sat on my chair in the Assembly in Athens. But like last year, this year's Assembly is taking place virtually, and we are each checking in from home.
The world of sports, like other parts of society, has been hit hard. The conditions for playing sports and competing at a professional level have been extremely difficult and very different - depending on where in the world one has been. Together with the other IOC members, we take stock of the past year and will discuss issues that are important for the future of the Olympic movement. Among other things, we must evaluate the last five years' work with green initiatives in the world of sport, including the ambition to make the IOC and the Olympic Games climate-positive - in line with the Paris Agreement. Finally, of course, we come to the special challenges that still lie ahead of last year's postponement of the summer games in Japan. But above all, we look forward to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Tokyo later this year. It will no doubt be a different Olympic experience, whether in front of or behind the screen, but the Olympic spirit lives on, and I personally look forward to seeing athletes from all over the world perform at their best. They, like many others, are going through a challenging time - and they deserve great respect and recognition. "

- H.K.H. The Crown Prince
Getting longhaired like the rest of us. :D

I understand there is a good deal of skepticism in Japan these days about the plans of going ahead with the Olympics there.
Because while the vaccination plans in the western countries as well as China among others are going ahead and are expected to just have been completed around the start of the Olympic Games, that is far from the case in a lot of other countries.
And having thousands of people from all over the world mingle in Japan, and then fly back again may not be that great an idea. How can you hope to avoid outbreaks?
Crown Prince Frederik virtually attends the 137th IOC session from March 10 - 12 and has sent a message today:

** kongehuset: Generalforsamling i IOC **

A nice picture! Love all these pictures and personal texts we get from CP Frederik’s and CP Mary's home offices during this pandemic.

And CP Frederik is right! The time is indeed also tough for our athletes and it’s great to see he is sending them all his well deserved greetings to them. I think we are all excited about how the Olympics 2021 will be and how to succeed in a good way.
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Today, Frederik attended the virtual 4th meeting as member of IOC*Paris 2024 Coordination Commission.
Hopefully we get a picture or two.
Frederik steps down as a member of the IOC

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has decided to resign as an active member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).*The decision will formally enter into force at the committee's annual general meeting, which will take place at the end of July ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

The Crown Prince was elected a Danish member of the IOC in 2009, and in September 2017, His Royal Highness was re-elected to his second term.*It was originally the Crown Prince's intention to resign from the IOC after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Games were postponed to this summer, and therefore the Crown Prince is now announcing his decision.*The Crown Prince states the following in connection with his resignation:*

"It has been a great privilege for me to help spread the Olympic ideals for almost 12 years.*In particular, I have burned to get both young and old up from the chair and start a life of sports and movement.*My work in the IOC inspired me, among other things, to establish the Royal Run, which I am very proud of.*Although my time as an active IOC member ends in Tokyo, I will continue to carry the Olympic values ​​forward in my future work.

The decision to resign gives me the opportunity to intensify my work on other important issues, including in relation to Denmark's position as one of the world's leading nations in the green agenda, sustainability and innovation. ”*

As an IOC member, the Crown Prince has worked for 12 years to inspire young people to live a healthy and active life - not least in his work in the IOC committee Sport for All and most recently in the planning group behind last year's Youth Olympics in Lausanne, Switzerland.*In addition, the Crown Prince has helped to shape the Olympic work in a sustainable direction.*Among other things, this has happened as a member of the steering groups Sport and Environment and Sustainability and Legacy.*Likewise, the Crown Prince has regularly participated in commission meetings and workshops, where especially sustainability projects in the organization have had the Crown Prince's focus.*

It is customary for long-standing members of the IOC who have made extraordinary efforts to continue as an honorary member of the Committee after resignation.*The decision on this is made by the IOC's board.*The Crown Prince has expressed to the IOC his interest in such passive membership. *
The plans have been cancelled:

Crown Prince Frederik will not travel to Japan as he has been "in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19" it has been announced today, July 19.

Crown Prince Frederik has already been vaccinated but "follows the authorities' recommendations", Crown Princess Mary and the children did not have any contact to the person infected.

As a result Crown Prince Frederik will only virtually attend the 138th General IOC Assembly on July 20 and 21:

** kongehuset: H.K.H. Kronprinsen aflyser sin tilstedeværelse ved De Olympiske Lege i Tokyo, Japan **
That's going to be a disappointment for him, and no doubt the Danish (and Australian? He has before visited Australian athletes) athletes in Tokyo.

It also means Mary will not be a grass-widow, while Frederik is in Japan.

If you are married or live together in a long-term relationship and your partner goes away for a period - like going to Japan, you are termed a "græsenke = grass-widow, or a græsenkemand = grass-widower.
It implies that you now have the chance for some - merriment - you would normally not enjoy in the day to day humdrum of a marriage or relationship. Often but not always with persons of the other sex.
It's time for hanging out with your friends and catch up and probably go out to "paint the city red" = partying big time!

For a seasoned married man, it can also be the simple pleasures of just leaving the socks on the floor where they landed, not shaving for at least a week and strolling about the house only wearing your unmentionables.

For the seasoned married woman, it can also be the simple pleasures of wearing nothing but your pajama for days. Binge-watching a favorite romantic series, while gorging in ice, and with no husband around to ruin a good cry with idiotic comments!

- In short: Enjoying being a grass-widow. :D
Alas, Mary will have to wait for another time.
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"In these early morning hours, I attend my last General Assembly as an active member of the IOC. Thus, an important chapter in my life is soon over. Although I unfortunately do not have the opportunity to be physically present in Tokyo, I think back to an exciting and educational period with many great experiences. In the coming weeks, I look forward, from a distance, to following the performance of the Danish athletes. With a recently concluded fantastic European Football Championship and a fresh second place for Vingegaard in the Tour, we have warmed up well for new great sporting achievements at an exciting Olympics
- let's continue the good run, and haul medals home to Denmark������"

He has been confirmed as an honorary IOC member
"Crown Prince Frederik was praised by Bach as being a great athlete himself and work motivating young people to take part in sport.
Bach notes his service on the Pyeongchang 2018, Paris 2024 and Lasuanne 2020 Coordination Commissions."
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