Crown Prince Frederik as a Member of the IOC 2009 - 2021

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Nice! They seem to suit him. Too bad we can't get a closer/clearer look!

As you may recall there was a good deal of opposition when Frederik joined the IOC and a council was set up to ensure Frederik didn't end up in a political awkward situation.
However, in 2017 in connection with the Russian doping scandals Frederik voted against the wishes and guidelines laid out by the government and Parliament. That caused some political stir at the time.

Now the PM elaborate on that in an interview to the newspaper Politiken.
"We have this council around him and have - also on top of the somewhat unfortunate communication from several sides in Rio - tried to frame it in somewhat firmer, because of course you can that (Frederik's membership of the IOC) contains some challenges. But it also contains some opportunities.
And then it's obvious there is also another side of the coin, - and you have to address that."

In the recent portrait book Frederik commented on the incident:
"I have been accused of having spoken against the then Minister for Culture and Sports. I haven't. That would have been me conducting foreign policy if I on my own had asked for the floor in the IOC assembly and said: I think it's reprehensible that all Russian athletes are not barred."
Frederik adds that he stands by what he did.

- There is still some debate as to whether Frederik was not informed properly, i.e. communication failure.
Whether he, and the advisors around him, misunderstood the ministerial guidelines.
Whether Frederik deliberately and knowingly went against the wishes of the Parliament.
Or whether Frederik chose to "interpret the guidelines selectively".

There is also the conspiracy theory: That Frederik took one for the team. That the politicians officially had one stance but secretly wanted DK to have another and as such Frederik voted against the official policy and took the blame. - I don't believe that one for a second, but now it's included.
More information for Frederik's trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina
H.K.H. Kronprinsen i Buenos Aires | Kongehuset

"As a member of the Olympic Committee (IOC), H.K.H. Crown Prince on October 5th to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to participate in the organization's 133rd IOC Session and the Third World Olympic Games World History.
The Youth Olympics will be held at the same time as the Congress. Here, nearly 4000 athletes from all over the world will participate in the multisport event, with 32 sports fields and 36 disciplines. The Crown Prince will visit the 12 Danish athletes who enter athletics, cycling, fencing, golf, karate, rowing, shooting and triathlon. In 2014 Denmark won five medals at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China, while in 2010 it became three medals in Singapore."
:previous: those are some good pictures, especially the second one. :cool: Great that he can show his support for the young athletes.

And Frederik was there to congratulate Denmark's first medal winner today, Sif Nikoline in Triathlon (third picture)

A royal visit to the Olympic Village and the Danish delegation

Group picture with the Danish athletes and a message on the board from Frederik
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Here's a little addition to today's visit to the site of the snowpark Freestyle of Lausanne 2020:

** rex gallery **
Since last Thursday, Crown Prince Frederik, has been in Switzerland where he participates in the 3rd IOC CoCom YOG meeting.

Crown Princess Mary stood - three weeks ago - to attend the premiere of Amadeus at The Royal Theater this weekend. The event was removed two weeks ago.
Instead Crown Princess Mary participates as a patron of the Global Fashion Agenda in Roundtable Session on the occasion of the launch of CEO Agenda 2019 in Switzerland tomorrow.
I have a little idea that Mary followed Frederik to Switzerland this weekend and they have had the weekend together as Frederik had no meetings in the IOC Friday and Saturday ?
And then it fits with Mary can attend her workings meetings in Switzerland tomorrow before they return home.
HRH The Crown Prince participated as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 12 June 2019 in IOC 2024 CoCom meetings in Marseilles, France.
Until the Paris Olympics in 2024, the Crown Prince sits on the steering committee for the settlement of the games. The steering committee has a particular focus on sustainability and the doctors' legacy.
The steering committee has 16 IOC members and representatives from Paris and other organizations involved in the planning of the 2024 Olympics.

He attended yesterday and today
IOC 2024 CoCom møder | Kongehuset

more group photos

Crown Prince Frederik is attending the IOC session in Lausanne, Switzerland from June 23 to June 25. Here's a first photo:

** Pic **
Nice to get something from Frederiks meetings!

And growing a beard. I love him with beard.

So Frederik growing summer beard and Mary growing long summer hair... I guess they are getting ready to summer vacation.

As I can see Frederik & Mary will go on vacation this Friday. The same day their children have their last day in school. F&M are usually on summer vacation in 5-6 weeks with their children.
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