Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Visit to Poland: May 12-14, 2014

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an article on the impact of having Frederik and Mary in the front of these business trips

Polen | Kronprins Frederik takkede af ombord på Niels Juel

"Crown Prince Frederik and Mary has made ​​a big impression on the trip - not only against the Poles - but also to the Danish participants learn .

A prominent Danish business man who wishes to remain anonymous , told that it is overwhelming what a huge effect it has for Denmark , the Crown Prince and his wife are at the head of the Danish delegation. It is absolutely incredible and made ​​new agreements between Poland and Denmark as never before."

- Although this is a business delegation of Danish and Polish trade , it is important that it is all about people , said Crown Prince Frederik in his clear analytical and humanistic speech to the invited Poles and Danes. og Kronprins Frederik maja giannoccaro-8.jpg
inside the reception Kronprins Frederik maja giannoccaro-10.jpg

Mary and Frederik

look how Frederik looks at mary..

that way he always looks at his wife :wub: i hope my future husband will look at me in the same way after 10 years marriage :in_love:

this poland tour was full of romantic.

Thanks Muhler, let's see what they're saying.
Quite nice interview .

It has btw been TV2's most read story the last hours - perhaps because of the changing: Crown Prince Frederik: Good, we're sleeping in the same bed. ;)

TV2's Ulla Terkelsen and other media had the opportunity to congratulate F&M and ask them a few questions on their 10th anniversary.

What does it mean to Frederik to having been married to his wife?

- "It's lovely to be two at work. It's one of the best thing that has happened to me. To the official events it's fantastic to be able to walk hand in hand together. But also to have an separately events during the day - so we then can share the exciting things we've experienced. This makes it less hard at the end of the day than it did before I got married."

F&M tell, however, that they haven't had time to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary yet during their very tight schedule in Poland.

- "But then it's good that we're sleeping in the same bed. Then you can wake up and say good morning and congratulate each other and think about how wild it is that 10 years already have passed, but in this delightful way."

Ulla Terkelsen asked Frederik if he could put some words on how Mary has done the first 10 years as the Danish Crown Princess?

- "It's hard to put into words. It's fantastic what she has done the past 10 years. Partly for herself personally and also what she has done for her new country. It's hard to summarize it into one word. It's simply so admirable. The fact that Australia also have taken part in the joy only makes one extra proud."

But how will Mary herself describe the last 10 years?

Has it been hard? A reporter asked.

- "It has been a journey. A wonderful and sometimes challenging journey, but I have enjoyed every moment and I am looking forward to all the decades that lie ahead."

one of the good thing that frederik&mary were on duties on their anniversary we got this nice interview from the couple.. i honestly trust frederik when he says to be married is one of the best thing that had happens to him..he adores her..

but the best part is when frederik describe all those meetings as hard, but first is about to say "less dry" :D :D

also smiled a bit of the part..well, its good we sleep in the same bed (pause) so we can wake up together..yeah right frederik..we all know what you mean :D :D
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What a beautiful picture – their love for each other is more than evident :wub:
The Poland-trip brought us many loving pictures and interviews of Frederik and Mary.

Here is one of them (we need that picture without watermark)

Talk about a husband adoring his wife :wub:

What a beautiful picture – their love for each other is more than evident :wub:

when the eyes speak and say it all :) cant be easy to be royals now at days, it warms my little heart to see how well they do it and how truly happy they look for each other :)
Summary of articles in Billed Bladet #21, 2014.
Written by our correspondent in Poland, Marianne Singer.

They focus mainly on two things: Mary at the cancer ward and M&F's anniversary. Plus a little trivia.

There are no more info on the bracelet than what has already been said.

M&F were in Szczecin/Stettin on the day of their anniversary and as you know they were asked about their anniversary and they were in a visibly very good mood.
The TV2 reporter, Ulla Terkelsen, who turned 70 while in Poland (*), asked: "Ten years ago the Crown Princess started working as a professional representative for Denmark at home and abroad - most people think she has done fantastic. What do you think"?
Frederik: "It's difficult to put words on. It is indeed fantastic what the Crown Princess has done for the past ten years - partly in regards to what has happened to herself personally, partly of course also in regards to what she has done for her new country. It's difficult to fathom. It's simply so grand.
That Australia has also taken part in that joy makes one extra proud. That there is another country that feels they get a share of it as well".

Mary: "It's been a journey - a wonderful and at times challenging journey. I've enjoyed every moment and I look forward to the decades that lie ahead".

While in Szczecin Mary visited a hospital for children, the cancer ward to be exact. (Medication and medical treatment is a major Danish export, so it wasn't just for the photos). Here one of the patients, three year old Kaja, was waiting, complete with butterfly wings on her back.
Kaja managed to charm everyone present by walking around and shaking hands with everybody. She showed a serious interest in the BB photographers camera, so that had to be investigated further.

Mary came and while she was recieved Kaja almost stole the show by strolling around curiously looking at what was going on. That included the clutch of the Polish First Lady, Malgorzata Krzystek, which Kaja was allowed to have a peek in.
Then she turned her interest on Mary. That was a mighty fine bouquet Mary carried and Kaja would very much like to hold it, sure.
A momnet later Mary's LiW retrieved the bouquet but gave Kaja a flower from the bouquet. Flower in hand Kaja darted over to Mary and showed the flower to Mary.

But there were other children as well.
One of them was Roksana age seven, who while chatting to Mary, became shy. Hardly surprising! So Mary caressed the girls hand and that helped.
One of the boys was Krystian, age seven. Mary had a chat with him as well and told him: "My son's name is also Christian and is seven years old".

As you may remember Mary was met early on by a local fanclub, in the shape of six Polish teenage girls. Who were pretty delighted at seeing Mary and even more delighted when she came over and had a chat with them.
The one who took the initiative was eighteen year old Martha, who said afterwards: "It was fantastic! A huge experience for us"!
Martha is a royal blogger, so perhaps some here know who she is or have read her blog?

(*) She is an extremely experienced foreign affairs reporter and she also covers royalty. - Her presence doubled the average IQ of the presscorps...

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