Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 4: May 2005 - May 2006

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Thanks for the photo Larzen,
He does looks so sweet in his warm outfit.
frederik and mary with christian in india's christening, daughter of jeppe handwerk and birgitte, friends of the couple.

pictures courtesy of cpmmb, from billed bladet. thanks to guidinde and cph for the pictures, specially.

pictures were also posted in lilleprinsen christian's thread.

i think mary's outfit looks lovely. incredibly, the belt and purse are matched and the coat looks absolutely lovely and contrasted with the pink dress, which seems to be the same one she wore for the danish tour short after the wedding. i think long coats suit her much more than short ones.

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thanks for the photos I enjoyed them
where is the last pic taken, Mary looks dressed for party and fred is going to the movies lol
bbb said:
thanks for the photos I enjoyed them
where is the last pic taken, Mary looks dressed for party and fred is going to the movies lol

I think that the pic was taken when they wer going to the evning party for littel India´s christning.
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ahhh...the pic of them laughing and almost kissing is just so sweet!
I love the lilleprins' little cap and little booties. :D
The Kissing pic is sweet and Christian is very cute indeed :)
He's grown soo big. I think he definetely has his mother's nose. Cute.
I want his boots!!!
For my niece of course, my children are too big to use them anymore:( :D
The kissing picture looks like Photoshop unless Mary is ready to take a big bite out of Fredrik.
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Danes cement city tie

A DANISH city has taken a first step to establish a relationship with the City of Hobart in the wake of the marriage of Tasmanian-born Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik.

A 10-member delegation from Viborg including mayor Johannes Stensgaard last week met Hobart Lord Mayor Rob Valentine, some Hobart aldermen and council staff.
The delegation of educational professionals took the opportunity to learn more about Hobart while they were in the city on Thursday and Friday.,5936,18360323%255E3462,00.html
I have moved the posts about Mary, Maxima and Mette Marit's fashion at the christening to the appropriate thread (Christening of Sverre Magnus).

If you have any questions, concerns and comments about the above, contact me via PM.
April 10, 2006: Crown Prince Couple received Tasmanian devils, a gift from the Tasmanian government, at the Copenhagen Zoo. (Translated by Lasse Pedersen)

#1: A Tasmanian Devil


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Queen Zenobia said:
Fred's hair is going grey!!

that's true ...i've never noticed that ...quite charming IMO ;)
I just checked the photo of him in "Mary's new potrait event",
I didn't see he has grey hair that alot, just wondered if his grey hair is natural? I know some politician do artificial grey hair to give them more mature and confident looking;). Aniway, the Tasmanian devil's is a nice gift for the couple eventhough it has quiet scary face:D.
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he had a little grey in some wedding photos, so i'd say definately natural. looks good on him, of course i think hes precious, so i would say that.
hope the little devils have a warm house, it looks cold (that explains it's horrified expression lol). the new lady in waitings hair certainly stands out in photos, doesn't it.
thanks for the pics i enjoy seeing them have fun and interact together.
Some pictures from Face to Face (You can see Frederik's grey hair)


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And few more (Face to Face)


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Does anyone have a link to the speech that Mary give. I would love to hear her speaking.
Probably will be in their official website.
She looks beautiful as always but she needs a fringe IMO-it would balance her face out better.
Mary looked wonderful today!! :D
Not to casual, not to formal, the perfect balance in between

On Fred's hair, it really is going grey, as evidented by this pic:

Image: Polfoto
Articel from HELLO
Denmark's future queen is a picture or royal elegance in her first official portrait. Crown Princess Mary is shown in a moment of reflection in the newly-unveiled work, which was painted by her fellow-Australian Ralph Heimans................Ralph isn't the only antipodean who's made the long journey from Australia to meet the princess, however. Copenhagen Zoo is now home to a group of Tasmanian devils, after Tasmanian tourism minister Paula Wriedt kept her promise to send four of the creatures to Denmark as a christening gift for the couple's baby son Christian....................

Photos from HELLO
Queen Zenobia said:
She looks beautiful as always but she needs a fringe IMO-it would balance her face out better.

Definitly NO fringe!!! :eek: ;)

I agree, NO fringe. It would make Mary;s face look chubby, if that is possible.
Mary looks great in both occasions!!!!!!As always...the hat is precious...
I agreed prince Frederick as hair became more and more gray....but perfect too...
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