Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 2: May - October 2004

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Britters: I have rescanned the photo!

I absolutely agree with what you said Lucys...She is dressing dowdy with these awful hats and mismatched colors and giving every indication of being pregnant.
There is absolutely no way that I could ever change anyone's opinion about certain pieces of clothing, so I won't argue with you about the 'awful hats' though I personally love most of her hats. But facts, I believe I can argue with! There were no mismatched colors on this particular outfit (if you were referring to this particular outfit) as the grey was on the branches on her coat. If she used any other colour like green, red or even cream (some of the colours suggested), it would look too bright and even busier than it already is. The grey colour played down the outfit and made it look more elegant (well I think it looks elegant...:))

I would also like her to dress more sleek and elegant. I really don't want to compare but just saw the pictures of Princess Letizia from her trip to USA. Boy, does she know how to dress. She looks fresh and at the same time looks elegant just like a princess.
I know I shouldn't be comparing these two remarkably distinct ladies. But the last of dresses of Mary have really put me off big time. Hope she finds her style, that of a young and beautiful princess that she is.
I also do not like comparing Princess Letizia with Princess Mary (as they both have completely different styles) but now that you have....:)

I have to say that Letizia's trip to USA did not show many particular outfits that really stood out to me, it was either really boring, or a really bad mistake that she made. For example, she is wearing a complete grey suit that quite simply put, looks like a piece of carpet (I know it sounds mean...but it does!) pic 2, all her colours are completely mismatched, and there is so much going on, not one of her bests, and finally her gala outfit, two beautiful seperate pieces, but when put together, they just crashed. It made it look like the outfit was wearing her and it looked really bulky and heavy on her. Of course I'm not saying that she hasn't worn any beautiful outfits (like that red dress), but I can't say the outfits Letizia wore to USA were 'fresh' (except for the white suit, which I absolutely adore).

<img src="">

Except for that infamous parliament outfit, which was really bad, I can't say that any of Mary's outfits have been 'frumpy'. They are definately different styles to Letizia, but I sometimes find Letizia's outfits repetative, and a little boring. I find Mary's outfits refreshing and completely out of the stereotype of what the usual princesses wear, like suits, suits...and suits. And after reading what someone wrote on the RB mb which was very true, why should a person wear the same style of clothes every single day, it would get exceedingly boring. It's interesting for both the person herself/himself and for people around the person to explore different styles and touch on different type of styles. It is like in life, we all like to explore different things, to do different things, if we did the same things everyday, it would be very boring!

:) Tiff (a very long post...hope no one minds..I do tend to talk a lot!)
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I think Mary is beginning to look like she raided Quenn Elisabeths closet.
I absolutely ADORE CPss Mary's coats!!!! And if QE has coats like that, then I'd like to raid her closet too!! (haha!).

But sadly, QE doesn't have coats like Mary's. If you look at QE's outfits, they're actually all suits suits suits. Kinda like, well a certain other CPss.... except they're on an older woman, so the suits look old on QE as opposed to elegant which they do on that other CPss. I'm not saying that other CPss dresses dowdily, but it does get a bit repetitive.

That's it I'll stop. I generally like the clothes that other CPss wears anyway, but well, for me anyway, it does get really repetitive and I just wished she experimented a little bit more.... :)

P.S. One last time - or maybe not... I love Mary's coat and scarlet hat!!! Reminds me so much of autumn (so appropriate! its autumn in Denmark).
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And did you know almost all of QEII's coats go either below the hem of the dresses she has underneath or are the same length? I just thought that was an interesting piece of info...:D
Wow, really? Well that just goes to show that Mary doesn't dress like QEII!!! *double wink*


Gosh, I really like her coat. Here's a pic to remind you of it. See how the red hat (Hello calls it burgundy and I think I agree) matches perfectly with the red on her coat? *sigh*....
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I don't know why people insist on bringing up other princesses and making comparisons, especially between women as different in personality and looks and style as Mary and Letizia. My comment about Mary was about Mary, period. She and Letizia (and all the rest) are very very different women and I would never dress them the same. What looks good on one does not look good on the other. For example, Letizia looks awesome in suits, stunning in suits
But suits don't really look good on Mary. Soft dresses look good on Mary. That's what I meant. She looks better, in my opinion, in soft, youthful dresses and without so many darn hats. I just think Mary's recent outfits have been dowdy. It's all just my opinion, of course.
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Ooopps, sorry. But another poster brought it up. I have now edited one of my posts (but not the one discussing QEII/ Mary and Letizia - I'll edit that when the post containing the refence to QEII's closet is also edited :)

And, lol, perhaps you should also edit that comment about suits looking good on one and not the other? coz that's making a comparison as well. Just a suggestion of course....
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;) You sounded cheeky
And yes, I agree, her wardrobe is nothing like the current QEII's wardrobe...:D

There's an apology from me too...but do I really have to edit my post about Letizia? I spent so long writing it!

....also can I add this tinsy bit?
But suits don't really look good on Mary
I personally think Mary looks great in suits, when she chooses to wear them.
HEre are a few examples


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is she pregnant?

Princess Mary was positively glowing as she stepped out for an official jaunt to northern Denmark, helping hot up rumours that she may be expecting her first child.

Wearing a striking burgundy hat and carrying a matching bouquet of flowers, Crown Prince Frederik's wife was stylish as ever in the colourful ensemble for the visit to the seaside town of Hirtshals. However, those hoping to get a glimpse of an emerging bump would have been disappointed, as her floral-patterned coat discreetly hid any possible new developments on the matter.

The royal house has yet to confirm or deny the baby talk, first revealed last week in the Danish press. Citing hospital sources, the weekly Se Og Hør reports that princess, accompanied by her husband, had an ultrasound three weeks ago in Copenhagen, and is due to give birth in March.
So I guess those rumours of Mary being pregnant and the explanation of loose clothing and low, practical heels were just exactly that -- rumours. The visits to the doctors and an ultra sound were for her gull bladder operation.

Guess the media was way, way, way off on this one!
But it kinda still shows that the media was right....there were something about it, just not a pregnancy! But we hope she's feeling better soon :)
Alexandria said:
So I guess those rumours of Mary being pregnant and the explanation of loose clothing and low, practical heels were just exactly that -- rumours. The visits to the doctors and an uTRFa sound were for her gull bladder operation.

Guess the media was way, way, way off on this one!
I think the media release says that Mary attended the opening of the motorway on Saturday, and that she was operated on on Sunday. So this recent visit to the hospital to remove the gallstones isn't the same as the supposed visit Mary made for ultrasound scans.

But then I suppose she had the ultrasounds before the operation... yeah I suppose that makes sense.

O well! Apparently they used to do this to Alex too (the Danes had to wait for about 2-3 years didn't they?). I think Mary's going to wait until next year, but I wouldn't mind a baby now!
As Mary Sunday was operated for gallstone I think the pregnancy rumours for this time can be termed as false. At least if the only evidence is that she was at the hospital for tests beforehand, and has looked not quite herself recently.
Mary had an operation yesterday??????????????????????????

but it is still possible that Mary IS pregnant. From the Glittering Royal Events MB:

FYI. Cholecystitis (aka gall bladder disease) is more common in women, especially during childbearing years.
Interestingly, one of the main risk factors for gall bladder disease is pregnancy, due to increased levels of estrogen. Statistically, one in ten women can have gallstones during pregnancy.

One other factoid for your consideration; surgical intervention (laproscopic) for gallstones or appendicitis is considered relatively safe in the second trimester rather than either the first or third. And, the announcement did say the procedure was planned. Hmmmm?
Poor Mary...hopefully she will get well soon! My guess is, that her great weight loss is to blame for the gall stones and not a pregnancy. It´s not just, that I guess, but I also hope it´s so. Even though surgery-methods have improved immensely in the last couple of years, it´s surely better to get operated without being pregnant. Mary is just five months married...there´s no need that every woman becomes pregnant in her wedding night. I hope the people will give her a break.
Yes, I agree Lena. I would hazard a guess that the combination of the weight loss and the stress of her new life were likely to cause the gall stones, (Which are quite painful!). Thank goodness it was only gall stones though! I wish her all the best and hopes she spends the proper amount of time resting.
Jasl said:
And, lol, perhaps you should also edit that comment about suits looking good on one and not the other? coz that's making a comparison as well. Just a suggestion of course....
I'm sorry if I expressed myself poorly. I was just trying to say that comparisons are silly because what really suits one is different from what suits another. I meant no comparison, just to stress that they are different.

In any case, at least we know that there is nothing seriously wrong with Mary, because her husband is sailing in St. Tropez today.
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