Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 2: May - October 2004

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New pic of Mary.Is she pregnant,i think a little look like pregnant.


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They were supposed to travel to Japan with Margrethe and Henrik, now only Margrethe and Henrik will go!!! :eek: :eek:
Some more from Mary. Like always Mary wear a very original outfit but very elegant, and that hat is amaizing.
I realise that Mary do a lot of single duties.


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Polfoto 09-10-2004 Hirtshals borgmester Knud Størup og kronprinsesse Mary, da hun i dag lørdag i Hirtshals indviede sidste etape af motorvejsforbindelsen E 39, Aalborg-Hirtshals. Det drejede sig om den næsten 10 kilometer lange stump motorvej og motortrafikvej mellem Bjergby og Hirtshals.Det nordjyske motorvejs-V fra Aalborg til henholdsvis Hirtshals og Frederikshavn, tilsammen 112 kilometer, er blevet bygget gennem de seneste 11 år til en pris af 2,8 milliarder kroner


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Same ideia??????????????????????????? Ha ha ha........
Thanks for the great pictures! I like the colour coordination. Lovely!
I love the hat and the outfit.

Margrethe and Henrik were the only ones to go in the first place weren't they? I think people wondered if Frederik and Mary would go with them, but I don't they were ever planning to go in the first place.
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samitude said:
Margrethe and Henrik were the only ones to go in the first place weren't they? I think people wondered if Frederik and Mary would go with them, but I don't they were ever planning to go in the first place.
I believe you're right Samitude. Frederik is prince regent while Margrethe is in Japan.
samitude said:
I love the hat and the outfit.

I personally love the outfit but think the hat is hideous. Nevertheless, she looks great!


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Quite contrary about princess Mary

The romance between a Sydney real estate agent and her Danish prince might read like a fairytale in Australia. But to the Danes writes Peter Fray, it's more like a mystery story
Once upon a time a handsome yet troubled young prince from a cold country where ugly ducklings had a reputation for turning into beautiful swans travelled a long, long way away to watch the Olympic Games. There, as he partied hard into the warm late summer Sydney night, the warm-hearted, mumbling prince met a girl with flowing brunette hair and laughing brown eyes. Her name was Mary.
The prince was smitten. She was so natural, so relaxed. She loved horses and outdoor sports, just as he did. She was good fun, stylish and sensible, and, unlike previous girlfriends, she was not a Dane. The other girls had embarrassed him - one had gone topless, another talked too much about inside royal life - but with Mary he felt safe.
Never mind his existing girlfriend, never mind she was a commoner and never mind she came from Tasmania, a place he'd hardly heard of: she just might be the princess of his dreams, his soul mate. As the night wore on, she touched his smooth hairless chest and showed interest in the prince's kingdom. Their relationship blossomed. He visited Australia again. Everything was a big secret. But then, one day, more than a year after they met, the royal-obsessed Danish press finally found out about the prince and his Australian lover - and Mary Donaldson's life was never, ever the same again.
After she had moved to Copenhagen, her very own Hans Christian Andersen fairytale was dogged by frenzied speculation: when will the prince marry his princess? When will the queen recognise her? When will Mary speak? Who actually is she?
ANNA Johannesen's office is a shrine to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, 34, the eldest son of Queen Margrethe II and the Royal Consort Prince Henrik, and the heir to one of the world's oldest monarchies. It can be traced back more than 1000 years to Gorm the Old (died 958). His bride will be queen.
For more than 15 years, Johanne-sen, a journalist on Copenhagen's royal weekly magazine, Billed Bladet, has been responsible for charting Frederik's fortunes. The pictures on her wall tell the story: pimply youth, smiling nervously on a visit to a Japanese restaurant (late teens); Euro-playboy (mid 20s) accompanied by then girlfriend Katja Storkholm, a former underwear model; stiff-backed serious military officer in full regalia (late 20s).
The prince has a liking for fast cars, adventure (naval frogman, polar dog sledding, jungle treks) and, until recently, high-profile, glam women. Other ex-girlfriends include Maria Montell, and Bettina Oedum. They are all good-looking and well-endowed. "He likes boobies, I think," says Johannesen, with a grin.
But the pride of place on Johannesen's wall goes to a grainy cover image from November 2001 of a big-boned girl. She looks flustered with her arms crossed and a slight scowl on her face. The headline: "Here is Frederik's big love". It was the first time Denmark got to see the woman widely tipped to be its next queen. Mary Elizabeth Donaldson's first words were "no comment", setting the tone for what was to come. Johannesen didn't really mind. "All the other girls talked a little too much," she says. "Mary, she smiles, she's friendly, but she doesn't say anything. Mary, because she is a foreigner, she's clean. We have nothing on her."
What there is on Mary Donaldson, 31, appears very tame. Billed Bladet published pictures of her as a slightly chunky but bright schoolgirl at Hobart's Taroona High School. At the formal, she wore frizzy hair and big shoulders (it was the late 1980s); a former boyfriend recently told Danish TV that he reckoned she was a "great girl" and said he envied the prince.
Her family is solid middle class. She is the youngest of four children. Her two sisters, Trish, a nurse, and Jane, a pharmacy worker, are in Hobart, her brother, John, is a mine engineer who lives in Perth, and her father, John, a maths professor from the University of Tasmania, divides his time between Hobart and Oxford. Mary's mother, Henrietta (Etta), a university secretary, died in 1994. There is talk that Mary didn't cope for a while after it. But her stepmother, Susan Moody, the crime writer, recently assured the Danes that "Mary was strong enough" to be their queen.
Donaldson studied law at the University of Tasmania before moving to Sydney in the mid-1990s. She ended up working for upmarket real estate agents Belle Property and living in Padding-ton. By all accounts, she is intelligent, sociable and friendly.
But is that enough? As Trine Larsen, a veteran royal reporter for Denmark's biggest-selling tabloid, Ekstra Bladet, says, "being in the royal family is not a fairytale, it's hard work. You are not only marrying the crown prince, you are marrying the people of Denmark. I think we have a right to know about her. What has she got to hide?"
THE Danes love the monarchy. It is very close to them. Queen Margrethe, 62, gives an annual press conference at her husband's Chateau de Caix, near Cahors in south-west France, and is often seen around Copenhagen. A talented artist, she has worked as a designer for productions at the famous Tivoli theatre. Polls put support for the royals at 80 per cent plus, largely due to the queen's skill at being both in touch but regal, relevant yet still royal.
Most Danes are very proud of their nation's achievements. In the local papers, top football teams in the English, Italian, Spanish or French leagues which have Danish players are put in bold, as a way of celebrating both national pride and international recognition.
The Danes like new blood, as long as it is the right sort.While Donaldson remains very popular, she also lives in limbo. With no engagement ring and no recognition from the queen (though it is said she went to see the latest Lord of the Rings film with Mary and Frederik at Christmas), she has no other status other than being the prince's girlfriend.
Historian Claus Bjoern, a noted royal commentator from Copenhagen University, describes Donaldson as a "nice young woman with no specific distinction. We don't know at the moment whether she has the abilities [to be queen] because nobody knows anything about her. She's a nice young woman without a profile to the Danish people."
Donaldson compares unfavourably with Princess Alexandra, Joachim's wife. She has produced two good-looking children, undertakes an endless round of charity work and, most importantly, has mastered Danish, one of Europe's hardest languages. She speaks it better than some Danes. This has secured her place in the country's heart.
Donaldson is known to have been studying the language, probably at the military academy, one of Frederik's alma maters, but no one yet knows whether she'll be able to speak it fluently in public, an unofficial prerequisite if she is to be queen.
Added to the language challenge is the broader question of integration. Australian academic Stuart Ward has been living off and on in Denmark for about seven years. Married to a Dane, he says many expats find the society complex and difficult to understand. "For the average Australian, this place is quite formal in terms of social relations and anything but spontaneous," he says.
But he thinks what Donaldson may lose in social etiquette she gains by being from the other side of the world. "What Mary Donaldson might lack in terms of social elevation, she picks up in spades by her geographic remoteness." There is, he says, a palpable sense of excitement about her. "It's very upbeat."
LANGELINIE is one Copenhagen's smart new waterside areas, full of converted and fake warehouses. Massive multi-storey sea ferries pass by to other Scandinavian ports. Designer outlets for food and clothes do a brisk business, despite the freezing wind.
That kiss for the cameras was seen as the clearest sign yet that Mary will be the next queen. But not yet. Late last year, 10 months after Donaldson had moved to Copenhagen, heated speculation centred on a May 2003 wedding, but that now seems very unlikely. A late summer or autumn wedding is more possible, though no one really knows and there is always the prospect that Donaldson may, like previous girlfriends, be dumped by Frederik after about two years. Per Thornit, Denmark's chief of court, told the Herald that the question of Mary was "purely a private thing". A letter requesting an interview with the prince went unanswered.
As for Donaldson, she has continued the smiling-not-telling game. She works as a project consultant for the local branch of Microsoft. Calls to her office were referred to the company's press officer, Anne Bove-Nielsen, who said Donaldson did not wish to speak. Letters to her home and office were ignored. So, the Danes wait.
About six years ago, Frederik jumped naked from a window at his father's French chateau. It was captured by paparazzi. He later explained to Trine Larsen that he felt he had to constantly test himself with physical challenges.
This troubled, thrill-seeking persona seemed far removed from the smart, fashionably dressed prince who sat through the opening of an international conference on drugs in sport in Copenhagen this week. He admirably feigned interest, in a display worthy of the British royals. Some say the prince, who has two tattoos (a shark and a Nordic symbol) and is known to be a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has finally matured.
But does this new maturity include settling down with a girl from Tassie? Is she ready for it? Frederik, who will soon turn 35, has always said he would marry with both head and heart. He looks happy when pictured with Donaldson. She is losing weight.
The press want a wedding. And soon. "There has to be some story about them now, the sooner the better," says Anna Johannesen. "We want a wedding; we want children. What are they waiting for?"
I don't know if the rumours are true or not -- I think the media is always stirring up a pregnancy for some royal lady or other. Lately the attention has been focused a lot on Mary and Letizia, but a in July/August there were rumours swirling about Maxima being pregnant for the second time and also Mette-Marit -- and neither ladies are pregnant.

But Mary's more recent appearance with the looser than usual floral-print jacket does make me a little 'suspicious' that perhaps in this case the rumours could be true and perhaps not so far fetched.

I have some mixed feelings about Mary being pregnant however. She's been through many changes this past year, from getting engaged to planning a wedding and getting married, learning (or at least the process of it) a new language, culture and lfestyle, starting a new life, settling into a new home and country, and taking on many responsibilities as the Crown Princess, of which she is still learning the ropes to and adjusting her life to.

Being a mom is a whole new and different set of responsibilities, and combined with all the other things Mary is learning and taking on in her life now, it could be very overwhelming.

If I were her I'd want to settle into my role a little bit more before taking on the responsibility of being a mom. Adjust to being a Crown Princess, learn the ropes a bit more. A baby is a wonderful addition to anyone's life of course, but they are also a tremendous amount of work and require a lot of attention and it would be terrible if Mary were feeling pulled in different directions: to be out and about performing royal duties but to also spend more time with her baby.
i like the hat...there's something cute about got to give Mary some credit for such outfits ^___^

Is this an old article? Where is it from? ^___^
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Eeek...I don't like this jacket at all, I think it's much too busy!!! I do like the hat, although I've liked most of the hats that Mary has worn (I can think of only one I haven't), she's very much a hat person!
Is the dress underneath the jacket here the same dress she wore to the opening of parliament underneath her engagement jacket?

The jacket is nice but I don't like that the dress/skirt is longer than the jacket. They should really be the same length or the skirt an inch or so shorter. The point of this outfit is the jacket -- not the skirt. And why such a dark, heavy colour when the jacket is light with the burgundy tones which are picked up in her hat and shoes already. It should be a co-ordinating cream or white coloured dress or skirt to match the jacket.
HMQueenElizabethII said:
New pic of Mary.Is she pregnant,i think a little look like pregnant.
I notice that her shoe heels are discreetly lower than what we are used to seeing. I think that CP Mary is definitely pregnant. I don't think you'll see a pregant woman in high heels. I remember when rumors started flying around about Q Rania of Jordan that she was pregnant and they turned out to be true. I think we'll hear an official announcement very soon.
Genevieve said:
The jacket is nice but I don't like that the dress/skirt is longer than the jacket. They should really be the same length or the skirt an inch or so shorter. The point of this outfit is the jacket -- not the skirt. And why such a dark, heavy colour when the jacket is light with the burgundy tones which are picked up in her hat and shoes already. It should be a co-ordinating cream or white coloured dress or skirt to match the jacket.
i agree with you that outfits generally look nicer when the dress/skirt is the same length of the coat but no one says they have to be...maybe Mary is starting a trend ^___^ breaking away from conventions ^___^
I think mary is very interested in hats.Not all of the hats she has worn are beautiful,but she has chosen to wear some nice hats since she got married Fred,she has worn a lot of hats than other Princess.But they are nice.And Mary is a stylish Princess.
I thought Mary looked really beautiful in this particular outfit, she looked perfect in this colour and though some people thought the coat was too busy, I thought it made her stand out of the crowd The fact that the coat was bright and again busy, it made the whole outfit look quite "youthful" (I don't know if that's the exact word to describe it..but younger) with a touch of elegance. Plus, I think Mary made a great comeback since that parliament outfit *shudder*...

Some people didn't like the fact that the hem was longer than the coat and I do respect your opinions..really I do but I thought I'd just defend Mary on this one. It is a style that young people could potentially wear because I was looking through a magazine called 'shop till you drop' (a really good mag for shopaholics), and they had this photoshoot on suits and on trenchcoats, and I found these two pictures where the hemline was like Mary's, just a little below the coat and the two models looked very elegant and definately not old.

The grey colour actually matched the coat because there was some grey on her coat, as you will be able to see

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Tiff I just thought I'd point out the picture one hemline is different, in it's "okay" for it to show because the overcoat doesn't completely close. It's shows a slice of the front of the dress. I think that makes it okay then for the hemline to show, whereas in Mary's case all we saw was that small portion of the under dress in the hemline, and the color was was a dark color that didn't compliment the dress at all. IMO!!!!

I can't see the second picture, so I'm not sure if it's similar to the first or more like Marys!

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its such a long article can someone break it down for much reading
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Genevieve said:
And why such a dark, heavy colour when the jacket is light with the burgundy tones which are picked up in her hat and shoes already. It should be a co-ordinating cream or white coloured dress or skirt to match the jacket.
The gray skirt/dress matches the gray patterns in the coat. See here:gray patterns in the coat(tiff's link)

She looks beautiful and radiant. I love the hat.It's no secret that I love asymmetrical hats and this one gorgeous. The cut and the color are beautiful.It is 20xs better than the one she wore to the opening of parliament.

The coat is really busy, but the colors are nice and they really suit her.:)

The first thing I noticed when I saw that outfit were the concealing coat and the low healed shoes...Very maternal;)
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Britters: Sorry that you can't see the second photo! I was going to scan it again last night when my computer stuffed up on me, but the second photo shows the coat all closed up with the hemline a little below the coat, and it looked pretty good. I'll try scan it tonight again!

Tiff-No problem...thanks for rescanning it (whenever you get the chance!) I will take a look at it once it's up again...
I must admit that this is the outfit she has worn that I have least liked. I find it frumpy and just generally, well, let's just say not to my liking in any way shape or form. If she's not pregnant she's certanly dressing like she is. It doesn't even have the excuse of being bold, it's just awful and way too dowdy for a young lady. I have found her last few outfits very disappointing--they are too, oh, I don't know, somehow a stereotype of what one might expect a staid royal to wear. Mary's best quality is her freshness and her last few outfits, coupled perhaps with the protocol, complety squash that quality, in my opinion. My favorite photos of her are still the day of the boat race in the Copenhagen harbor because you saw that freshness--and some images from Greenland too. All these hats and fussy outfits just don't do her any favors--I think she would look better in cleaner, sleeker clothing. But if Denmark is pleased with her that's all that really matters.
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that good articles!

Sara Boyce
I absolutely agree with what you said Lucys...She is dressing dowdy with these awful hats and mismatched colors and giving every indication of being pregnant.
I would also like her to dress more sleek and elegant. I really don't want to compare but just saw the pictures of Princess Letizia from her trip to USA. Boy, does she know how to dress. She looks fresh and at the same time looks elegant just like a princess.
I know I shouldn't be comparing these two remarkably distinct ladies. But the last of dresses of Mary have really put me off big time. Hope she finds her style, that of a young and beautiful princess that she is.
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