Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 2: May - October 2004

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Japan might just be cancelled, so they don't have to leave Joakim in charge, he might just have a lot on his mind.
how much weight would you say Mary has lost? Does anyone have a pic of her pre weight loss?
where can i find that they would go to Japan nothing in the calander.

what is it in japan that are cancelled
krone1 said:
Japan might just be cancelled, so they don't have to leave Joakim in charge, he might just have a lot on his mind.
Actually, I am not sure, it was ever planned, that Mary and Frederik should come a long on this trip to Japan.

Initially the visit was planned to take place before Frederik even got engaged - and yes, then it was planned he was to come along. Then the visit got postponed, and I really only think, it was media speculations, that Mary and Frederik now were to come along both of them with the Queen and Henrik.

But I do think, you got a valid point, krone1. I remember an incident some years ago, when Frederik was caught by police being passenger in his own car, while his girlfriends without Danish drivers licence was driving (She had one from the US). The Queen then cancelled a planned trip to France, because she didn't want Frederik to be the regent - being regent is a thing, the Queen takes really seriously.
when Mary was smiling in London, Alex`s tragedy am sure never came acrossed her mind.
shame on her.
How do you know what she was thinking? She had a job to do while she was there; it's not beyond the realms of possibility that she was just being professional and wasn't trying to make things worse by behaving as though there'd been a death in the family. I shoud think the last thing the royal family needed was for her behaviour to give the London press an excuse to talk about the divorce rather than the reason why she and her husband were actually there.
Even Alexandra smiled herself the saturday before the seperation, when they all went to the wedding, even Magrethe smiled when she as the first Royal went out, so why on earth is it strange Mary did too
I see no reason why Mary should not have smiled. What has she to do with what goes on with Alex and Joachim. I am glad that she is sophisticated enough to not let their personal problems affect her personal joy. Good for her. Everyone smiled as well as krone1 stated even the main parties involved. I certainly would not have thought that a separation and divorce were on the way where A&J were concerned from that photo. What those photos do say is that these two are either pretending really hard being the professionals that they are or that this is really what the two of them wanted and they are okay with their decision. Either way, Mary has nothing to do with it.
I love the dress, it's bold, and very much in fashion at the moment. She is ideal for carrying off brave outfits like this one! Good on her!!
I think she looks wonderful. Mary tends to pull of and choose the outfits that most would not. She does it so beautifully and with such grace.
lucys said:
What is there/his/her next official (or unofficial) event?
What is known so far:

-On Sunday the 26th, The Queen is taking a leave, and so Crown Prince Frederik will be regent for week (Sunday the 26th- to October 3rd). He will taking over HM's engagements for that week.

-On the 30th of September Crown Prince Frederik will be appointing renowned author Isabelle Allende a Hans-Christian Anderson ambassador.

-On October 5th the Royal Family will be attend the Opening of the Danish Parliament.

-On October 9th the Crown Princess will launch the opening of a highway in South Jutland.
05/10 04Folketingets åbning. Regentparret, Kronprinsparret, H.K.H. Prins Joachim, H.K.H. Prinsesse Alexandra og H.K.H. Prinsesse Benedikte er til stede, kl. 12.00.

this will be Marys first opening of stortinget we will se if you can take it
I think there has been photos that show some og the royals sleeping I think iot was frederik a few yeras ago
I promasse to my self not belive in anithing until the palace anounce official. is nothing against you but the rumours are so much that................
micas said:
I promasse to my self not belive in anithing until the palace anounce official. is nothing against you but the rumours are so much that................
I don't necessarily believe it either micas. Just showing how far one article (Se og Hør) travels. I will also wait for the palace announcement.

If so many sources are saying it... :eek:

It would be wonderfull, but let's wait for the announcement from the Danish court!!!
Polfoto 07-10-2004 Arkiv (2004) - Kronprinsesse Mary, der her ses ved den officielle åbning af Fredensborg-Humlebæk Kommunes sundhedsuge, venter barn til marts, skriver ugebladet Se & Hør torsdag på baggrund af anonyme kilder på Rigshospitalet. Ifølge bladet blev kronprinsparret for tre uger siden smuglet ind på Rigshospitalet, hvor læger i dybeste hemmelighed foretog en scanning. (Jens Dige/Polfoto)


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If she is pregnant it would be cool if it was announced tomorrow, October 8th. Last year it was the date they officially became engaged.:)
News Article


Thin Mary worries royal watchers

DENMARK'S avid royal watchers have again raised concerns that Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is worryingly thin.

The Crown Princess, former Taroona schoolgirl Mary Donaldson, appeared gaunt yesterday as she accompanied husband Crown Prince Frederik to the Danish Parliament's opening ceremony.

Royal watchers fear life in the spotlight may be taking its toll on the Crown Princess, who married into Europe's oldest monarchy in May.

Public pressure to conceive, a heavy workload and recent spats within the royal family have been suggested as possible reasons for Princess Mary's diminishing proportions. Last month the Danish royal family announced that Prince Frederik's younger brother Prince Joachim would separate from his wife Princess Alexandra.

Prince Joachim has since borne the brunt of the Danish public's separation anxiety.

He has been dubbed the "party prince" for spending time at rock concerts and sporting events rather than seeing to his royal duties.

Hard-working Princess Alexandra has picked up the slack and continued to do so at the Danish Parliament's opening day.

However, the strain showed on the elegantly attired royal's face.

Princess Mary, whose public-appearance outfits are becoming increasingly "mumsy" -- on occasion it seems as if she had raided Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe -- gave nothing away with her expression. Only her very slight frame suggests that her rarefied life in the palace may not be the fairytale everyone had imagined it would be.
I was just watching the news [from Australia] and they are claiming that she is pregnant although the royal house has really confirmed ^__^ i hope she is!!! ^____^
A royal baby...maybe???

Rumors are persistent....

I really thik "ther's something about Mary...", especially since I saw pictures of her at the Opening of Danish Parliament the other day...She didn't seem to be very well....pregnancy sickness?????;)

And today I just find this article:

So they cancelled their trip to Australia...Mary had a scan...

But let's wait!!:D

(Sorry for my bad english...I'm better at reading it!:p )

And now, another article I've just found:

(an Oz site...I was thinking about you, Hillary;) !!)

So what do you think?
Is it just me..or not???
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This reminds of the time when J&A just got married and the all the media coming up wif stories of A expecting a baby.

All these stories and the press hounding them, poor things must be under tons of pressure!
As far as I could read from the first article all the substantied facts were that she had had an ultrasound. I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but there are other reasons than pregnancy for having an ultrasound scan. I, in fact, had one when I was 4 years old.

Of course I would like for the rumours to be true. :) But Se og Hør isn't always the most credible source.

How long would Mary have to be along before it was announced by the Palace? I know that the Norwegian royals are about a trimester into the pregnancy before it's announced, but how about the Danish?
I have to say I don't believe it until it is announced at court! :) I read from a finnish newspaper that she has to be in her 17th week before they announce the pregnancy (as was done with Princess Alexandra). Swedish newspapers claim that sources from the hospital and court say she is pregnant and that the court will announce it after three weeks!

I think it would be truly wonderful news but we must bear in mind that the pressure they must feel when everyone is staring at Mary's waistline is more than we ever have to face!

Here's one wife whose mother-in-law keeps pushing the idea :eek: ... I guess I'll have to make a t-shirt that says 'I'm not pregnant - I'm fat!!!'
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Tell you the truth, right now, I wish she is not pregnant. I know it may sound mean to some people. But one has to understand that she just now, from a real estate agent became crown princess of a country. My guess is that job entails lots of travel, meetings and endless handshaking....

She has to settle down into her job first, become comfortable with the idea of being a crown princess before adding another responsibility onto herself (that of a baby).

I think 2-3 years is an ideal time not only to understand the workings of her job and to get comfortable but also to spend time with her freddy and get 'in sync' with him because knowing before marriage and after, are two different things.

I agree. There seems to be a sudden influx of pregnancy rumors that seem to be getting more vociferous as time goes by. And it's not like the pregnancy rumors with Letizia of Spain and with Mary and Letizia being newlyweds...Hmm...Could there indeed be a joey in the pouch? ;)
i love babies hehehe sorry... it would be great if mary was pregnant because then the pressure will be lifted a little
electre said:
(an Oz site...I was thinking about you, Hillary;) !!)

So what do you think?
Is it just me..or not???
hahahaha...thanks^___^ nice to know i'm in people's thought hahahaha...yeah i do think she is pregnant maybe only because i want her to be pregnant hahaha....and even if she wasn't pregnant how come the DAnish royal family isn't denying the rumours? so there might just be a great possibility that she is pregnant ^_________________^
margethe and henrik are the ones to travel to Japan. No mention of Fred and Mary!!!
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