Crown Prince Frederik - A Candidate for the IOC?

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The Danish prime minister mentioned today that while nothing has been decided from official Danish hold regarding attendance at the opening ceremony of the olympics, it is clear that if the Danish government decide to boycott it - it would also mean that CP Frederik would not be in attendance.

This comes after some time of unclear answers from Fogh Rasmussen on the subject, where he first said that the Crown Prince could go even if the government decide not to - and then he said that it would be problematic if he did.

Fogh: Frederik skal ikke til OL uden os - Danmark has an article that states that it is very likely that Frederik will be selected to be part of the IOC:

Jeg er klar til IOC - Royale -

The article talks about an interview that the crown prince gave to the paper. He states that he feels "prepared and ready for the task", and that he has spent a very long time preparing himself; so long that the "task is under the skin". He gave a 2 hour interview to BT, which will be available Sunday, where he talks about his plans, feelings and issues regarding the IOC.

And another article that talks about the IOC process and Frederik's role in it:

And another article that talks about the Crown Prince becoming an official IOC candidate:
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Can't wait for October now. :flowers:
It would be wonderful to see him become Denmarks IOC representative.
BT also has an article that talks about a survey conducted of Danes regarding whether or not they feel that it is okay for the Crown Prince to be able to discuss political issues within the IOC.
Frederik må gerne snakke politik - Danmark -

56% of those surveyed think it's okay for him to do this. Of those surveyed, the majority of older Danes (55% of those over 60) feel that it is not okay at all, while younger generations see no problem with this. The article also states that now that Frederik has been named an official candidate, being named to the committee is now only a mere formality.
I dont see why it is a problem for him to discuss political issues, given that the DRF has no real political power in Denmark. But then again, maybe I am missing something.
:previous: I wasn't sure about that either. I couldn't tell if they meant that he could discuss IOC political issues or Danish political issues. Since I am not a Danish speaker, I wasn't sure if something was getting lost in translation. It was also confusing to me.

Meanwhile, has some highlights of the interview:

Frederik talks about how he and Mary are of a new generation of royals. He talks about how he doesn't see a problem with moving into new ventures, and how he has learned to deal with criticism and to feel more comfortable with the press. He also talks about his love of sports, and how he plans to focus on health through sports.
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Here's an article that says that Mary is Frederik's greatest support, but also a fierce critic:
Frederik: Mary er en benhård kritiker - Danmark

The night before official functions, the two often spend time reading their speeches to each other, and offering feedback. Frederik helps Mary to practice the Danish language. He says that of the two, "Mary is the perfectionist".

And another article (in English) that talks about Frederik's chances for the IOC:
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If he gets the appointment to the IOC, Crown Prince Frederik would not be the only royal on the IOC:
Frederik de Danemark postule pour le CIO | Noblesse & Royautés
Some of the royals who have been/are involved with the IOC are:
Princess Nora of Lichtenstein
Prince Albert of Monaco
Princess Anne of Great Britain
Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg
Princess Haya of Jordan
Prince’s IOC bid all but certain

One can only hope that frederik will do something constructive on the board in case he gets elected. if not he'll be in good company - the IOC doesn't have the best reputation to put it politely and its members are no strangers to controversy, just to name the usual corruption claims and obsure behind-the-scenes decisions. There has been an improvement since Rogge took over, under Samaranch the governing body of the IOC became one big corrupt mess losing almost all of its credibility.
When will the votes come out, when will the meeting take place?
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:previous: According to Wikipedia (which may or may not be 100% accurate), each member is elected for an 8-year term. He or she may be elected again after their 8 years are up.
Yes I think thats the case.
Thank you for the link to the programme. :flowers:
Billed Bladet says that the Queen is helping Crown Prince Frederik to get elected to the IOC:
Billed-Bladet - Dronningen hjælper Frederik med at blive IOC-medlem

She is doing this by personally inviting the committee to a reception after the opening event, where she plans to show the committee how much she values their work. The Queen will personally greet each committee member. The article stresses that even though royals have been among the IOC members for years, this is the first time that a sitting monarch has invited the committee to such an event.
Well isn't that nice. I suppose the event being held in Denmark helps Frederik aswell. :)
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